Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers can occur in your village between 7PM and 4PM at certain times of year. During meteor showers, you may see shooting stars in the sky. If you press UP on the directional pad, you can see the shooting stars and press A to make a wish. The next day, you will get a letter in the mail from the shooting star with a present that contains a special item.

When Meteor Showers Occur

If there is clear weather between 10AM and 11AM, a note might appear on the town's signboard announcing that a meteor shower will occur in the evening. Meteor Showers occur between 7PM and 4PM during the following times of year:

  • April 1 through April 10
  • June 16 through July 5
  • December 10
  • December 24 through December 30

How to Wish on a Star

During a meteor shower, press Up on the directional pad to look up at the sky. While looking at the sky, watch for a falling star. When you see one and hear the twinkle sound, press the A button. If you timed it correctly, the star will sparkle and make a noise. The next day, you will get a letter in the mail from Wishy. There will be a present attached with rare furniture.