Gracie's Fashion Check

Gracie is a fashionista giraffe who might show up on a random weekday in your town square. She will take a look at your outfit and tell you if you're stylish or not. If you pass her test four times, your Home Center can be upgraded to the department store.

Clothing Themes

Every piece of clothing, including shirts, pants, socks, shoes, hats, and accessories, has a theme. There are ten possible themes:

  1. Sporty
  2. Cute (ファンシー)
  3. Iconic (トラディショナル)
  4. Rock 'n' Roll
  5. Official (フォマル)
  6. Ornate (ゴージャス)
  7. Flashy (クレイジー)
  8. Modern
  9. Historical (オールド)
  10. Basic (ブナン)

For lists of clothing by theme, please scroll down to the clothing by theme section on this page.

Passing the Fashion Check

When you speak to Gracie, talk to her until she mentions a fashion theme. To pass the fashion check, most of the items in your outfit have to match the theme that she is asking for. In addition, your outfit can't include a clashing combination. The following table shows which combinations will result in failing the fashion check. The cells marked FAIL represent the combinations that will fail the check. For example, the intersection of Sporty and Official (フォマル) is marked FAIL. Therefore, wearing an outfit that combines Sporty and Official (フォマル) items will fail the fashion check. Note: Even if your socks are covered up, Gracie will still include your socks in the fashion check.

Sporty Cute (ファンシー) Iconic (トラディショナル) Rock 'n' Roll Offi­cial (フォマル) Gor­geous Flashy (クレイジー) Mod­ern Historical (オールド) Basic (ブナン)
Sporty FAIL
Cute (ファンシー)
Iconic (トラディショナル)
Rock 'n' Roll FAIL FAIL
Official (フォマル) FAIL FAIL FAIL
Ornate (ゴージャス)
Flashy (クレイジー) FAIL FAIL
Historical (オールド)
Basic (ブナン) FAIL FAIL

Clothing by Theme

The following sections list clothing according to theme. Use the following links to go to a specific theme.


