How to Catch Chocobos

This page explains how to catch wild Chocobos in FFTA2. To do this, you need to have a Moogle with the Chocobo Knight job in your clan.

Get a Moogle

When Luso first joins Clan Gully, there is already a Moogle in the clan. But if you somehow got rid of that Moogle, you can recruit more during the months of Goldsun and Silversun in the regions of Bisga Greenlands, Goug, and Neslowe Passage.

Unlock the Chocobo Knight Job

Before you can give a Moogle the Chocobo Knight job, you have to complete the Popocho's Chocobos quest.

Train Animist Abilities

Before a Moogle can become a Chocobo Knight, he has to have two Animist action Abilities, so be sure to change your Moogle to an Animist and equip him with weapons that teach Animist abilities until he has learned two.

Or Recruit a Chocobo Knight

Once you have completed the Popocho's Chocobos quest, there is a chance that you can recruit a Moogle who is already a Chocobo Knight if you go to Neslowe Passage during the months of Goldsun and Silversun. You can also get a Chocobo Knight via the Clan Mates quest during Goldsun and Silversun.

Battle Wild Chocobos

In certain quests and random enemy encounters, you will battle wild Chocobos. Here is a list of all the times and places when you can encounter different wild Chocobos:

Chocobo TypeTime and Location
Black Chocobo
Brown Chocobo
Green Chocobo
Red Chocobo
White Chocobo
Yellow Chocobo
  • Targ Wood during the month of Greenfire
  • Goug during the month of Ashleaf and the month of Skyfrost
  • Stuck in the Muck quest
  • Bug Hunt quest

Battle Wild Chocobos with Chocobo Knight

To catch a Chocobos, you have to send one of your Chocobo Knights into battle where there are wild Chocobos.

Weaken the Chocobo to HP Critical

When you find a Chocobo that you want to catch, you first have to cause it enough damage to give it the HP Critical status.

Move your Chocobo Knight Next to the Chocobo, then Mount

Move your Chocobo Knight so that the Chocobo is in an adjacent square, then use the Mount command to hop onto the Chocobo.

Remove Status Effects

Some status effects might prevent you from catching the Chocobo. If you can't Mount the Chocobo when it has HP Critical and you're standing next to it, and it has status effects, try using the Esuna spell, the Refresh spell, the Esunaga spell, or a Remedy item to remove status effects from the Chocobo. You can also cast Haste to cure Stop, or hit the Chocobo with a White Staff to cure Doom.

What Moves do Chocobos Know?

All Chocobos know the moves Choco Cure (restores HP), Choco Beak (deals damage), and Choco Barrier (casts Protect and Shell on the target). In addition, they each (with the exception of Yellow Chocobos) know a special move that is unique to their color:

  • Black Chocobo: Choco Flame (deals Fire damage)
  • Brown Chocobo: Choco Guard (increases Magick Resistance and Defense, and casts Regen)
  • Green Chocobo: Choco Esuna (removes debuffs)
  • Red Chocobo: Choco Meteor (deals damage to an area)
  • White Chocobo: Choco Recharge (restores MP)

How to Release the Chocobo

If you don't want to Chocobo anymore, you can use the Dismount command in battle to let it go, or you can have your Chocobo Knight change jobs. You can also give the Chocobo away during Rancher's Request quests. In addition, if your Chocobo Knight is KOed during battle, the Chocobo will run away.