Furniture Series, Sets, and Themes

This page lists all of the furniture series, sets, and themes that you can collect in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you collect a series, set, or theme and put all pieces of it into a room of your house, you can get bonus points from the Happy Home Academy.


Balloon Series

Item NameSet Name
Balloon BedBalloon Series
Balloon ChairBalloon Series
Balloon ClockBalloon Series
Balloon ClosetBalloon Series
Balloon DresserBalloon Series
Balloon FloorBalloon Series
Balloon LampBalloon Series
Balloon SofaBalloon Series
Balloon TableBalloon Series
Balloon TVBalloon Series
Balloon VanityBalloon Series
Balloon WallBalloon Series
Balloon-Dog LampBalloon Series

Blue Series

Item NameSet Name
Blue BedBlue Series
Blue BenchBlue Series
Blue BookcaseBlue Series
Blue BureauBlue Series
Blue CabinetBlue Series
Blue ChairBlue Series
Blue ClockBlue Series
Blue DresserBlue Series
Blue FlooringBlue Series
Blue TableBlue Series
Blue WallBlue Series
Blue Wall ShelfBlue Series
Blue WardrobeBlue Series

Cabana Series

Item NameSet Name
Cabana ArmchairCabana Series
Cabana BedCabana Series
Cabana BookcaseCabana Series
Cabana ChairCabana Series
Cabana DresserCabana Series
Cabana FlooringCabana Series
Cabana LampCabana Series
Cabana ScreenCabana Series
Cabana TableCabana Series
Cabana VanityCabana Series
Cabana WallCabana Series
Cabana Wall RadioCabana Series
Cabana WardrobeCabana Series

Cabin Series

Item NameSet Name
Cabin ArmchairCabin Series
Cabin BedCabin Series
Cabin BookcaseCabin Series
Cabin ChairCabin Series
Cabin ClockCabin Series
Cabin CouchCabin Series
Cabin DresserCabin Series
Cabin Low TableCabin Series
Cabin RugCabin Series
Cabin TableCabin Series
Cabin WallCabin Series
Cabin Wall ClockCabin Series
Cabin WardrobeCabin Series

Classic Series

Item NameSet Name
Classic BedClassic Series
Classic BookcaseClassic Series
Classic BuffetClassic Series
Classic CarpetClassic Series
Classic ChairClassic Series
Classic ClockClassic Series
Classic DeskClassic Series
Classic SofaClassic Series
Classic TableClassic Series
Classic VanityClassic Series
Classic WallClassic Series
Classic Wall ShelfClassic Series
Classic WardrobeClassic Series

Egg Series

Item NameSet Name
Egg BedEgg Series
Egg BenchEgg Series
Egg ChairEgg Series
Egg ClockEgg Series
Egg DresserEgg Series
Egg FloorEgg Series
Egg LampEgg Series
Egg StereoEgg Series
Egg TableEgg Series
Egg Toy SetEgg Series
Egg TVEgg Series
Egg WallEgg Series
Egg WardrobeEgg Series

Exotic Series

Item NameSet Name
Exotic BedExotic Series
Exotic BenchExotic Series
Exotic BureauExotic Series
Exotic ChairExotic Series
Exotic ChestExotic Series
Exotic End TableExotic Series
Exotic LampExotic Series
Exotic RugExotic Series
Exotic ScreenExotic Series
Exotic TableExotic Series
Exotic WallExotic Series
Exotic Wall ShelfExotic Series
Exotic WardrobeExotic Series

Golden Series

Item NameSet Name
Golden BedGolden Series
Golden BenchGolden Series
Golden ChairGolden Series
Golden ClockGolden Series
Golden ClosetGolden Series
Golden DresserGolden Series
Golden FloorGolden Series
Golden ManGolden Series
Golden ScreenGolden Series
Golden TableGolden Series
Golden WallGolden Series
Golden Wall TorchGolden Series
Golden WomanGolden Series

Gorgeous Series

Item NameSet Name
Gorgeous BedGorgeous Series
Gorgeous ChestGorgeous Series
Gorgeous ClosetGorgeous Series
Gorgeous CounterGorgeous Series
Gorgeous DeskGorgeous Series
Gorgeous FloorGorgeous Series
Gorgeous LampGorgeous Series
Gorgeous SeatGorgeous Series
Gorgeous SofaGorgeous Series
Gorgeous StoolGorgeous Series
Gorgeous TableGorgeous Series
Gorgeous WallGorgeous Series
Gorgeous Wall ClockGorgeous Series

