First Class Cabin

After you escape from the Third Class Cabin, you can choose to go through door number five.

Go Through Door 5

If Junpei decides to go through door number five, the teams are reassigned. Those going through the doors are:

  • Door 4: June, Clover, Ace, Santa, and Lotus
  • Door 5: Junpei, Snake, and Seven

Clover is unhappy about being separated from her brother, but he insists that she go, assuring her that she will be fine, and whispering some words to her. Finally, she agrees to go.

June is concerned for Junpei, and he and the other two go through the door. They find the DEAD and deactivate the detonators. They find a door into a first class cabin. Before going in with the others, Junpei looks at the ninth man's corpse. The 9 bracelet is on the floor next to the man's shattered glasses. Junpei goes into the room after almost vomiting.

Locations of items in the room

  • Vase: In the room with the fireplace
  • Vase full of water: Use the vase while examining the water in the bathtub
  • Glass Plate #1: Under the pillow of the bed (story trigger)
  • Glass Plate #2: In a cabinet in the closet of the bedroom
  • Glass Plate #3: In a cabinet in the closet of the fireplace room
  • Glass Plate #4: In the bathtub after pulling the plug (must get the vase full of water first)
  • Ceramic Plate: Use the vase full of water on the coals in the fireplace (story trigger)
  • Map of B deck: On the music stand of the piano

Story Segments

After finding the glass plate under the pillow, Snake will move around like he's listening for something, and he'll say that he heard a strange noise. He explains that his sense of hearing is far more sensitive than other people's. He also says that he is confident that he could defeat anyone in a fight.

After getting the ceramic plate from the fireplace, Seven will get dizzy, and will reveal that he has amnesia. He told the others before they ran into Junpei. Junpei is suspicious because Seven doesn't seem upset about it, but Seven says that he was upset at first, but he has had time to get used to it.

How to Escape

  1. Get the glass plate from under the pillow of the bed. This triggers the story segment about Snake's blindness.
  2. Get the glass plate from the cupboard in the closet in the bedroom (there are two doors side-by-side; the one on the right is the closet)
  3. Go to the fireplace room. (Use the door next to the closet in the bedroom.)
  4. Get the vase from the table
  5. Get the glass plate from the cupboard in the closet of the fireplace room (there are two doors side-by-side; the one on the left is the closet)
  6. Go into the hallway and tap the nearest door.
  7. Use the vase on the water in the bathtub.
  8. Pull the plug on the bathtub and get the glass plate.
  9. Go back to the fireplace room and use the vase full of water on the coals in the fireplace.
  10. Get the ceramic plate. This triggers the story segment about Seven's amnesia.
  11. Go to the piano in the bedroom. Take the map from the music stand.
  12. Use a glass plate or the ceramic plate on the music stand.
  13. Examine the glass plates and you will reach the piano puzzle screen.
  14. The notes that you have to play are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th WHITE piano keys from the left. (You don't use the black keys.) Using those numbers, the first four notes that you should play are 3, 4, 5, 6. Since those keys are in the same order as the first four notes, you can use the first four notes as a reference for which keys to press. The full set of notes that you should play, using the numbers mentioned above, are
    3, 4, 5, 6
    3, 5, 4, 3
    4, 3, 5, 6
    6, 5, 4, 3
  15. The door will unlock after you play those notes. You can tap the door to escape from the room.

After Escaping

After this, Seven jams the door open with a plate. Snake asks him why, and Seven hesitates before answering that he'd like to play a little piano. Junpei knows that this is a lie, because it would be impossible to play on the mixed-up piano.

The three of them pass by a gate locked with the Venus symbol ♀. After that they find the door to a casino.