Tree Hugging - Quest Guide

How to Complete Tree Hugging

The objective is to defeat 10 foes, and to prevent the monsters from ending a turn on a tile near the tree at the bottom of the playing field. At the beginning of the battle, there are four Antlions on the field. Six more monsters will appear over the course of the battle, and you have to defeat them all to complete the quest. Only ten monsters will appear in total; they do not keep spawning indefinitely. In addition to Antlions, there will be Pit Beasts, which are more likely to use the Sandstorm attack. This attack inflicts Blindness and deals damage.

When choosing which units to send into battle, you should include at least two units that know ranged attacks. You can use these units to guard the two bottlenecks on the left and right of the field, where only one unit can pass through at a time. These bottlenecks are both next to a rock.

At the start of the battle, focus on using your units to block the progress of the Antlions while also pushing your units outward and away from the tree. The Antlions will only spawn from the upper corners of the field, so once your units reach the aforementioned bottlenecks, have a unit block each bottleneck, then send your melee fighters directly to the remaining Antlions to finish them off.