Baseball ShirttopSporty
Basketball TanktopSporty
Beatnik ShirttopSporty
Beatnik TanktopSporty
Beatnik TeetopSporty
Big Bro's TeetopSporty
Black Track JackettopSporty
Blue Gym TeetopSporty
Blue JackettopSporty
Blue Track JackettopSporty
Blue-Stripe ShirttopSporty
Blue-Stripe TeetopSporty
Blue-Zap SuittopSporty
Cycling ShirttopSporty
Cycling TeetopSporty
Deep-Blue TanktopSporty
Deep-Blue TeetopSporty
Dragon SuittopSporty
Eight-Ball TeetopSporty
Explorer TeetopSporty
Firefighter ShirttopSporty
Fishing VesttopSporty
Five-Ball TeetopSporty
Four-Ball TeetopSporty
Fresh TanktopSporty
Fresh TeetopSporty
Gray TanktopSporty
Green Gym TeetopSporty
Green Warm-Up JackettopSporty
Green-Stripe TanktopSporty
Green-Zap SuittopSporty
Jockey ShirttopSporty
Kung-Fu ShirttopSporty
Kung-Fu TeetopSporty
Li'l Bro's TeetopSporty
Matador's JackettopSporty
MVP ShirttopSporty
MVP TeetopSporty
Nine-Ball TeetopSporty
No. 1 ShirttopSporty
No. 2 ShirttopSporty
No. 23 ShirttopSporty
No. 3 ShirttopSporty
No. 4 ShirttopSporty
No. 5 ShirttopSporty
No. 67 ShirttopSporty
One-Ball TeetopSporty
Orange JackettopSporty
Pep-Squad TanktopSporty
Pep-Squad TeetopSporty
Racer 6 TeetopSporty
Racer TeetopSporty
Racing ShirttopSporty
Rally TanktopSporty
Rally TeetopSporty
Red Gym TeetopSporty
Red JackettopSporty
Red Warm-Up SuittopSporty
Red-Bar ShirttopSporty
Red-Bar TeetopSporty
Red-Zap SuittopSporty
Relay TanktopSporty
Seven-Ball TeetopSporty
Six-Ball TeetopSporty
Soccer ShirttopSporty
Soccer TeetopSporty
Space SuittopSporty
Team NTDO TeetopSporty
Three-Ball TeetopSporty
Two-Ball TeetopSporty
Wrap ShirttopSporty
Wrestler TanktopSporty
Baseball PantsbottomSporty
Basketball ShortsbottomSporty
Black Track PantsbottomSporty
Blue Boxing ShortsbottomSporty
Blue Gym ShortsbottomSporty
Blue Warm-Up PantsbottomSporty
Blue-Zap PantsbottomSporty
Denim SkirtbottomSporty
Dragon LeggingsbottomSporty
Explorer PantsbottomSporty
Firefighter PantsbottomSporty
Green Gym ShortsbottomSporty
Green Warm-Up PantsbottomSporty
Green-Zap PantsbottomSporty
Kung-Fu PantsbottomSporty
Matador's PantsbottomSporty
Orange PantsbottomSporty
Pep-Squad SkirtbottomSporty
Pink SweatpantsbottomSporty
Racing PantsbottomSporty
Red Boxing ShortsbottomSporty
Red Gym ShortsbottomSporty
Red Warm-Up PantsbottomSporty
Red-Zap PantsbottomSporty
Relay ShortsbottomSporty
Running PantsbottomSporty
Soccer ShortsbottomSporty
Space PantsbottomSporty
Wrestler PantsbottomSporty
Ballet OutfitdressSporty
Pink-Zap SuitdressSporty
1-Up CaphatSporty
Batter's HelmethatSporty
Bicycle HelmethatSporty
Blue CaphatSporty
Blue HeadgearhatSporty
Blue-Zap HelmethatSporty
Catcher's MaskhatSporty
Diver's HoodhatSporty
Explorer's HathatSporty
Fencing MaskhatSporty
Fireman's HathatSporty
Football HelmethatSporty
Green CaphatSporty
Green HeadgearhatSporty
Green-Zap HelmethatSporty
Jockey's HelmethatSporty
Light-Blue CaphatSporty
Motocross HelmethatSporty
Pilot's CaphatSporty
Pink-Zap HelmethatSporty
Purple CaphatSporty
Racing HelmethatSporty
Red CaphatSporty
Red HeadgearhatSporty
Red Team HathatSporty
Red-Zap HelmethatSporty
Retro HelmethatSporty
Safety HelmethatSporty
Space HelmethatSporty
Star CaphatSporty
Swimming CaphatSporty
Topknot WighatSporty
White CaphatSporty
White Team HathatSporty
Wrestling MaskhatSporty
Yellow CaphatSporty
Hockey MaskaccessorySporty
Snorkel MaskaccessorySporty
Sporty ShadesaccessorySporty
Superhero MaskaccessorySporty
Ballet SlippersshoesSporty
Basketball ShoesshoesSporty
Blue Wrestling ShoesshoesSporty
Climbing ShoesshoesSporty
Colorful SneakersshoesSporty
Green-Stripe ShoesshoesSporty
Hiking BootsshoesSporty
Orange ShoesshoesSporty
Purple High-TopsshoesSporty
Red Wrestling ShoesshoesSporty
Snow BootsshoesSporty
Yellow sneakersshoesSporty
Zap BootsshoesSporty
Blue-Stripe TightssocksSporty
Hiking GaiterssocksSporty
Leg WarmerssocksSporty
Soccer SockssocksSporty

Cute (ファンシー)