Gracie Series

Item NameSet Name
Gracie BedGracie Series
Gracie BenchGracie Series
Gracie CarpetGracie Series
Gracie ChairGracie Series
Gracie ChestGracie Series
Gracie DeskGracie Series
Gracie LampGracie Series
Gracie Low TableGracie Series
Gracie ShelfGracie Series
Gracie WagonGracie Series
Gracie Wall ClockGracie Series
Gracie WallpaperGracie Series
Gracie WardrobeGracie Series

Green Series

Item NameSet Name
Green BedGreen Series
Green BenchGreen Series
Green ChairGreen Series
Green CounterGreen Series
Green DeskGreen Series
Green DresserGreen Series
Green LampGreen Series
Green PantryGreen Series
Green RugGreen Series
Green TableGreen Series
Green WallGreen Series
Green Wall ClockGreen Series
Green WardrobeGreen Series

Harvest Series

Item NameSet Name
Harvest BedHarvest Series
Harvest BureauHarvest Series
Harvest ChairHarvest Series
Harvest ClockHarvest Series
Harvest DresserHarvest Series
Harvest LampHarvest Series
Harvest MirrorHarvest Series
Harvest RugHarvest Series
Harvest SofaHarvest Series
Harvest TableHarvest Series
Harvest TVHarvest Series
Harvest WallHarvest Series
Harvest Wall LampHarvest Series

Ice Series

Item NameSet Name
Ice BedIce Series
Ice ChairIce Series
Ice ClockIce Series
Ice ClosetIce Series
Ice DresserIce Series
Ice FloorIce Series
Ice LampIce Series
Ice ShelfIce Series
Ice Side TableIce Series
Ice SofaIce Series
Ice TableIce Series
Ice VanityIce Series
Ice WallIce Series

Jingle Series

Item NameSet Name
Jingle BedJingle Series
Jingle CarpetJingle Series
Jingle ChairJingle Series
Jingle ClockJingle Series
Jingle DresserJingle Series
Jingle LampJingle Series
Jingle PianoJingle Series
Jingle ShelvesJingle Series
Jingle SofaJingle Series
Jingle TableJingle Series
Jingle TVJingle Series
Jingle WallJingle Series
Jingle WardrobeJingle Series

Kiddie Series

Item NameSet Name
Kiddie BedKiddie Series
Kiddie BookcaseKiddie Series
Kiddie BureauKiddie Series
Kiddie CarpetKiddie Series
Kiddie ChairKiddie Series
Kiddie ClockKiddie Series
Kiddie CouchKiddie Series
Kiddie DresserKiddie Series
Kiddie StereoKiddie Series
Kiddie TableKiddie Series
Kiddie WallKiddie Series
Kiddie Wall ClockKiddie Series
Kiddie WardrobeKiddie Series

Lovely Series

Item NameSet Name
Lovely ArmoireLovely Series
Lovely BedLovely Series
Lovely CarpetLovely Series
Lovely ChairLovely Series
Lovely DresserLovely Series
Lovely End TableLovely Series
Lovely KitchenLovely Series
Lovely LampLovely Series
Lovely Love SeatLovely Series
Lovely TableLovely Series
Lovely VanityLovely Series
Lovely WallLovely Series
Lovely Wall ClockLovely Series

Mermaid Series

Item NameSet Name
Mermaid BedMermaid Series
Mermaid ChairMermaid Series
Mermaid ClockMermaid Series
Mermaid ClosetMermaid Series
Mermaid DresserMermaid Series
Mermaid FloorMermaid Series
Mermaid LampMermaid Series
Mermaid ScreenMermaid Series
Mermaid ShelfMermaid Series
Mermaid SofaMermaid Series
Mermaid TableMermaid Series
Mermaid VanityMermaid Series
Mermaid WallMermaid Series

Mixed Wood Series

Item NameSet Name
Mixed Wood FloorMixed Wood Series
Mixed Wood WallMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood BedMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood ChairMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood ChestMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood ClockMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood ClosetMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood LampMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood ShelfMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood SofaMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood StoolMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood TableMixed Wood Series
Modern Wood TVMixed Wood Series

