Quest Report

In the image below, click a sword icon to go to the corresponding quest. In the game, you can open the Clan Menu and choose Quest Report to see this grid.

You can also view the list of quests.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Quest ReportStranger in the WoodsReagent RunThe First StepThe Next StepA Step FurtherThe Last StepSun-ripened MayhemIt's a Secret to EverybodyHellhound AstrayMy Little CarrotAn Earnest MultitudeAn Earnest DelightOh No, Kupo!Bonga Bugle - GoldsunBonga Bugle - SilversunBonga Bugle - AshleafBonga Bugle - MistleafA Paw Full of FeathersThe Perfect GiftKids These DaysBeetle in a HaystackWayward DrakeThe White of Its EyeFlown the CoopFoodstuffs: NutritionFoodstuffs: Bon AppetitAn Earnest QuandaryThe Bangaa of the RupiesThe Rivalry of the RupiesBonga Bugle - CoppersunBonga Bugle - EmberleafWatch Your StepThe Trappings of FailureThe Yellow WingsPrepared with LoveFoodstuffs: TextureFoodstuffs: AromaFoodstuffs: AppearanceHouse Bowen's ChallengeYellow Wings in TroubleAn Earnest SearchThe Nu Mou NoblesTree HuggingThe Nu Mou of the RupiesBonga Bugle - RosefireBonga Bugle - PlumfrostA Voice from the WellThe Star SealYou Say TomatoOur PlaygroundMushroom ChefShowdownSeeding the HarvestA Harvest HandThe Bangaa BrotherhoodIt's the ThoughtMemories'Tis the SeasonBonga Bugle - BloodfireBonga Bugle - GreenfireBonga Bugle - SkyfrostBonga Bugle - BlackfrostCamoa CupThe Sun SealThe Moon SealWanted: The CyanwolfWanted: UgohrThrow DownA Fatal MistakeRuinous TrapsKomodo SearchKomodo ArrivalShipping OutThe Seas of OrdaliaThe Wonders of OrdaliaThe Wonders of LoarThe Forgotten PlacesGraszton CupThe Stone With No NameTo Whom Gods BowAn Unfamiliar LandA Simple QuestionWanted: GilmuntoIt's a Trap!Komodo DepartureThe Forests of LoarThe Lands of LoarThe Towns of LoarChita on Weapons-MastersBug HuntThe Show's Not Over...Fluffy Flier?Survey No. 258Survey No. 259Survey No. 260Survey No. 261Moorabella CupOdd PlacesWhat Was LostThe Way of the MeekWanted: Lang Bros.Books of MagickNow That's a Fire!The Genuine ArticleThe Root of the ProblemThe Whole TruthChita on Weapons-AdeptsCake: The RecipeCake: The IngredientsCake: The CatastropheOne Red PhialThe Finest BladeA Charm for LuckGimme That!Vim, Vigor, and GoFluorgis CupThe Way of the TimidPirate AttackWanted: Big EyesThe Ultimate BookClan MatesFor the CausePearls in the DeepChita on Weapons-NovicesKupoppy FlowerMy Secret ShameMaintaining the BalanceThe Natural OrderCilawa the GluttonousPlea for HelpA Treasured HeirloomPicnic PleasureEscort WantedGoug CupWanted: The Mirage BunnyDeath MarchA Lady's PropositionOn the RampageMountain WatchSpeed Battle, Kupo!For My LoveGripped by FearI Must Have It!Loar CupWanted: FlorahDeath March, IIA Lady's PersistenceUnfamiliar FolkMonster PoachingGrounded!Cleaning to OrdaliaRude AwakeningDrowsy DraughtTeach a Man to RunShaved IceMeeting the QuotaWish Upon A StarOrdalia CupWanted: TonberrionDeath March, IIIWanted: CombatantsA Lady's InsistenceDuelhornStuck in the MuckPoachers SpottedRumors AboundCleaning to LoarTeach a Man to FishLove-struckAll Good Things...Wanted: Hatchery WorkerAbducted!Eternal RivalryJylland CupWanted: GaitsnipeSomething's Dropped!Hunting SeasonWanted: Barmaid!Making PortKnowing the BeastKyrra, DragoonGreen DominionAn Unseen FoeSleepless NightsRancher's Request - YellowRancher's Request - BlackRancher's Request - GreenRancher's Request - BrownRancher's Request - WhiteRancher's Request - RedChampions' CupWanted: Icicle ArkThieves in the RuinsGreat Land FestivalStrong LadyI Want to ForgetThe Goug ConsortiumVeis, AssassinTo Be a FighterMaking MusicHors D'oeuvre of the HourDevilish DelightsShelling OutFlantastic FinishThe Art of GastronomyWanted: FloraxionWanted: Musician!Wanted: SidekickCaravan CryUnder the WeatherThe EastwatchPopocho's ChocobosOf Kupos and CannonsInstrument of InspirationLoar Airships GroundedSeeking the StoneI've Been Had, Kupo!Beneath the SandsThe Honorable ThingFrom 'Cross the SeaTraining WantedWall of FlameWanted: Moogle RangersRed King of CinquleurWanted: Tutor!Wanted: Shiny MacesAid the SerpentA Chill in the NightTo Be a SpellbladeTreasured TomesSleight of HandKidnapping!?Airship S.O.S.!Wanted: Sky Pirate VaanA Small Favor'Cross the SeaWatching the WatchersCrying EyeballTime to ActWanted: The MutadragonsBlue King of CinquleurWanted: WoodworkerWanted: ArtilleryCaravan Cry IIShow of StrengthLord Grayrl!Banbanga!The Cat's MeowThe Storage ShedOrdalia Airships GroundedA RequestDrawn BridgeInspiration or Perspiration?Wanted: Magick WeaponGreen King of CinquleurWanted: MarksmanWanted: WoodcutterSummonsHuntedGeomancer's Way - SnowGeomancer's Way - RainGeomancer's Way - SunStarstruckMoorabella NightwatchGraszton NightwatchThe Camoa NightwatchStowawaysThe DigBlack King of CinquleurWanted: CaretakerWanted: AssistantThree-Point StrategyMemories ForgedGeomancer's Way - MistRavagerA Lanista's PrideGoug NightwatchWanted: Devotees!Fluorgis NightwatchA Lost CompanionThrough Another's EyesA Bride for MontblancWhite King of CinquleurThe Last DuelhornThe Way of the SwordHelp!Pirate ProblemsWanted: Friends, Kupo!The Five KingsLethean DraughtDevil's PactOne Last MemoryA Lasting PeaceUnplumbed DepthsBringer of DoomThe Shrine of the Paling GodsThe Beast of AisenfieldWoman of the WoodA Dashing DuelThe Ritual