Aurora Knit ShirttopCute
Beaded TanktopCute
Bear CostumetopCute
Bear ShirttopCute
Bear TeetopCute
Blossom TeetopCute
Blue Tartan ShirttopCute
Bubble TanktopCute
Bubble TeetopCute
Bubble-Gum ShirttopCute
Bubble-Gum TeetopCute
Bunny ShirttopCute
Bunny TeetopCute
Candy Gingham ShirttopCute
Candy Gingham TeetopCute
Cherry TeetopCute
Chick TeetopCute
Chocomint TeetopCute
Citrus TanktopCute
Citrus TeetopCute
Cyan Argyle ShirttopCute
Cyan Argyle TeetopCute
Daisy TeetopCute
Dazed ShirttopCute
Dazed TeetopCute
Dreamy TeetopCute
Elephant ShirttopCute
Elephant TeetopCute
Floral Knit TeetopCute
Flowery TeetopCute
Frog CostumetopCute
Frog ShirttopCute
Frog TeetopCute
Funky-Dot TanktopCute
Funky-Dot TeetopCute
Garden TanktopCute
Gelato ShirttopCute
Gelato TeetopCute
Grape TanktopCute
Grape TeetopCute
Gumdrop TeetopCute
Heart TeetopCute
Icy ShirttopCute
Kids' SmocktopCute
Kiwi TanktopCute
Kiwi TeetopCute
Lacy White TanktopCute
Leaf TeetopCute
Lemon Gingham ShirttopCute
Lemon Gingham TeetopCute
Lite Polka ShirttopCute
Lite Polka TeetopCute
Lotus TeetopCute
Lovely TeetopCute
Melon Gingham ShirttopCute
Melon Gingham TeetopCute
Melon ShirttopCute
Melon TeetopCute
Mint ShirttopCute
Mod ShirttopCute
Natty ShirttopCute
Natty TeetopCute
Peachy TanktopCute
Peachy TeetopCute
Pink Argyle ShirttopCute
Pink Argyle TanktopCute
Pink Argyle TeetopCute
Pink TanktopCute
Pink Tartan ShirttopCute
Pink Tartan TeetopCute
Pink Wave TanktopCute
Pink-Bud TanktopCute
Red-Check ShirttopCute
Rose TeetopCute
Rose-Sky TeetopCute
Santa CoattopCute
Shearling CoattopCute
Silk Bloom TeetopCute
Spring ShirttopCute
Spunky Knit ShirttopCute
Strawberry TanktopCute
Strawberry TeetopCute
Sunflower TeetopCute
Toad ShirttopCute
Toad TeetopCute
Tulip TeetopCute
Watermelon ShirttopCute
Watermelon TeetopCute
Winter SweatertopCute
Yellow Aloha TeetopCute
Yellow Tartan ShirttopCute
Yellow Tartan TeetopCute
Bear-Costume PantsbottomCute
Blue Polka ShortsbottomCute
Cuffed PantsbottomCute
Emerald Polka SkirtbottomCute
Frog-Costume PantsbottomCute
Funky-Dot SkirtbottomCute
Green Plaid ShortsbottomCute
Lite Polka SkirtbottomCute
Natty SkirtbottomCute
Pastel-Check SkirtbottomCute
Rainbow Plaid ShortsbottomCute
Red Plaid SkirtbottomCute
Red Polka SkirtbottomCute
Santa PantsbottomCute
White-Lace SkirtbottomCute
Blossom DressdressCute
Blue Dotted DressdressCute
Cat DressdressCute
Cat Tank DressdressCute
Citrus Gingham DressdressCute
Dazed DressdressCute
Dollhouse DressdressCute
Dreamy Tank DressdressCute
Embroidered DressdressCute
Fairy-Tale DressdressCute
Festive DressdressCute
Fleece DressdressCute
Floral Knit DressdressCute
Fluffy DressdressCute
Fluffy Tank DressdressCute
Gumdrop DressdressCute
Lime DressdressCute
Lotus Tank DressdressCute
Lovely DressdressCute
Natty DressdressCute
Overall DressdressCute
Plaid Cami DressdressCute
Polka-Dot DressdressCute
Red Riding DressdressCute
Ribbon DressdressCute
Rose Tank DressdressCute
Rose-Sky Tank DressdressCute
Silk Bloom DressdressCute
Sweater DressdressCute
Tartan-Plaid OutfitdressCute
Turnip DressdressCute
Vogue DressdressCute
Yellow Dotted DressdressCute
Yellow RaincoatdressCute
Baby's HathatCute
Badge HathatCute
Balloon HathatCute
Bear CaphatCute
Big Bro's HathatCute
Birthday HathatCute
Blue New Year's HathatCute
Blue NightcaphatCute
Blue PikminhatCute
Blue RibbonhatCute
Braided WighatCute
Bulb BopperhatCute
Bun WighatCute
Bunny HoodhatCute
Cat CaphatCute
Dandy HathatCute
Flower BopperhatCute
Frog CaphatCute
Grape HathatCute
Green New Year's HathatCute
Heart BopperhatCute
Heart HairpinhatCute
Hibiscus HairpinhatCute
Kintaro WighatCute
Kiwi HathatCute
Li'l Bro's HathatCute
Mandarin HathatCute
Melon HathatCute
Moon HairpinhatCute
Orange Knit HathatCute
Pink Knit HathatCute
Pink NightcaphatCute
Purple Knit HathatCute
Red HoodhatCute
Red New Year's HathatCute
Red PikminhatCute
Red Pom-Pom HathatCute
Red RibbonhatCute
Ribboned Straw HathatCute
Santa HathatCute
Small Silk HathatCute
Snowman HeadhatCute
Star BopperhatCute
Star HairpinhatCute
Strawberry HathatCute
Toad HathatCute
Tulip HathatCute
Watermelon HathatCute
Wizard's CaphatCute
Y. New Year's HathatCute
Yellow PikminhatCute
Yellow RibbonhatCute
Big Bro's MustacheaccessoryCute
Facial MaskaccessoryCute
Heart ShadesaccessoryCute
Pink GlassesaccessoryCute
Red GlassesaccessoryCute
Red NoseaccessoryCute
Santa BeardaccessoryCute
Stache & GlassesaccessoryCute
Yellow GlassesaccessoryCute
Green Polka PumpsshoesCute
Orange SandalsshoesCute
Pink Slip-OnsshoesCute
Pink SneakersshoesCute
Polka-Dot Rain BootsshoesCute
Purple Dot ShoesshoesCute
Red Boat ShoesshoesCute
Red ShoesshoesCute
Santa BootsshoesCute
Shearling BootsshoesCute
White Patent ShoesshoesCute
Yellow buckled shoesshoesCute
Yellow Rain BootsshoesCute
Black LeggingssocksCute
Gray LeggingssocksCute
Green TightssocksCute
Heart-Print TightssocksCute
Polka-Dot SockssocksCute
Purple Star SockssocksCute
Purple-Stripe TightssocksCute
Star TightssocksCute
White-Lace SockssocksCute