Modern Series

Item NameSet Name
Modern BedModern Series
Modern CabinetModern Series
Modern ChairModern Series
Modern DeskModern Series
Modern DresserModern Series
Modern End TableModern Series
Modern LampModern Series
Modern SofaModern Series
Modern TableModern Series
Modern TileModern Series
Modern WallModern Series
Modern Wall ClockModern Series
Modern WardrobeModern Series

Mushroom Series

Item NameSet Name
Forest FloorMushroom Series
Forest WallMushroom Series
Mush BedMushroom Series
Mush ChairMushroom Series
Mush ClosetMushroom Series
Mush DresserMushroom Series
Mush End TableMushroom Series
Mush HangerMushroom Series
Mush LampMushroom Series
Mush StoolMushroom Series
Mush TableMushroom Series
Mush TVMushroom Series
Mush Wall LampMushroom Series

Near Future Series

Item NameSet Name
Astro BedNear Future Series
Astro CD PlayerNear Future Series
Astro ChairNear Future Series
Astro ClockNear Future Series
Astro ClosetNear Future Series
Astro DresserNear Future Series
Astro LampNear Future Series
Astro ShelfNear Future Series
Astro SofaNear Future Series
Astro TableNear Future Series
Astro TVNear Future Series
Near Future FloorNear Future Series
Near Future WallNear Future Series

Pavé Series

Item NameSet Name
Pave BedPavé Series
Pave BookshelfPavé Series
Pave BureauPavé Series
Pave ChairPavé Series
Pave ChestPavé Series
Pave ClockPavé Series
Pave ClosetPavé Series
Pave End TablePavé Series
Pave FloorPavé Series
Pave LampPavé Series
Pave SofaPavé Series
Pave TablePavé Series
Pave WallPavé Series

Pipe Series

Item NameSet Name
Pipe Curtain WallPipe Series
Pipe Shaggy RugPipe Series
Sleek BedPipe Series
Sleek ChairPipe Series
Sleek ClockPipe Series
Sleek ClosetPipe Series
Sleek DresserPipe Series
Sleek LampPipe Series
Sleek Side TablePipe Series
Sleek SideboardPipe Series
Sleek SofaPipe Series
Sleek StereoPipe Series
Sleek TablePipe Series

Polka Dot Series

Item NameSet Name
Polka-Dot BedPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot CarpetPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot ChairPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot ClockPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot ClosetPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot DresserPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot LampPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot Low TablePolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot SofaPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot StoolPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot TablePolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot TVPolka Dot Series
Polka-Dot WallPolka Dot Series

Princess Series

Item NameSet Name
Princess BedPrincess Series
Princess CagePrincess Series
Princess CarpetPrincess Series
Princess ChairPrincess Series
Princess ChestPrincess Series
Princess ClockPrincess Series
Princess ClosetPrincess Series
Princess CurioPrincess Series
Princess DresserPrincess Series
Princess LampPrincess Series
Princess SofaPrincess Series
Princess TablePrincess Series
Princess WallPrincess Series

Ranch Series

Item NameSet Name
Ranch ArmchairRanch Series
Ranch BedRanch Series
Ranch BookcaseRanch Series
Ranch ChairRanch Series
Ranch CouchRanch Series
Ranch DresserRanch Series
Ranch FlooringRanch Series
Ranch HutchRanch Series
Ranch TableRanch Series
Ranch Tea TableRanch Series
Ranch WallRanch Series
Ranch Wall RackRanch Series
Ranch WardrobeRanch Series

Regal Series

Item NameSet Name
Regal ArmoireRegal Series
Regal BedRegal Series
Regal BookcaseRegal Series
Regal CarpetRegal Series
Regal ChairRegal Series
Regal ClockRegal Series
Regal DresserRegal Series
Regal LampRegal Series
Regal SofaRegal Series
Regal TableRegal Series
Regal VanityRegal Series
Regal WallRegal Series
Regal Wall LampRegal Series

Robo Series

Item NameSet Name
Robo-BedRobo Series
Robo-ChairRobo Series
Robo-ClockRobo Series
Robo-ClosetRobo Series
Robo-DresserRobo Series
Robo-FloorRobo Series
Robo-LampRobo Series
Robo-SofaRobo Series
Robo-StereoRobo Series
Robo-TableRobo Series
Robo-TVRobo Series
Robo-WallRobo Series
Robo-Wall ClockRobo Series

