Town Ordinances

A town ordinance is a rule that changes certain things about your town. You can enact a town ordinance by sitting in your mayor chair and asking Isabelle about town ordinances. There are four ordinances: Beautiful Town, Early Bird Town, Nightlife Town, and Luxury Town. This page explains how to set a town ordinance and the effects that each ordinance has.

How to Enact a Town Ordinance

To sign a town ordinance into law, you must first earn 100 mayor points. Then, when you sit in your mayor chair, you can choose to set a town ordinance. Whenever you change the town ordinance, you must pay 20,000 bells.

Ordinances and their Effects

The following table lists the available ordinances and the effects that they have on your town.

Keep Town Beautiful
  • Cockroaches never appear in your house even if you don't play for a while
  • Weeds are rare
  • Flowers don't wilt
  • Villagers water and plant flowers more often
  • Time traveling does not cause weeds or other environment problems
Early Bird Town
  • Shops open 3 hours earlier.
  • Villagers get up for the day and go to bed 3 hours earlier.
Nightlife Town
  • Shops close 3 hours later.
  • Villagers get up for the day and go to bed 3 hours later.
Bell Boom Town
  • Both buying prices and selling prices increase.
  • There are two high-price items at Re-Tail each day instead of one.
  • You get more medals in Island Tours.