Iconic (トラディショナル)

Argyle KnittopIconic
Bad Plaid ShirttopIconic
Bad Plaid TeetopIconic
Blue Aloha TeetopIconic
Blue Argyle ShirttopIconic
Blue Argyle TeetopIconic
Cavalier ShirttopIconic
Dawn TanktopIconic
Dawn TeetopIconic
Detective OutfittopIconic
Dogtooth ShirttopIconic
Dogtooth TeetopIconic
Fall Plaid ShirttopIconic
Fall Plaid TeetopIconic
Festivale TanktopIconic
Folk ShirttopIconic
Folk TunictopIconic
Genie ShirttopIconic
Genie VesttopIconic
Gray Tartan ShirttopIconic
Gray Tartan TeetopIconic
Hanten ShirttopIconic
Happi TeetopIconic
Hero's ClothestopIconic
Hot Spring TeetopIconic
Imperial ShirttopIconic
Jinbei ToptopIconic
New Spring TeetopIconic
Pastel-Stripe TeetopIconic
Periwinkle TeetopIconic
Red Aloha TeetopIconic
Red Argyle ShirttopIconic
Red Argyle TeetopIconic
Reggae TanktopIconic
Reggae TeetopIconic
Scale-Print TeetopIconic
Snowy SweatertopIconic
Tacky SweatertopIconic
Tan Dogtooth ShirttopIconic
Tan Dogtooth TeetopIconic
Tropical TanktopIconic
Tropical TeetopIconic
Waffle ShirttopIconic
Waffle TeetopIconic
Western ShirttopIconic
Aloha ShortsbottomIconic
Brown Argyle SkirtbottomIconic
Dogtooth PantsbottomIconic
Festivale PantsbottomIconic
Genie PantsbottomIconic
Grass SkirtbottomIconic
Gray Tartan SkirtbottomIconic
Hero's PantsbottomIconic
Hot Spring SkirtbottomIconic
Imperial PantsbottomIconic
Jinbei ShortsbottomIconic
New Spring SkirtbottomIconic
Patched-Knee PantsbottomIconic
Pink Argyle SkirtbottomIconic
Red Tartan PantsbottomIconic
Tan Dogtooth PantsbottomIconic
Western PantsbottomIconic
Alpinist DressdressIconic
Blossoming DressdressIconic
Casual OutfitdressIconic
Chima Jeogori DressdressIconic
Dogtooth DressdressIconic
Festivale Tank DressdressIconic
Gaudy DressdressIconic
Maid DressdressIconic
Milkmaid DressdressIconic
Palatial Tank DressdressIconic
Pastel-Stripe DressdressIconic
Pink Polka DressdressIconic
Spring KimonodressIconic
Tan Dogtooth DressdressIconic
Yodel DressdressIconic
Alpinist HathatIconic
Cavalier HathatIconic
Celebration HathatIconic
Conical Straw HathatIconic
Detective HathatIconic
Geisha WighatIconic
Grandpa HathatIconic
Hero's CaphatIconic
Hunter's CaphatIconic
Lion-Dance MaskhatIconic
Milkmaid HathatIconic
Newsprint HelmethatIconic
Outback HathatIconic
Paperboy CaphatIconic
Puffy HathatIconic
Shamrock HathatIconic
Silk HathatIconic
Stagehand HathatIconic
Straw HathatIconic
Ballroom MaskaccessoryIconic
Masquerade MaskaccessoryIconic
Silver FramesaccessoryIconic
Thick GlassesaccessoryIconic
Tortoise SpecsaccessoryIconic
Cowboy BootsshoesIconic
Flower LoafersshoesIconic
Gladiator SandalsshoesIconic
Hero's BootsshoesIconic
Kimono sandalsshoesIconic
Tropical SandalsshoesIconic
Wooden ClogsshoesIconic
Argyle SockssocksIconic
Argyle TightssocksIconic