Rococo Series

Item NameSet Name
Rococo BedRococo Series
Rococo CandlestickRococo Series
Rococo ChairRococo Series
Rococo ClockRococo Series
Rococo DresserRococo Series
Rococo FloorRococo Series
Rococo LampRococo Series
Rococo ShelfRococo Series
Rococo SofaRococo Series
Rococo TableRococo Series
Rococo VanityRococo Series
Rococo WallRococo Series
Rococo WardrobeRococo Series

Scandinavia Series

Item NameSet Name
Alpine BedScandinavia Series
Alpine ChairScandinavia Series
Alpine ClosetScandinavia Series
Alpine DresserScandinavia Series
Alpine Kitchen CartScandinavia Series
Alpine LampScandinavia Series
Alpine Low TableScandinavia Series
Alpine PanelScandinavia Series
Alpine ShelfScandinavia Series
Alpine SofaScandinavia Series
Large Alpine TableScandinavia Series
Scandinavia RugScandinavia Series
Scandinavia WallScandinavia Series

Simple Series

Item NameSet Name
Minimalist BedSimple Series
Minimalist ChairSimple Series
Minimalist ClockSimple Series
Minimalist DresserSimple Series
Minimalist LampSimple Series
Minimalist MinitableSimple Series
Minimalist OttomanSimple Series
Minimalist SofaSimple Series
Minimalist TableSimple Series
Minimalist VanitySimple Series
Minimalist WardrobeSimple Series
Simple FloorSimple Series
Simple WallSimple Series

Sloppy Series

Item NameSet Name
Sloppy BedSloppy Series
Sloppy ChairSloppy Series
Sloppy ClockSloppy Series
Sloppy ClosetSloppy Series
Sloppy DresserSloppy Series
Sloppy FloorSloppy Series
Sloppy LampSloppy Series
Sloppy SinkSloppy Series
Sloppy SofaSloppy Series
Sloppy StereoSloppy Series
Sloppy TableSloppy Series
Sloppy TVSloppy Series
Sloppy WallSloppy Series

Snowman Series

Item NameSet Name
Snowman BedSnowman Series
Snowman CarpetSnowman Series
Snowman ChairSnowman Series
Snowman ClockSnowman Series
Snowman DresserSnowman Series
Snowman FridgeSnowman Series
Snowman LampSnowman Series
Snowman SofaSnowman Series
Snowman TableSnowman Series
Snowman TVSnowman Series
Snowman VanitySnowman Series
Snowman WallSnowman Series
Snowman WardrobeSnowman Series

Spooky Series

Item NameSet Name
Spooky BedSpooky Series
Spooky BookcaseSpooky Series
Spooky CarpetSpooky Series
Spooky ChairSpooky Series
Spooky ClockSpooky Series
Spooky DresserSpooky Series
Spooky LampSpooky Series
Spooky SofaSpooky Series
Spooky TableSpooky Series
Spooky VanitySpooky Series
Spooky WallSpooky Series
Spooky Wall LampSpooky Series
Spooky WardrobeSpooky Series

Stripe Series

Item NameSet Name
Stripe Bathroom SinkStripe Series
Stripe BedStripe Series
Stripe ChairStripe Series
Stripe ClockStripe Series
Stripe ClosetStripe Series
Stripe DresserStripe Series
Stripe FloorStripe Series
Stripe LampStripe Series
Stripe ShelfStripe Series
Stripe SofaStripe Series
Stripe TableStripe Series
Stripe TVStripe Series
Stripe WallStripe Series

Sweets Series

Item NameSet Name
Sweets BedSweets Series
Sweets BookcaseSweets Series
Sweets ChairSweets Series
Sweets ClosetSweets Series
Sweets DresserSweets Series
Sweets FloorSweets Series
Sweets LampSweets Series
Sweets MinilampSweets Series
Sweets MinitableSweets Series
Sweets PlayerSweets Series
Sweets SofaSweets Series
Sweets TableSweets Series
Sweets WallSweets Series

