Shower Room

After you escape from the kitchen, you can choose to go through door 3.

Escape the Shower Room

If you insist on going through door three, Santa objects, but Junpei has Seven and June verify at the RED before Junpei verifies himself. This means that either Santa will have to verify, or Lotus and Clover will.

Santa accuses Junpei of only doing this to be with June. Lotus and Clover make a run for the door but Santa gets there first.

Santa is angry that the others will have to be left behind. After going through a door, the room that they find has a slippery floor. They verify at the DEAD, then they notice that there is a terrible smell of burnt and rotten meat in the room. Seven turns on the light and they see an exploded body who appears to be Snake. They recognize him from the clothes. The explosion was so powerful that the bone is sticking out of his left arm.

Suddenly June screams "no!" over and over, tearing at her hair and banging on the exit, begging to be let out. She asks "why are you doing these horrible things to us? What did we do to deserve this?"

Junpei holds her until she calms down and is ready to help search the room.

List of Items

  • Bucket - left hand bathroom stall
  • Broom - left hand bathroom stall (story trigger)
  • Toilet paper with markings - on shelf of left hand bathroom stall
  • Broom wrapped with toilet paper - Combine broom and toilet paper
  • Luminol - from box on shelf of left hand bathroom stall
  • Bucket filled with hot water - After turning on the showers, use the bucket on the showers
  • Blue key card - From the drain after turning on the showers.
  • Screwdriver - from toilet tank of middle bathroom stall
  • Thermometer - Use screwdriver. It's on the wall to the left of the exit (story trigger)
  • Piece of paper - Use the thermometer on the shower
  • Red key card - In the toilet tank of the rightmost toilet

Story Segments

When you get the mop, June will mention the rabbit hutches. Junpei remembers that when they were in sixth grade, they were assigned to clean the rabbit hutches every morning. But on the last day of school before vacation, Junpei overslept, and when he got there, June was standing outside of the rabbit hutches, crying. Junpei saw that the rabbits had all been killed.

After Junpei comforted her, June decided that they would ambush the killer by waiting near the other animals. But all summer vacation, the killers never returned. The animals were not attacked, though. Junpei says that they were probably in danger doing that, but June wasn't worried because Junpei was there with her.

June says that she was the only one to volunteer at first. Junpei claims that he only volunteered to avoid getting stuck with some other task, and because June wouldn't tell on him if he slacked off. In reality, Junpei did it to be near June.

When you look at the wall thermometer, Santa asks if Junpei knows why thermometers only go up to 107 Fahrenheit or 75 Celsius. Santa explains that at that temperature, the body cells start to die and the proteins harden, like boiling an egg. It can't go back to the way it was after that. Santa says that even viruses rarely make the temperature go that high. You'd have to be locked in a sauna or thrown into an incinerator and burned to death. Santa seems to want to say more, but instead he walks off, looking very sad.

How to Escape

  1. Get the toilet paper, luminol, bucket, and mop from the left hand bathroom stall.
  2. Use the toilet paper on the broom, then press Search while looking at the broom in the item screen, and you will see that it says 634+ on it.
  3. Use the Luminol on the wall with the blood letters, near the exploded body.
  4. Press the light switch next to the letters to reveal:
     L L L
    L R R
  5. Go over to the showers and open the panel in the wall. Change the valves so they match the pattern that you found in the previous step.
  6. Use the bucket on the shower to fill it with hot water.
  7. Go over to the drain and tap the card to get the Mercury Key Card.
  8. Open the tank of the middle toilet and use the bucket of hot water in the tank
  9. Get the screwdriver from the toilet tank
  10. Step back and flush the toilet.
  11. Open it up to see 185 =
  12. Touch the thermometer on the wall to the left of the exit and watch the story segment
  13. Use the screwdriver on the thermometer to get the thermometer.
  14. Use the thermometer on the shower
  15. You will get a piece of paper that says 957+
  16. Open the toilet tank of the rightmost toilet to get the Red Card
  17. Use the red card, then the blue card, on the exit lock. It has to be done in that order.
  18. The code can be determined from the three numbers you found: 634 + 957 + 185 = 1776. Enter 1776 in the card reader and it will unlock.

After you escape, you will find a map of C Deck in the hallway. The door that you go through will put you in the large hospital room. Lotus slaps Junpei for what he did, and shakes him by the collar. But Seven tells her to stop, saying that Lotus, Clover, and Ace need to go into the shower room and see what's there. Seven jammed the doors open with a broom and screwdriver so they don't have to go through the numbered door.

After, Seven says that Snake was probably murdered. It would have to have been done by at least two people since three are needed to open a door. Whoever did it probably shoved him in, and he ran for the DEAD hoping it would work even though the killers were still outside. Seven thinks it happened while everyone was looking for the RED parts. The killers could be any one of them.

June is aghast that he could say that so casually. Ace urges everyone not to be suspicious of each other since that's what Zero wants. Ace thinks that Zero himself is the killer. Junpei wonders if Zero is still on the ship. You can choose "Junpei wasn't sure" or "Of course." If you choose the first one, Ace will explain that when Zero was on the loudspeaker, he said "this ship" several times. If you choose "of course," then Junpei will think to himself that it's obvious that Zero must still be on the ship.

Clover thinks Zero is one of them. Junpei can say "hmm, well, that's possible" or "that's crazy!" If he says "that's possible" then June will be surprised, but Junpei will point out that if Zero is instead hiding somewhere, it would be really easy to remotely detonate their bombs, so there would be no point to bracelets at all. Also, he asks why Zero would design all the puzzles to run themselves if Zero were just hiding somewhere watching. Furthermore, Junpei says that the theory of Zero being one of them and whoever killed Snake being one of them implies that Zero killed Snake.

However, Junpei's theory falls short when Lotus asks what Zero's motives for hiding among them are, and Junpei doesn't know.

If Junpei says "That's crazy" then he'll point out that Zero is putting himself in danger if he's hiding among them, and that there's no motive for Zero to do that. He immediately regrets being so harsh with her since she just lost her brother. Ace urges her to trust the others, saying that Zero was definitely responsible for Snake's death.

The clock strikes three. They use the Mercury key card on the elevators and find door 2. Lotus, Seven and Junpei will go through. Door 2.