Airy TeetopModern
Blue Diamond ShirttopModern
Blue Diamond TeetopModern
Blue Plaid ShirttopModern
Blue Plaid TeetopModern
Brown-Bar ShirttopModern
Brown-Bar TeetopModern
Cool TanktopModern
Crewel TeetopModern
Dark Polka ShirttopModern
Dark Polka TeetopModern
Go-Go ShirttopModern
Gracie TanktopModern
Grape-Stripe ShirttopModern
Grape-Stripe TeetopModern
Jade Plaid ShirttopModern
Jade Plaid TeetopModern
Night-Sky TeetopModern
Preppy ShirttopModern
Swell ShirttopModern
Swell TeetopModern
Dark Polka SkirtbottomModern
Blue Retro DressdressModern
Cool DressdressModern
Cloche HathatModern
Gracie HathatModern
Gracie GlassesaccessoryModern
Oval ShadesaccessoryModern
Stripe ShoesshoesModern

Basic (ブナン)

A TeetopBasic
Aqua Polka TanktopBasic
Aqua Polka TeetopBasic
Big-Dot TanktopBasic
Big-Dot TeetopBasic
Big-Star TeetopBasic
Black Flannel ShirttopBasic
Black-Denim JackettopBasic
Blue Down JackettopBasic
Blue Flannel ShirttopBasic
Blue PJ ShirttopBasic
Blue Tie-Dye TanktopBasic
Blue Tie-Dye TeetopBasic
Blue-Bar ShirttopBasic
Blue-Bar TeetopBasic
Blue-Check ShirttopBasic
Blue-Check TeetopBasic
Blue-Grid ShirttopBasic
Blue-Grid TeetopBasic
Bright TeetopBasic
Chevron ShirttopBasic
Cloudy TeetopBasic
Club TeetopBasic
Comfy SweatertopBasic
Cyan Argyle TanktopBasic
Dapper ShirttopBasic
Dapper TeetopBasic
Denim JackettopBasic
Diamond TeetopBasic
Earthy Knit ShirttopBasic
Fern ShirttopBasic
Fern TeetopBasic
Grass TeetopBasic
Gray ParkatopBasic
Green Tie-Dye TanktopBasic
Green Tie-Dye TeetopBasic
Green-Bar ShirttopBasic
Green-Bar TeetopBasic
HHA TeetopBasic
Mint Gingham ShirttopBasic
Mint Gingham TeetopBasic
Orange Tie-Dye TanktopBasic
Orange Tie-Dye TeetopBasic
Paw TeetopBasic
Picnic ShirttopBasic
Picnic TeetopBasic
Pink ParkatopBasic
Pink PJ ShirttopBasic
Purple Tie-Dye TanktopBasic
Purple Tie-Dye TeetopBasic
Raglan ShirttopBasic
Raglan TeetopBasic
Red Down JackettopBasic
Red Flannel ShirttopBasic
Red Tie-Dye TanktopBasic
Red Tie-Dye TeetopBasic
Red-Check TeetopBasic
Red-Grid ShirttopBasic
Red-Grid TeetopBasic
Sno-Cone TanktopBasic
Sno-Cone TeetopBasic
Snow ShirttopBasic
Spade TeetopBasic
Speedway TeetopBasic
Sunset TanktopBasic
Sunset TeetopBasic
Tan Puffy VesttopBasic
Vegetarian ShirttopBasic
Vegetarian TeetopBasic
Yellow-Bar ShirttopBasic
Yellow-Bar TeetopBasic
Black Formal SkirtbottomBasic
Black-Denim PantsbottomBasic
Black-Denim SkirtbottomBasic
Blue PJ BottomsbottomBasic
Blue Stripe PantsbottomBasic
Blue-Grid SkirtbottomBasic
Brown Plaid ShortsbottomBasic
Chino PantsbottomBasic
Dapper SkirtbottomBasic
Dry-Denim PantsbottomBasic
Gray Formal SkirtbottomBasic
Gray SweatpantsbottomBasic
Gray-Stripe PantsbottomBasic
Green Tartan PantsbottomBasic
Mint Gingham SkirtbottomBasic
Navy Formal SkirtbottomBasic
Picnic SkirtbottomBasic
Pink PJ BottomsbottomBasic
Red-Grid SkirtbottomBasic
Dapper DressdressBasic
Green DressdressBasic
Prim OutfitdressBasic
Red DressdressBasic
Blue Pom-Pom HathatBasic
Green Knit HathatBasic
Straw BoaterhatBasic
Stripe Knit CaphatBasic
Blue FramesaccessoryBasic
Brown GlassesaccessoryBasic
Doctor's MaskaccessoryBasic
Green GlassesaccessoryBasic
Mint GlassesaccessoryBasic
Purple GlassesaccessoryBasic
Black LoafersshoesBasic
Blue SneakersshoesBasic
Brown PumpsshoesBasic
Brown Slip-OnsshoesBasic
Green Buckled ShoesshoesBasic
Green SandalsshoesBasic
Green-Stripe SocksshoesBasic
White Ankle SocksshoesBasic
Beige TightssocksBasic
Black Ankle SockssocksBasic
Bobby SockssocksBasic
Brown SockssocksBasic
Brown-Stripe SockssocksBasic
Checkered SockssocksBasic
Gray SockssocksBasic
Gray TightssocksBasic
Tube SockssocksBasic
White SockssocksBasic

