Steam Engine Room

This page explains the steps to escape from the steam engine room.

Seek a Way Out

  1. Go up the stairs that have a display on the wall with sliding switches.
  2. Go through door A, then go through door B
  3. Tap the wheel on the winch to make it fall off
  4. Go back through door B, then through door A, then through door C
  5. Use the wheel on the winch here (triggers a story segment)
  6. Go downstairs and get the console from the left side of the conveyor belt
  7. Open the door in the conveyor belt and use the console on the hole
  8. Tap the console to press the button and turn on the conveyor belt
  9. Take the box of coal from the left side of the conveyor belt
  10. Turn around and tap the three circular metal things with rectangular doors in them. This should open the rectangular doors. If not, try another set of circular metal things
  11. Use the coal on the rectangular openings. Ace and Santa will help put coal in the boiler
  12. Go up the stairs and tap the sliding switch on the right hand side. The gear wheels will rotate
  13. Examine each gear wheel to find a metal disc in each one
  14. Take the three disks up the other set of stairs and put them into the machine next to the door.
  15. Put the gold disc on the bottom left, the bronze disc on the bottom right, and the silver disc on the top. Then rotate each disc until the red sun is in the middle. (This triggers a story segment)

After Escaping

After you escape from the steam engine room, you automatically go to the cargo room.