Wanted: Magick Weapon - Quest Guide

How to Complete Wanted: Magick Weapon

The objective is to defeat the Magick Weapon. The use of items is forbidden. The Magick Weapon is immune to all elements (including Holy, so it can't be healed with White Magick), but it has an attack that it can use if you get within three squares of it, so consider using ranged attacks on it. It has the Beguile ability, which inflicts Doom and Charm. You can equip someone with a White Staff and hit Doomed units with it to remove the Doomed status, or you can use the White Magick ability Refresh to remove Doom. You can throw a Knot of Rust at a Charmed unit to remove the Charm status. You should equip Ribbons on as many units as possible. The Magick Weapon can absorb Mist from the air then attack with it on the next turn. Illusionists that know Stardust (a non-elemental attack) can damage the Magick Weapon from any distance.