Historical (オールド)

Armor SuittopHistorical
Beige Knit ShirttopHistorical
Camel ShirttopHistorical
Caveman TanktopHistorical
Chichi-Print TeetopHistorical
Deer ShirttopHistorical
Fall Leaf ShirttopHistorical
Gold-Armor SuittopHistorical
Gold-Bar ShirttopHistorical
Gold-Bar TeetopHistorical
Misty TanktopHistorical
Misty TeetopHistorical
Monkey ShirttopHistorical
Ninja ShirttopHistorical
Painter's ShirttopHistorical
Painter's TeetopHistorical
Samurai ShirttopHistorical
Scale-Armor SuittopHistorical
Sharp OutfittopHistorical
Straw ShirttopHistorical
Subdued-Print TeetopHistorical
Vertigo ShirttopHistorical
Vertigo TeetopHistorical
Armor PantsbottomHistorical
Caveman ShortsbottomHistorical
Gold-Armor PantsbottomHistorical
Ninja PantsbottomHistorical
Samurai PantsbottomHistorical
Scale-Armor PantsbottomHistorical
Caveman Tank DressdressHistorical
Pharaoh's OutfitdressHistorical
With's RobedressHistorical
Cow BonehatHistorical
Diving MaskhatHistorical
King Tut MaskhatHistorical
Knight's HelmethatHistorical
Ninja HoodhatHistorical
Powdered WighatHistorical
Roman HelmethatHistorical
Samurai HelmethatHistorical
Samurai WighatHistorical
Straw Umbrella HathatHistorical
Viking HelmethatHistorical
Witch's HathatHistorical
Rimmed GlassesaccessoryHistorical
Round GlassesaccessoryHistorical
Tiny ShadesaccessoryHistorical
Armor ShoesshoesHistorical
Gold-Armor ShoesshoesHistorical
Ninja SandalsshoesHistorical

