Torture Room

After you escape from the confinement area, you find a disturbing room with a restraining chair that has electrodes near where someone's head would go.

List of Items

  • Wrench - On the table in the corner
  • Sun Key - Use the wrench on the port hole in the water tank

How to escape

  1. Get the wrench from the table in the corner
  2. Use the wrench on the port hole on the water tank
  3. Reach into the opened port hole to find the sun key
  4. Tap the green monitor. To solve the puzzle, turn all of the switches on except for the top-right switch, then tap Check in the bottom-left corner.
  5. Go over to the console with the two levers, and tap the yellow lever until the window below the chair lights up.
  6. Read the dead shark: E, D, B, F
  7. Go back to the console and turn on the E D B and F buttons.
  8. Use the sun key to unlock the manacles on the chair
  9. Check the green monitor again. This triggers the following story segment:

    Lotus volunteers to sit in the chair, but she is terrified. She tells Junpei that if something happens to her, to tell her daughters that she will always love them. She has twins, one of whom is named Nona. Seven recognizes the name and asks Lotus if her last name is Kashiwabara, and it is. Seven tells Lotus what happened aboard the ship nine years ago. Lotus's daughters disappeared nine years ago and returned nine days later, and she could never bring herself to ask them what happened, but with Seven's information, Lotus has all the information that she was looking for.

    She had never heard of Cradle Pharmaceutical before. Seven says that all of the kidnapped children had been to a hospital owned by Cradle Pharmaceutical before. A kid at the hospital told Seven that the kids had to go through the Ganzfeld Experiment, which tests telepathy.

    The computer says that they have to put someone in the experiment chair or it will shut down for an hour, so Lotus sits down, shaking in fear.

  10. After the story segment, do the puzzle on the monitor. Use the red curved arrows to rotate the head. On the left side of the head, turn both switches to 2. On the right side, turn both switches to 1. Then press Check in the bottom left corner and the door of the room will unlock.
  11. Tap the exit door to get out.