Starting the Game

This page talks about starting a new game of Final Fantasy Tactics A2, with advice about Luso's summer journal.

Choose Difficulty and Name

From the title screen, choose to start a New Game, then choose either Normal or Hard difficulty. After some intro text, choose a name for the main character (default: Luso).

Luso's Summer Journal

The choices that you make in Luso's summer journal can give you bonuses in the game. Always choose "Play video games non-stop" as your first choice. The bonuses that you will receive are listed below.

AP Up 1B, C, C
Clan Up 1B, B, C
Evade Up 1B, A, A
EXP Up 1B, C, B
Gil Up 1B, A, C
Lucky 1B, A, B
Power Up 1B, B, B
Smash Up 1B, B, A
Speed Up 1B, C, A

After a cutscene, the game will begin with Stranger in the Woods.