Rock 'n' Roll

Acid-Washed JackettopRock 'n' Roll
After-School JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Arctic-Camo ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Arctic-Camo TeetopRock 'n' Roll
BB TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Black Letter JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Blue Letter JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Bone ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Cafe TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Chain-Gang ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Chain-Gang TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Checkerboard ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Checkerboard TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Checkered TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Circuit TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Denim VesttopRock 'n' Roll
Desert-Camo ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Desert-Camo TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Dragon JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Fish TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Flame ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Flame TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Jagged TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Jagged TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Jungle-Camo ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Jungle-Camo TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Kanji TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Leopard TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Leopard TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Lightning TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Pleather VesttopRock 'n' Roll
Pulse ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Pulse TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Red Letter JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Rugby ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Rugby TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Skull ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Skull TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Spiderweb TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Tiger JackettopRock 'n' Roll
Tiger TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Tiger TeetopRock 'n' Roll
U R Here TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Varia SuittopRock 'n' Roll
Zebra TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Zebra TeetopRock 'n' Roll
Zipper ShirttopRock 'n' Roll
Zipper TanktopRock 'n' Roll
Acid-Washed PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Arctic-Camo PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Bone PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Cargo PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Checkerboard SkirtbottomRock 'n' Roll
Desert-Camo PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Dry-Denim SkirtbottomRock 'n' Roll
Flame PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Jungle-Camo PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Jungle-Camo ShortsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Leopard PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Leopard SkirtbottomRock 'n' Roll
Pleather PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Tiger PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Varia Suit PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Worn-Out JeansbottomRock 'n' Roll
Zebra PantsbottomRock 'n' Roll
Black-Velvet DressdressRock 'n' Roll
Sea Captain's CoatdressRock 'n' Roll
U-R-Here DressdressRock 'n' Roll
Birthday ShadeshatRock 'n' Roll
Combat HelmethatRock 'n' Roll
DJ CaphatRock 'n' Roll
Pirate's HathatRock 'n' Roll
Regent WighatRock 'n' Roll
Samus MaskhatRock 'n' Roll
Terry-Cloth Do-RaghatRock 'n' Roll
Aviator ShadesaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Eye PatchaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Funky GlassesaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Ladder ShadesaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Post-Op PatchaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Triangle ShadesaccessoryRock 'n' Roll
Lace-Up BootsshoesRock 'n' Roll
Varia Suit ShoesshoesRock 'n' Roll

Flashy (クレイジー)

Barber TeetopFlashy
Bold Check TeetopFlashy
Caterpillar TanktopFlashy
Cow TanktopFlashy
Cow TeetopFlashy
Crossing ShirttopFlashy
Danger TeetopFlashy
Dice TanktopFlashy
Dr. Shrunk's JackettopFlashy
Fiendish ShirttopFlashy
Flan TanktopFlashy
Future TanktopFlashy
Giraffe TanktopFlashy
Giraffe TeetopFlashy
Groovy TanktopFlashy
Groovy TeetopFlashy
Hot Dog TanktopFlashy
Jester ShirttopFlashy
Jester TanktopFlashy
Kappa CostumetopFlashy
Kiddie TeetopFlashy
Ladybug TeetopFlashy
Loud Bloom TeetopFlashy
Moldy ShirttopFlashy
Mummy ShirttopFlashy
Nebula ShirttopFlashy
Nebula TeetopFlashy
Noodle TeetopFlashy
Optical ShirttopFlashy
Optical TanktopFlashy
Pop Bloom TeetopFlashy
Prism TeetopFlashy
Sandwich TanktopFlashy
Splendid TeetopFlashy
Star TeetopFlashy
Striking OutfittopFlashy
Sundae TanktopFlashy
Tin ShirttopFlashy
Twinkle TanktopFlashy
Twinkle TeetopFlashy
Uncommon ShirttopFlashy
Cow PantsbottomFlashy
Giraffe PantsbottomFlashy
Jester PantsbottomFlashy
Kappa-Costume PantsbottomFlashy
Mummy PantsbottomFlashy
Red-Stripe PantsbottomFlashy
Two-tone PantsbottomFlashy
Festive-Tree DressdressFlashy
Loud Bloom DressdressFlashy
Moldy DressdressFlashy
Pop Bloom DressdressFlashy
Star Tank DressdressFlashy
Twinkle Tank DressdressFlashy
Afro CaphatFlashy
Afro WighatFlashy
Banana-Split HathatFlashy
Blue Ogre MaskhatFlashy
Bug MaskhatFlashy
Fi MaskhatFlashy
Ghost MaskhatFlashy
Green-Pumpkin HeadhatFlashy
Hot-Dog HathatFlashy
Jester's CaphatFlashy
Kappa CaphatFlashy
Majora's MaskhatFlashy
Makar's MaskhatFlashy
Midna's MaskhatFlashy
Mohawk WighatFlashy
Monster MaskhatFlashy
Mummy MaskhatFlashy
Ogre's WighatFlashy
Pumpkin HeadhatFlashy
Purple-Imp HoodhatFlashy
Purple-Pumpkin HeadhatFlashy
Red Ogre MaskhatFlashy
Red-Pumpkin HeadhatFlashy
Shower CaphatFlashy
Skeleton HoodhatFlashy
Ski MaskhatFlashy
Tingle HoodhatFlashy
Wario HathatFlashy
Werewolf HoodhatFlashy
Yellow-Pumpkin HeadhatFlashy
3D GlassesaccessoryFlashy
Bad Bro's StacheaccessoryFlashy
Cucumber PackaccessoryFlashy
Cyber ShadesaccessoryFlashy
Eye MaskaccessoryFlashy
Funny GlassesaccessoryFlashy
Gas MaskaccessoryFlashy
Huge ShadesaccessoryFlashy
Jester's MaskaccessoryFlashy
Lemon PackaccessoryFlashy
Star ShadesaccessoryFlashy
Steampunk GlassesaccessoryFlashy
Jester's ShoesshoesFlashy
Steel-Toed BootsshoesFlashy
Colorful SockssocksFlashy

