Deep Sea Diving and Swimming with a Wetsuit

This page explains how to get a diving suit and how to use it for swimming, diving, and catching deep sea creatures.

How to Get a Wetsuit

To get a wetsuit, you must go to the island. To find out how to unlock the island, please read the going to the island guide.

At the island, Grams runs a souvenir shop with a random selection of island-exclusive items each day. Check back each day, because sometimes she will sell diving suits!

You can also go out through the south exit of the island house and talk to Lloid next to the door. You can borrow a diving suit from him temporarily.

Go on Tours to Win Medals

Before you can buy a diving suit from Grams, you have to win medals by participating in island tours. To find out more about the island tours, check out the island tours page.

List of Diving Suits

Here is a list of the diving suits that you can buy from Grams's shop.
All diving suits cost 40 medals.

  • Black Diving Suit
  • Blue Diving Suit (Club Tortimer members only)
  • Striped Diving Suit (Club Tortimer members only)
  • Green Diving Suit
  • Orange Diving Suit (rare)
  • Pink Diving Suit (rare)
  • Red Diving Suit (Club Tortimer members only)
  • White Diving Suit (Club Tortimer members only)

How to Use a Diving Suit

Put on the Suit

To use a diving suit, you first have to put it on. To do that, you can drag the suit to yourself in your inventory, or you can tap the diving suit and choose to put it on.

Go to the Beach, or a Cliff over the Ocean

To swim, simply go to the beach, walk to the edge of the water, and press A to go into the water. You can also walk to the edge of a cliff that overlooks the ocean (as opposed to overlooking the sand) and press A to jump into the ocean.

Use the Circle Pad and press A to Swim

To swim around, use the circle pad to turn in the direction that you want to swim. You can move around slowly using just the circle pad, or swim quickly by pressing A repeatedly. If you get a good rhythm with the A button, you can swim pretty quickly.

Press Y to Dive

While swimming, press Y to dive underwater. You will see your shadow underwater. You can use the circle pad and press A to move around underwater. You can only stay underwater for a limited time. When you start to run out of air, you will start to swim more quickly underwater. You will automatically come back up to the surface after a while.

Catch Shadows of Deep Sea Creatures

Deep sea creatures look like shadows underwater. They come in different sizes, and have different movement patterns. If you dive underwater and your shadow touches the sea creature's shadow, you will catch the creature. When this happens, you will see an exclamation point, and you will automatically come to the surface holding the sea creature. It goes into your inventory.

Sea creature shadows will disappear if they go all the way to the beach. Sea creatures can also go out of reach if they go beyond the barrier around the water, so be careful.

Watch out for Jellyfish

Sometimes jellyfish float past in the water. They can be difficult to see until they are very close to you. If you hit a jellyfish, you will stop for a few moments. Move the circle pad around to recover more quickly.