Hunting Season - Quest Guide

How to Complete Hunting Season

This quest becomes available after you have completed Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan and A Lady's Insistence, and you have checked the upper-right well in the Odd Places quest.

After accepting the quest, you have to find where the monster actually is. It moves to a different location each month. There will be a blue exclamation mark where the battle will take place.

If you accept this quest in Graszton, you can then go to Bisga Greenlands, and the blue exclamation mark will be there (but it might not be there if you accept the quest on the 20th day of the month).

You can complete this quest four times, and each time, you will be battling a different monster. The monsters are as follows:

  1. Golem
  2. Mirage Bunnies
  3. Cassie
  4. Ivory Wyrm

You have to defeat the monster in a specific number of rounds in order to successfully complete the quest.