Official (フォマル)

Beige Emblem BlazertopOfficial
Blue Tartan TeetopOfficial
Cafe UniformtopOfficial
Canary ShirttopOfficial
Captain's JackettopOfficial
Chef's OutfittopOfficial
Clerk's ShirttopOfficial
Concierge ShirttopOfficial
Doctor's CoattopOfficial
Flight-Crew ShirttopOfficial
Green Emblem BlazertopOfficial
HHA JackettopOfficial
Military UniformtopOfficial
Sailor's ShirttopOfficial
Sailor's TeetopOfficial
School JackettopOfficial
Security TeetopOfficial
White Tuxedo JackettopOfficial
Work ShirttopOfficial
Black Formal PantsbottomOfficial
Brown Formal PantsbottomOfficial
Gray Formal PantsbottomOfficial
Military PantsbottomOfficial
Navy Formal PantsbottomOfficial
Sailor SkirtbottomOfficial
White Formal PantsbottomOfficial
Academy UniformdressOfficial
Blue Party DressdressOfficial
Cake DressdressOfficial
Cake Tank DressdressOfficial
Graduation GowndressOfficial
Green Lace-Up DressdressOfficial
Nurse's UniformdressOfficial
Orange Lace-Up DressdressOfficial
Orange Retro DressdressOfficial
Pink Party DressdressOfficial
Prep-School UniformdressOfficial
Sky DressdressOfficial
Trench CoatdressOfficial
Waitress DressdressOfficial
Black VeilhatOfficial
Blue Plaid FedorahatOfficial
Bridal VeilhatOfficial
Captain's HathatOfficial
Chef's HathatOfficial
Emperor's CaphatOfficial
Mailman's HathatOfficial
Matador's HathatOfficial
Nurse's CaphatOfficial
Pilot's HathatOfficial
Plain Black CaphatOfficial
Police CaphatOfficial
Sailor's HathatOfficial
Scholar's HathatOfficial
School HathatOfficial
Student CaphatOfficial
Top HathatOfficial
Curly MustacheaccessoryOfficial
Doctor's MirroraccessoryOfficial
Pilot ShadesaccessoryOfficial
Black PumpsshoesOfficial
Black Rain BootsshoesOfficial
Blue PumpsshoesOfficial
Brown LoafersshoesOfficial
Mary JanesshoesOfficial
Monochrome ShoesshoesOfficial
Navy SocksshoesOfficial
Purple PumpsshoesOfficial
Tasseled loafersshoesOfficial
White Leather ShoesshoesOfficial
Black StockingssocksOfficial
Black TightssocksOfficial
Dress SockssocksOfficial
White StockingssocksOfficial

Ornate (ゴージャス)

Amethyst ShirttopOrnate
Amethyst TeetopOrnate
Beaded ShirttopOrnate
Blue Ringmaster CoattopOrnate
Coral TanktopOrnate
Coral TeetopOrnate
Corseted ShirttopOrnate
Noble ShirttopOrnate
Rainbow TanktopOrnate
Rainbow TeetopOrnate
Red Ringmaster CoattopOrnate
Royal ShirttopOrnate
Corseted SkirtbottomOrnate
Royal ShortsbottomOrnate
Blue Lace-Up DressdressOrnate
Butterfly DressdressOrnate
Classic DressdressOrnate
Frock CoatdressOrnate
Pink Lace-Up DressdressOrnate
Plum CoatdressOrnate
Princess DressdressOrnate
Coin HeadpiecehatOrnate
Elegant HathatOrnate
Festivale AccessoryhatOrnate
Flashy HairpinhatOrnate
Floppy HathatOrnate
Funky WighatOrnate
Girl's Day UpdohatOrnate
Hair-Bow WighatOrnate
Matronly BunhatOrnate
Royal CrownhatOrnate
Tiara HairhatOrnate
King's BeardaccessoryOrnate
Leopard PumpsshoesOrnate
Fishnet TightssocksOrnate
Rainbow TightssocksOrnate
Red TightssocksOrnate