Trump Series

Item NameSet Name
Card BedTrump Series
Card ChairTrump Series
Card ClosetTrump Series
Card DresserTrump Series
Card LampTrump Series
Card ScreenTrump Series
Card ShelfTrump Series
Card SofaTrump Series
Card TableTrump Series
Card TowerTrump Series
Card Wall ClockTrump Series
Trump FloorTrump Series
Trump WallTrump Series


Apple Set

Item NameSet Name
Juicy-Apple ClockApple Set
Juicy-Apple TVApple Set

Bear Set

Item NameSet Name
Baby BearBear Set
Mama BearBear Set
Mama Polar BearBear Set
Papa BearBear Set

Bonsai Set

Item NameSet Name
Azalea BonsaiBonsai Set
Hawthorn BonsaiBonsai Set
Holly BonsaiBonsai Set
Jasmine BonsaiBonsai Set
Maple BonsaiBonsai Set
Plum BonsaiBonsai Set
Quince BonsaiBonsai Set

Cactus Set

Item NameSet Name
CactusCactus Set
Mini CactusCactus Set
Round CactusCactus Set
Round Mini CactusCactus Set
Tall CactusCactus Set
Tall Mini CactusCactus Set

Cafe Set

Item NameSet Name
Cash RegisterCafe Set
Checkout CounterCafe Set
CoffeemakerCafe Set
JukeboxCafe Set
SiphonCafe Set

Chess Set

Item NameSet Name
BishopChess Set
KingChess Set
KnightChess Set
PawnChess Set
QueenChess Set
RookChess Set

Citrus Set

Item NameSet Name
Grapefruit TableCitrus Set
Kiwi StoolCitrus Set
Lemon TableCitrus Set
Tangerine ChairCitrus Set

Classroom Set

Item NameSet Name
Anatomical ModelClassroom Set
ChalkboardClassroom Set
Clear ModelClassroom Set
CubbyholeClassroom Set
Hamster CageClassroom Set
Left PlatformClassroom Set
Lefty DeskClassroom Set
MopClassroom Set
PodiumClassroom Set
Right PlatformClassroom Set
Righty DeskClassroom Set
School ChairClassroom Set
School DeskClassroom Set
Science TableClassroom Set
SkeletonClassroom Set
Teacher's ChairClassroom Set
Teacher's DeskClassroom Set

Dharma Set

Item NameSet Name
DharmaDharma Set
Giant DharmaDharma Set
Mini DharmaDharma Set

Drum Set

Item NameSet Name
Conga DrumDrum Set
Djimbe DrumDrum Set
Timpano DrumDrum Set

Fish Set

Item NameSet Name
Crab ClockFish Set
Dab TableFish Set
Flounder TableFish Set
Football-Fish LampFish Set
Jellyfish LampFish Set
Octopus ChairFish Set
Puffer-Fish TVFish Set
Red-Snapper SofaFish Set
Sea-Anemone BedFish Set
Squid ChairFish Set

Frog Set

Item NameSet Name
Froggy ChairFrog Set
Lily-Pad TableFrog Set

Guitar Set

Item NameSet Name
Country GuitarGuitar Set
Electric GuitarGuitar Set
Folk GuitarGuitar Set
Metal GuitarGuitar Set
Rock GuitarGuitar Set

Hospital Set

Item NameSet Name
Hospital BedHospital Set
Hospital ScreenHospital Set
IV DripHospital Set
ScaleHospital Set
StadiometerHospital Set
Trunk MeasureHospital Set
Vision TesterHospital Set
WashbasinHospital Set

Insect Set

Item NameSet Name
Beetle ChairInsect Set
Caterpillar SofaInsect Set
Cicada StereoInsect Set
Firefly LampInsect Set
Honeybee ChestInsect Set
Ladybug ChairInsect Set
Mini Butterfly TableInsect Set
Snail ClockInsect Set
Spiderweb ClockInsect Set
Stag-Beetle ChairInsect Set

Japanese-Style Set

Item NameSet Name
HearthJapanese-Style Set
HibachiJapanese-Style Set
Low ScreenJapanese-Style Set
Lucky FrogJapanese-Style Set
Paper LanternJapanese-Style Set
Paper TigerJapanese-Style Set
Paper Wall LampJapanese-Style Set
Paulownia ClosetJapanese-Style Set
ScreenJapanese-Style Set
Stair DresserJapanese-Style Set
Tea TableJapanese-Style Set
Tea TansuJapanese-Style Set

