Bonga Bugle - Silversun - Quest Guide

How to Complete Bonga Bugle - Silversun

The objective is to defend the Head Editor and defeat all foes. Copycat is forbidden. This means that you can't do the same command as what the previous unit (friend or foe) did. Moving and Waiting don't count, so you can Move and Wait as much as you want without any danger of breaking the law.

The enemies here are undead, so you can damage them with healing spells, potions, and Phoenix Down. You can use moves like Exorcise and Burial for a chance at permanently removing the undead units from the battlefield. When an undead unit is reduced to 0 HP, it turns into a gravestone with stars over it. The gravestone will come back to "life" after three turns, but you can permanently remove a gravestone with a Phoenix Down, or moves like Exorcise, Burial, Raise, and so on.

After you kill all the undead or turn them all into gravestones, the quest is over.