After you escape from the first class cabin, you find the Casino.

Escape the Casino

The casino has some card tables, a baccarat table in the corner, a bar, and some slot machines.

List of Items

  • Playing card: On one of the card tables with chairs
  • