Bonga Bugle - Goldsun - Quest Guide

How to Complete Bonga Bugle - Goldsun

The objective is to find three treasures. The law forbids Attack (but job-related Action Abilities are still OK).

Walk around the area. If you are standing on a treasure, you will have the option to dig it up. If you walk to a tile and you don't get a special command, there is no treasure at that spot.

When you find a treasure, check the detector and it will tell you the type of treasure that is there (Small, Large, Very Large, etc.) and ask if you want to dig it up. You can choose to ignore that treasure and keep looking, or you can dig it up.

You can also use a knockback ability on the Head Editor and walk onto the tile that he was standing on to find a special Bonga Treasure. This doesn't break the law because you will be using a job-related Action Ability, rather than the standard Attack command.

The picture below shows where the treasures are hidden. Each treasure location will have a random type of treasure, except for the Bonga Treasure. The Bonga Treasure is under the Head Editor.

Bonga Bugle - Goldsun treasure locations Terrain image: Cesar.

Small treasures are 200 gil or consumable items like potions, antidote, etc.
Large treasures are 500 gil or common weapons.
Very Large treasures are 800 gil or less common weapons.
Mysterious treasures are 1200 gil or common loot.
The Bonga treasure is 777 gil or less common loot.

The quest will end when you have dug up three treasures.