Badges from Phineas

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can get badges for accomplishing certain milestones, such as catching a certain number of fish, and so on. When you have earned a badge, a sea lion named Phineas will show up in your town. Talk to him to receive badges.

List of Badges

You can earn the following badges in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

BadgeHow to Earn
Good FishingUse your fishing rod 500 times
Fishing ExpertUse your fishing rod 2000 times
Fishing MasterUse your fishing rod 5000 times
Good Bug CatchingUse your bug net 500 times
Bug Catching ExpertUse your bug net 2000 times
Bug Catching MasterUse your bug net 5000 times
Diving ExpertDive 100 times
Pro DiverDive 200 times
Master DiverDive 1000 times
Fish ProfessorCatch 50% of all types of fish
Fish ManiacCatch 80% of all types of fish
Walking Fish EncyclopediaCatch all types of fish
Insect ManiacCatch 50% of all types of bugs
Insect ProfessorCatch 80% of all types of bugs
Walking Insect EncyclopediaCatch all types of bugs
Sea Creature ProfessorCatch 50% of all types of sea creatures
Sea Creature ManiacCatch 80% of all types of sea creatures
Walking Sea Creature EncyclopediaCatch all types of sea creatures
Balloon HunterPop 300 Balloons
Balloon BusterPop 1500 Balloons
Balloon SniperPop 5000 Balloons
Bronze BadgeistEarn 300 Badges from Island Tours
Silver BadgeistEarn 1500 Badges from Island Tours
Gold BadgeistEarn 5000 Badges from Island Tours
GardenerPlant 100 items
Village GardenerPlant 250 items
Gardening ArtisanPlant 500 items
Weeds HunterPull 500 Weeds
Weeds BusterPull 2000 Weeds
Weeds SniperPull 5000 Weeds
Skilled SaverPut 1,000,000 Bells in Savings
MillionairePut 10,000,000 Bells in Savings
BillionairePut 100,000,000 Bells in Savings
Amateur Stock TraderMake 500,000 Bells on the Stalk Market
Pro Stock TraderMake 3,000,000 Bells on the Stalk Market
Famous Stock TraderMake 10,000,000 Bells on the Stalk Market
Skilled ShopperSpend 500,000 Bells in shops
Shopping ManiacSpend 2,000,000 Bells in shops
Famous BuyerSpend 5,000,000 Bells in shops
Remake BeginnerHave Cyrus remake 30 things
Remake ExpertHave Cyrus remake 100 things
Remake MasterHave Cyrus 200 things
Catalog Maniac BComplete 20% of the catalog
Catalog Maniac SComplete 50% of the catalog
Catalog Maniac GComplete 80% of the catalog
Happy Home BEarn 50,000 points with Happy Home Academy
Happy Home SEarn 100,000 points with Happy Home Academy
Happy Home GEarn 150,000 points with Happy Home Academy
K.K. Slider FanSee K.K. Slider live 20 times
K.K. Slider RegularSee K.K. Slider live 50 times
K.K. Slider GroupieSee K.K. Slider live 100 times
Good PersonFulfill 50 villager requests
Kind PersonFulfill 100 Villager Requests
Village ConciergeFulfill 200 villager requests
Letter EnthusiastSend 50 letters
Good CorrespondentSend 100 letters
Amazing CorrespondentSend 200 letters
Skilled StreetPasserStreetPass 100 times
StreetPass MasterStreetPass 300 times
StreetPass ExpertStreetPass 1000 times
Neighborhood TravelerVisit other towns 100 times
World TravelerVisit other towns 250 times
Space TravelerVisit other towns 500 times
Good HostBe visited by others 50 times
Pro HostBe visited by others 200 times
Goodwill AmbassadorBe visited by others 500 times
DreamerVisit 50 Dream Towns
Big DreamerVisit 200 Dream Towns
Eternal DreamerVisit 500 Dream Towns
Village RepresentativePlay for 50 hours
Celebrity VillagerPlay for 200 hours
Esteemed VillagerPlay for 500 hours