Lucky Cat Set

Item NameSet Name
Lefty Lucky CatLucky Cat Set
Lucky Black CatLucky Cat Set
Lucky CatLucky Cat Set
Lucky Gold CatLucky Cat Set

Mossy Garden Set

Item NameSet Name
Deer ScareMossy Garden Set
Tall LanternMossy Garden Set

Museum Set

Item NameSet Name
Arrow SignMuseum Set
Display StandMuseum Set
Exhibit PartitionMuseum Set
Fancy FrameMuseum Set
Flat Display CaseMuseum Set
Glass Display CaseMuseum Set
Museum ChairMuseum Set
Poster StandMuseum Set
Reception TableMuseum Set
Tall Display CaseMuseum Set
ThermohygrometerMuseum Set

Nintendo Set

Item NameSet Name
ArwingNintendo Set
Blue FalconNintendo Set
KartNintendo Set
Master SwordNintendo Set
MetroidNintendo Set
PikminNintendo Set
S.S. DolphinNintendo Set
TriforceNintendo Set
Triple BananasNintendo Set
Triple Red ShellsNintendo Set
Virtual BoyNintendo Set
Wii Balance BoardNintendo Set
Yoshi's EggNintendo Set

Office Set

Item NameSet Name
Office ChairOffice Set
Office DeskOffice Set
Office LockerOffice Set

Panda Set

Item NameSet Name
Baby PandaPanda Set
Mama PandaPanda Set
Papa PandaPanda Set

Pear Set

Item NameSet Name
Pear DresserPear Set
Pear WardrobePear Set

Pine Bonsai Set

Item NameSet Name
Mugho BonsaiPine Bonsai Set
Pine BonsaiPine Bonsai Set
Ponderosa BonsaiPine Bonsai Set

Pine Set

Item NameSet Name
Pine ChairPine Set
Pine TablePine Set

Plant Set

Item NameSet Name
AloePlant Set
BromeliaceaePlant Set
CaladiumPlant Set
Coconut PalmPlant Set
Corn PlantPlant Set
CrotonPlant Set
DracaenaPlant Set
Fan PalmPlant Set
Lady PalmPlant Set
PachiraPlant Set
PothosPlant Set
Rubber TreePlant Set
Snake PlantPlant Set
Weeping FigPlant Set

String Set

Item NameSet Name
BassString Set
CelloString Set
ViolinString Set

Study Set

Item NameSet Name
GlobeStudy Set
Writing ChairStudy Set
Writing DeskStudy Set

Totem Pole Set

Item NameSet Name
Bear PoleTotem Pole Set
Eagle PoleTotem Pole Set
Frog-Woman PoleTotem Pole Set
Raven PoleTotem Pole Set

Tulip Set

Item NameSet Name
Flower ChairTulip Set
Flower TableTulip Set

Vase Set

Item NameSet Name
Blue VaseVase Set
Red VaseVase Set
Tea VaseVase Set

Watermelon Set

Item NameSet Name
Watermelon ChairWatermelon Set
Watermelon TableWatermelon Set


Backyard Theme

Item NameSet Name
Backyard FenceBackyard Theme
Backyard LawnBackyard Theme
Backyard PoolBackyard Theme
BarbecueBackyard Theme
Bird FeederBackyard Theme
BirdbathBackyard Theme
BirdhouseBackyard Theme
Bug ZapperBackyard Theme
Garden GnomeBackyard Theme
HammockBackyard Theme
Lawn ChairBackyard Theme
Lawn MowerBackyard Theme
Mr. FlamingoBackyard Theme
Mrs. FlamingoBackyard Theme
Picnic TableBackyard Theme
SprinklerBackyard Theme
Tiki TorchBackyard Theme

Boxing Theme

Item NameSet Name
Blue CornerBoxing Theme
Boxing BarricadeBoxing Theme
Boxing MatBoxing Theme
Boxing Ring MatBoxing Theme
Judge's BellBoxing Theme
Neutral CornerBoxing Theme
Red CornerBoxing Theme
Ringside SeatingBoxing Theme
Ringside TableBoxing Theme
SandbagBoxing Theme
Speed BagBoxing Theme
Weight BenchBoxing Theme

