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Third Class Cabin

You begin Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors trapped in a room that you must escape from.

Find a Way Out

When you first start the game, you see an explosion on a ship in the ocean. Then, Junpei awakens in a bunk bed in a third class cabin. He falls out of the top bunk after hitting his head on the ceiling. The door of the room has a big red five painted on it. He tries to go out, but the door is locked. When he bangs on the door he notices something on his wrist that looks like a watch and says 5 on it. He can't remove it.

As he tries to remember what happened to him, some images flash on the screen that Junpei doesn't seem to notice. Junpei notices a window, and moments later, that window breaks, and water starts pouring into the room. After that, the escape begins.

In general, the best strategy for escaping from a room in this game is to look everywhere for items. There are always various items hidden around the room that you will need in order to escape. If you're stuck, just keep looking for items that you might have missed.

To use an item, press the up button or tap the bottom left corner of the screen to scroll through your items. The one in the icon is the one that you're currently using.

Locations of items in the room:

  • Red key: On the mirror to the left of the door. (Story trigger)
  • Blue key: In tea kettle
  • Note #1: On bulletin board
  • Note #2: Under pillow on bottom bunk to right of door
  • Picture of cruise liner: On shelf above sink
  • Number code on back of picture: Combine the screwdriver and the picture of the cruise liner
  • Screwdriver: In the stove
  • Red Key Cards: In the red suitcase
  • Blue Key Cards: In the blue suitcase
  • Notebook: In the blue suitcase

Story Segments

In each room escape, when you find certain items or perform certain tasks, it triggers a story segment. When you get the red key in this room, Junpei remembers how he got there. He walked home to his apartment and discovered that the window was open. When he closed it, he saw that a person in a black robe and a gas mask was standing behind him. A canister on the ground spewed out white smoke that incapacitated Junpei. The person in the gas mask used a voice distorter, and refered to himself as Zero. He said that Junpei was chosen to play the Nonary Game, where you put your life on the line. Soon after that, Junpei passed out.

Also, while not exactly a story segment, when Junpei finds the notebook, he finds an explanation of the digital root. If you take the digits of any number and add them together, and then add the digits of the resulting number together, and continue doing that until you get a single digit, that single digit is the digital root of the original number. So the digital root of 9 is 9. The digital root of 18 is 1 + 8 which is 9. The digital root of 711 is 7 + 1 + 1 = 9. The digital root of 5872 is 5 + 8 + 7 + 2 = 22 -> 2 + 2 = 4. You can also split the digits in any way and still get the same digital root. For example: 58 + 72 = 130 -> 1 + 3 + 0 = 4. And so on.

How to Escape

  1. (Optional) Find the screwdriver in the stove
  2. (Optional) Find the picture of the ship above the sink
  3. (Optional) Combine the screwdriver and the picture of the ship
  4. (Optional) Rotate the picture to see the number code
  5. (Optional) Take the note from above the sink
  6. (Optional) Find the other note under the pillow of the bed that doesn't have a suitcase on it
  7. (Optional) Figure out the number code. The blue numbers are 0263, and the red ones are 7485.
  8. Get the red key from the mirror to the left of the door. This triggers the story segment described above.
  9. Tap the curtain to the left of the tea kettle to find the red suitcase.
  10. Put the red key into the red suitcase. (Remember to use the up button or tap the bottom left corner of the screen to select the key.)
  11. Tap the numbers and enter the number 7485.
  12. Tap the suitcase to open it and retrieve the red numbered cards.
  13. Use the blue key in the blue suitcase.
  14. Tap the numbers and enter 0263
  15. Tap the suitcase to open it and get the notebook and blue numbered cards.
  16. Use both the blue and the red cards on the card reader to the right of the door
  17. Use cards 7, 6, and 1 in the card reader, then tap the card reader.
  18. Step back and tap the door.

After Escaping

After you escape from the third class cabin, you will get the choice to go through the following doors:

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