Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost - Quest Guide

How to Complete Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost

The objective of this quest is to interview everyone in Moorabella and find out what the most popular New Year's resolution is. Attack is forbidden.

There are four possible choices: Money, Work, Health, and Hobby.

You can use the tool below to help figure out which resolution is the most popular.

Some people's answers will fall under multiple categories. If you go around interviewing everybody, keep track of which category or categories each one mentions.

Be sure to also include whatever the editor says.

Be sure to check on closed doors, too! The people in the houses will answer as well.

You can equip Galmia Shoes or Faerie Shoes on your units to help this quest go more quickly.

Or you can just save before starting the Quest, then go straight up to the Editor and give a random answer. You have a one in four chance, and you can just reset and load your game again to try again.

Person You AskedAnswer Given
Head Editor
Southern Green Door
Southern Brown Door
Northern Green Door
Western Green Door
Northwest Brown Door
Hume Soldier
Bangaa Defender
Nu Mou Time Mage (Cilawa)
Viera Assassin
Northeast Green Door
Seeq Lanista (Devotee)
Moogle Time Mage (Devotee Jr.)
Eastern Brown Door