Rancher's Request - Yellow - Quest Guide

How to Complete Rancher's Request - Yellow

The objective of the quest is to catch a Yellow Chocobo and give it to Yew, the chocobo rancher.

Before you can catch a chocobo, you have to have a Moogle Chocobo Knight. Then you have to do one of the following quests:

  • Monster encounter in Targ Wood in the month of Greenfire
  • Monster encounter in Goug in the month of Ashleaf or Skyfrost
  • Stuck in the Muck quest
  • Bug Hunt quest

If it is a long time before the month(s) listed above, you can make time move forward.

Send at least one Chocobo Knight into the battle, then attack the Chocobo until it reaches HP Critical status. Remove any debuffs from the Chocobo, then have your Chocobo Knight stand next to the Chocobo and choose the Mount option. Your Chocobo Knight will mount the Chocobo. As long as your Chocobo Knight doesn't get KOed and you don't choose to dismount the Chocobo, you can keep the Chocobo permanently.

However, to complete the quest, you will have to give away the Chocobo. To do this, go to the quest location in Targ Wood with the Chocobo that you caught. Yew will take the Chocobo and you will complete the quest.