An Earnest Delight - Quest Guide

How to Complete An Earnest Delight

You should only accept this quest if you have at least two non-storyline characters that are at level 50 or higher.

You should accept this quest in Goug. Then you can go to the first quest location in Goug, where Luso has to face a couple of Seeq. You will fail the quest if you harm either of these Seeq, so don't set your reaction ability to Counter or Bonecrusher or Strike Back or anything damaging. The game does not give you a chance to equip Luso before the battle, so you will need to change Luso's reaction ability before you walk to the quest location.

At the start of the battle, the Seeq asks if you are Marnot. You have to say that you are Marnot. If you say that you are Luso, you fail the quest.

After this, the battle begins. Since you are not allowed to harm the Seeq, and since the Ranger keeps setting traps, you should just Wait in one spot until the battle ends after two rounds.

The next part of the quest takes place in Tramdine Fens, so go there and choose the first option in the list.

At this point, you cannot reach the other two locations in time. But you can dispatch two units to finish the rest of the quest.

Open up the Clan Menu and choose Quest List, then choose this quest. Press A and you will be prompted to Dispatch units to complete the quest. Units will fail this quest if they are lower than level 50, so you have to choose two units that are level 50 or higher. It doesn't matter what race or gender the units are. Make sure that the units are jumping up and down after you choose them for the dispatch party. Otherwise, they will fail the quest.

The dispatched units will return after 6 days, so just walk around the overworld until they come back.