In New Leaf, Festivale is a holiday that occurs in February or March. During this holiday, Pavé the peacock will be in your event plaza, and colorful feathers will float around your town all day. Pavé will ask for feathers and will give you Pavé Series furniture in return.

Catching Feathers

Talk to Pavé the peacock at your event plaza. Pavé will ask for three feathers of a specific color.

Walk around your town and use your bug net to catch feathers. Once you have the three feathers of the requested color, give them to Pavé and you will get a random piece of Pavé Series furniture.

Rainbow Feathers

You may also find rare rainbow feathers floating around your town. Pavé will give always give you a piece of Pavé Series furniture in exchange for one rainbow feather, even if Pavé requested feathers of a different color.

Getting Feathers from Villagers

You can also visit your villagers and play games with them to get feathers. In addition, your villagers can trade feathers with you, giving you a different color.

Pavé Series Furniture

The following is a list of all of the Pavé Series furniture that you can get from Pavé during this event.

  • Pavé Bed
  • Pavé Bookshelf
  • Pavé Bureau
  • Pavé Chair
  • Pavé Chest
  • Pavé Clock
  • Pavé Closet
  • Pavé End Table
  • Pavé Lamp
  • Pavé Sofa
  • Pavé Table