After you escape the second class cabin, you find yourself in the kitchen.

Items in the room

  • Whetsone: Next to the sink
  • Rusty Knife: In the storage room to the right of the teapot (story trigger)
  • Sharp knife: combine the whetstone and the rusty knife
  • Bottle of oil: Behind the middle cheese on the shelf second from the top in the storage room
  • Bottle: In the cellar of the freezer
  • Sturdy rope: In the cellar of the freezer
  • Frozen chicken: In the freezer box
  • Bag of dry ice: In the freezer box (story trigger)
  • Dry ice bomb: Combine frozen chicken with dry ice. Then combine the bottle with dry ice. Then combine sturdy rope with bottle.
  • Frozen pork: On the bottom left shelf of the shelf to the right of the freezer box
  • Piece of paper with code: Put the pork on the grill and use the sharp knife to cut the paper out
  • Saturn key card: Enter the code into the keypad on the oven door.

How to escape

  1. Get the whetstone from next to the sink.
  2. Go into the storage room to the right of the teapot.
  3. Move the white sheet and get the rusty knife from the wooden box.
  4. Move the middle cheese from the second shelf from the top to get the bottle of oil from behind it.
  5. Use the bottle of oil on the bar on the door to the left of the storage room, then move the bar and go into the room.
  6. Get the dry ice and frozen chicken from the freezer box.
  7. Get the pork from the bottom left shelf of the shelf that is to the right of the freezer box.
  8. Get the bottle and the rope from the trap door.
  9. Use the frozen chicken on the dry ice. Then use the dry ice on the bottle. Then use the rope on the bottle.
  10. Use the bottle on the frozen door handle.
  11. When you're out of the freezer, use the pork on the grill.
  12. Use the whetstone on the rusty knife.
  13. When the pork is done, use the sharp knife on it.
  14. Those numbers are hexadecimal. In decimal, they are 12 + 16 + 15 = 43. Enter 43 into the oven door keypad.
  15. Get the Saturn Key Card and use it on the door.

After Escaping

After you escape from the kitchen, you will get the choice to go through one of the following doors: