Special Visitors Overview

On each day of the week, there is a chance that a special visitor will come to your town. These visitors often provide rare goods or help unlock new things in the game.

List of Visitors

The following is a complete list of visitors who might come to your town, along with the times when they will be there.

VisitorOccupationLocationDaysTimesMore Information
Crazy ReddArt DealerIn a Tent on the Town SquareRandom Monday through Friday10AM to MidnightCrazy Redd has works of art in his tent, but some of them might be fake. See the paintings and works of art guide to learn how to identify the fakes. When you buy an artwork, Redd will send it to you by mail the next day.
GracieFashionistaIn front of the Town TreeRandom Monday through Saturday6AM to MidnightIf you talk to Gracie multiple times, she will do a fashion check to evaluate how fashionable your outfit is. She may give you a new outfit as a result.
GulliverTravellerOn the beachRandom Monday through Saturday 6AM to MidnightTalk to Gulliver repeatedly until he wakes up. He will ask you to help him figure out which country he is talking about. If you get the correct answer, he will send a souvenir from that country in the mail the next day. If you get the wrong answer, he sends a chocolate coin.
JoanTurnip SellerOutside in your villageSunday 6AM to noonJoan sells turnips for a random price every Sunday. If you buy them, you can sell them at Re-Tail during the week for a random sell price. This is called the stalk market. It's possible to make a huge profit!
K.K. SliderMusician and DJClub 101Every Day8PM to Midnight On most nights, K.K. Slider does a DJ set at Club 101, playing a DJ mix of his songs. On Saturday night, he plays the guitar and takes requests, and will give you a free copy of the song that he played.
KatieKittenRandom after visiting a friend's village If you visit a friend's village, you might at a future date find Katie the kitten in your village. She will ask you to take her to a friend's village. She will send a rare item to you in the mail the next day.
KatrinaFortune TellerIn a Tent on the Town SquareRandom Monday through Saturday9AM to 7PMKatrina tells your fortune and may be able to cure a curse, which makes you trip and fall if you run.
LeifGardenerOn a day when you have 50 or more weeds in your town If your town has 50 or more weeds in it, Leif will help you play a minigame to pull the weeds.
PascalPhilosopherThe Ocean of your VillageEvery DayAll Day Get a wet suit by going to the island, then come back to your village. Use the wet suit to swim in the ocean. Try to catch a Yesso Scallop, which has a medium-sized shadow. If you catch one, Pascal might come up to the surface and ask you to give him the scallop. If you give it to him, he will give you a piece of Pirate furniture
PeteMail CarrierOutside in your villageRandom Monday through Friday 9 to 9:30AM, 5 to 5:30PMPete wanders around town. You can talk to him.
PhineasGiver of BadgesOutside in your villageWhen you earn a badge Any timeIf you earn a badge, you will find Phineas walking around in your village. Talk to him to receive the badge(s) you earned.
SaharahWallpaper and Carpet SellerOutside in your villageRandom Monday through Friday6AM to MidnightIf you talk to Saharah, she will offer to update the main room of your house with new wallpaper and carpet for 3000 Bells. If you agree, she will follow you into your house and replace the wallpaper and carpet. After she comes out, she gives you the wallpaper and carpet that were in the room before.