Custom Furniture from Cyrus

Cyrus is the blue alpaca in Re-Tail. After he wakes up, you can take certain items to him to get customized or modified furniture. This page explains how to get custom furniture from him. Also check out the list of customizable furniture.

How to Wake Cyrus Up

Cyrus will be asleep until you have played for seven days, sold 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese (the pink alpaca), and have 100 pieces of furniture and 50 clothing items in your catalog. (Items are added to your catalog as soon as you put them into your inventory, even if the Nooklings' shop doesn't have a catalog machine yet.)

How to Remake Items

To remake items, you have to bring a customizable furniture item to Cyrus. Just talk to him, then choose the item from your inventory. Cyrus will ask you which things you want to customize. Some pieces of furniture have multiple customization options.

Using Clothing Patterns and Custom Designs.

Some customizable items can be customized using clothing patterns. For certain items, you may be able to clothing that you purchase in the Able Sisters' shop in addition to custom designs that you create yourself.

List of Customizable Furniture

Most customizable items are pieces of furniture that Cyrus can change to have different colors or appearance, including patterns from clothing items that you purchase in the Ables Shop, or (in some cases) custom designs that you create yourself. To find out how to have Cyrus make those, please check out the full list of customizable furniture.

Special Remake Items

Cyrus can make a few types of special, original items. The following sections explain how to get these special items from Cyrus

Music Boxes

You can have Cyrus make a music box for you. Just bring him the following things:

  • A K.K. Slider song
  • A giant-clam shell
  • 3000 Bells


Cyrus can make miniature dinosaur fossils by combining big fossils. To have Cyrus create a mini-fossil, bring him these things:

  • Bells equal to 10% of the total value of the fossil parts
  • All the parts of a complete fossil (head, tail, any other body parts). You can't mix and match different dinosaurs (e.g. you can't put a stegosaurus head on a triceratops body).

Golden Furniture

There is a golden furniture set that Cyrus can make for you. The golden furniture set consists of the following items: golden bed, golden dresser, golden closet, golden chair, golden couch, golden table, golden clock, golden torch, golden woman statue, golden man statue, golden screen. When you bring Cyrus the required items, he randomly chooses which thing to make (you can't choose). To have Cyrus make a piece of furniture from the golden furniture set, bring him these items:

  • Three pieces of gold ore (can sometimes be found by breaking the 'fake' rock in your town each day with your shovel)
  • 10000 Bells