Construction Theme

Item NameSet Name
Blue TarpConstruction Theme
Cement MixerConstruction Theme
Closed RoadConstruction Theme
Detour ArrowConstruction Theme
HandcartConstruction Theme
Iron FrameConstruction Theme
JackhammerConstruction Theme
Manhole CoverConstruction Theme
Oil BarrelConstruction Theme
Orange ConeConstruction Theme
SawhorseConstruction Theme
SteamrollerConstruction Theme
Striped ConeConstruction Theme
Traffic ConeConstruction Theme
Wet-Road SignConstruction Theme

Creepy Theme

Item NameSet Name
Creepy Bat StoneCreepy Theme
Creepy CarpetCreepy Theme
Creepy CauldronCreepy Theme
Creepy ClockCreepy Theme
Creepy CoffinCreepy Theme
Creepy CrystalCreepy Theme
Creepy SkeletonCreepy Theme
Creepy StatueCreepy Theme
Creepy StoneCreepy Theme
Creepy WallpaperCreepy Theme

Mad Scientist Theme

Item NameSet Name
Amazing MachineMad Scientist Theme
Complex MachineMad Scientist Theme
Florence FlaskMad Scientist Theme
Lab BenchMad Scientist Theme
Lab ChairMad Scientist Theme
Lab FloorMad Scientist Theme
Lab WallMad Scientist Theme
Medicine ChestMad Scientist Theme
Unknown MachineMad Scientist Theme

Mario Theme

Item NameSet Name
1-Up MushroomMario Theme
? BlockMario Theme
Bill BlasterMario Theme
BlockMario Theme
Block FloorMario Theme
CoinMario Theme
Fire BarMario Theme
Fire FlowerMario Theme
Goal PoleMario Theme
Green ShellMario Theme
Mushroom MuralMario Theme
PipeMario Theme
Super MushroomMario Theme
Super StarMario Theme

Nursery Theme

Item NameSet Name
Baby BedNursery Theme
ClackercartNursery Theme
CradleNursery Theme
DollyNursery Theme
Elephant SlideNursery Theme
Merry-Go-RoundNursery Theme
Playroom RugNursery Theme
Playroom WallNursery Theme
Rocking HorseNursery Theme
StrollerNursery Theme
Train SetNursery Theme
WobbelinaNursery Theme

Pirate Theme

Item NameSet Name
AnchorPirate Theme
BarrelPirate Theme
HelmPirate Theme
Jolly RogerPirate Theme
KegPirate Theme
Pirate's ArmorPirate Theme
Sea ViewPirate Theme
Ship CannonPirate Theme
Ship CompassPirate Theme
Ship DeckPirate Theme
Vintage TelescopePirate Theme

SF Theme

Item NameSet Name
Captain's MonitorSF Theme
Crew Member's SeatSF Theme
Crew's MonitorSF Theme
Hologram MachineSF Theme
Large Space ConsoleSF Theme
Small Space ConsoleSF Theme
Space Captain's SeatSF Theme
Space ConsoleSF Theme
Spaceship FloorSF Theme
Spaceship WallSF Theme
Spherical RadarSF Theme
Wall-Mounted MonitorSF Theme

Spa Theme

Item NameSet Name
Bath MatSpa Theme
Bath TileSpa Theme
Bathhouse WallSpa Theme
BathtubSpa Theme
BucketSpa Theme
Ice-Cream CaseSpa Theme
Milk CaseSpa Theme
Spa ChairSpa Theme
WashbasinSpa Theme

Space Theme

Item NameSet Name
AsteroidSpace Theme
Flying SaucerSpace Theme
Lunar HorizonSpace Theme
Lunar LanderSpace Theme
Lunar RoverSpace Theme
Lunar SurfaceSpace Theme
MoonSpace Theme
RocketSpace Theme
SatelliteSpace Theme
Space ShuttleSpace Theme
Space StationSpace Theme
Spaceman SamSpace Theme

Western Theme

Item NameSet Name
Covered WagonWestern Theme
Cow SkullWestern Theme
Desert CactusWestern Theme
Saddle FenceWestern Theme
StorefrontWestern Theme
TumbleweedWestern Theme
Wagon WheelWestern Theme
Watering TroughWestern Theme
WellWestern Theme
Western DesertWestern Theme
Western FenceWestern Theme
Western VistaWestern Theme