Confinement Area

After you escape the shower room, you end up in the confinement area.

Escape the Confinement Area

There are three doors along the left wall and a single door on the right that says EMERGENCE. Lotus and Seven split up. Seven goes in the leftmost door and Lotus goes in the middle door.

List of Items

  • Handle - From the flusher in the leftmost room
  • Rod - From the toilet paper roll in the leftmost room, after removing the cardboard tube
  • Screwdriver - Combine the handle and the rod
  • Drawer with mirror on bottom - Check desktop in leftmost room while holding screwdriver, remove screws, pull out drawer and tap open drawer
  • Towel - From bed in middle room
  • Drawer with weird handle - From desk in middle room
  • Faucet handle - use screwdriver on drawer with weird handle
  • Tile 1 - put mirror drawer into desk of middle room, open it and get tile from inside
  • Tile 2 - From sink in leftmost room after putting faucet handle on sink in middle room and turning it on (story segment)
  • Tile 3 and 4 - From drawer in dark room after using mirror drawer on light shaft in dark room on the mirrors and flushing the toilets in the leftmost and middle rooms the specified number of times

Story Segments

After you get the tile from the sink, Seven looks dizzy and pale. He has regained some memories. He remembers that he has been in this confinement room before. He remembers that there was some sort of experiment aboard the ship where they were trying to control people or something. Three of the children in the experiment were Aoi, Light, and Nona. He thinks that there were four or five more. The experiment was run by Cradle Pharmaceutical.

When Seven was there before, he was a cop who was looking for the sixteen kids around Junpei's age who were kidnapped nine years ago. Seven found out from a Cradle employee that a ship was going to depart from a wharf with the kidnapped kids to take them to a passenger ship in the ocean. Seven went to the wharf and saw men in black suits carrying bags that clearly had the kids in them. Seven jumped out and aimed his gun, but someone from behind him told him to drop the gun, which he did. Then the person injected him with something that knocked him out.

He woke up in a confinement area cell much like the one that he and Junpei are in now. He was in there for a while and dozed off, but woke up again when he heard the sound of children's voices. There was a duct that the voices were coming from. He removed the grate and climbed through. Seven doesn't quite remember what happened after that, although he thinks that he found a door out of the duct and found some kids. Seven thinks that one of the girls died.

How to Escape

  1. Get the handle from the flusher next to the toilet in the leftmost room.
  2. Remove the cardboard tube from the toilet paper holder in the leftmost room.
  3. Take the rod off of the toilet paper holder in the leftmost room.
  4. Combine the handle and rod to make a screwdriver.
  5. Turn and face the exit of the leftmost room. Hold the screwdriver and check the top of the desk, and tap the screw to remove the screws.
  6. Remove the drawer from the desk.
  7. (Optional) Get the towel from the bed of the middle room
  8. Remove the drawer from the desk of the middle room
  9. Use the screwdriver on the drawer with the weird handle
  10. Put the faucet handle on the sink in the middle room
  11. Turn the sink on
  12. Put the drawer with the normal handle into the desk of the middle room
  13. Open the drawer and take out the tile
  14. Get the tile from the sink in the leftmost room (story trigger)
  15. (optional) Use the drawer that has the mirror on it on the shaft of light in the rightmost room
  16. (optional) Tap both of the mirrors in the dark room to see 4 and 7, which corresponds to sun and moon.
  17. Go to the leftmost room and flush the toilet four times (hold right on the control pad to speed it up)
  18. Go to the middle room and flush the toilet seven times (hold right on the control pad to speed it up)
  19. Open the drawer in the rightmost room and get the two tiles
  20. Go to the door that says EMERGENCE and tap the tiles.
  21. Tap an E and then tap one of your four tiles. Repeat with all of the Es to escape.

After Escaping

After you escape, you find yourself in the torture room.