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List of Dream Addresses

Top 10 Codes by Most Votes
1. 4C00-0036-6393 2. 6D00-00EC-DBOB
3. 5B00-004C-683C 4. 5F00-0033-6655
5. 5C00-00FB-242A 6. 5A00-000F-AB91
7. 9997-1335-5360 8. 7D00-0194-7EDC
9. 7D00-01BC-3DAF 10. 7D00-01BC-3DAF

The following is a list of Dream Addresses that users have submitted to this site. You can give each code a rating. My town's dream address is 5B00-004C-683C.

To add a Dream Address to this list, go to the Submit a Dream Address page. To get a random Dream Address from the list, go to the random dream town address page.

Displaying codes 1 through 34 out of 34

#Dream TownCurrent Rating# of Votes5 is Good, 1 is Bad
14D00-013F-06015.00002 votes
25A00-00C1-8A7F5.00001 votes
37F00-01C2-74C15.00001 votes
45C00-00FB-242A4.83336 votes
54C00-0036-63934.666712 votes
65B00-004C-683C4.50008 votes
74A00-01BB-8E9D4.50002 votes
85F00-0033-66554.42867 votes
95D00-006B-7D5E4.33333 votes
105A00-000F-AB914.00004 votes
117D00-0194-7EDC4.00003 votes
127B00-005F-F1524.00002 votes
137E00-0140-45F74.00002 votes
144F00-006B-6FD14.00001 votes
157B00-00B4-A08C4.00001 votes
164E00-0010-48C34.00001 votes
175C00-0024-1F8C4.00001 votes
185E00-0056-D45E4.00001 votes
195D00-01B8-D75B4.00001 votes
204D00-012F-89054.00001 votes
215B00-0012-73144.00001 votes
225D00-01C3-980D4.00001 votes
235A00-0069-90284.00001 votes
247B00-0110-D7D74.00001 votes
254A00-00F6-269F4.00001 votes
266D00-00EC-DB0B4.00001 votes
276B00-00EA-C2623.66673 votes
285A00-01B8-6B243.50002 votes
295D00-01C1-778F3.00001 votes
307D00-01BE-90343.00001 votes
317D00-01BC-3DAF2.66673 votes
326E00-0198-29552.00001 votes
336D00-00EC-DBOB1.818211 votes
345C00-01BE-72150 votes
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