Ruinous Traps - Quest Guide

How to Complete Ruinous Traps

In this quest, you are required to uphold the law, or you will fail the quest. The law forbids you from attacking.

The traps are already revealed, so there is no need to use a Ranger's Awareness ability or the Libra Clan Privilege to reveal them. To destroy the traps, you must walk onto them. Make sure to equip a unit with a Ribbon in order to avoid getting Charmed by the Charm traps. If a unit is Charmed, you will most likely fail the quest because you can't get rid of the unit's Charm status without attacking him or her, which would break the law, and it is likely that the Charmed unit will attack somebody, which will break the law. Another strategy is to have Vaan (if you have him) use his Salvage move to turn the traps into loot.