Memories Forged - Quest Guide

How to Complete Memories Forged

This quest appears after you have completed Hunted.

The objective is to examine the shining object. You can kill or ignore the two Wolves, which are weak to Water, and the two Floating Eyes, which are weak to Holy.

After you check on the sparkle, go to Kthili Sands for the next part of the quest. The objective here is to protect Frimelda and defeat all foes. You have to defeat Luc, as well as four Ghouls. The Ghouls are weak to Holy. When they die, they leave behind a grave. You can use moves such as Exorcise or Burial to get rid of those graves. If you don't get rid of the graves, they will turn back into the Ghouls after a few turns. However, you can complete the quest without removing the graves.

You can heal Frimelda by using Dark attacks on her.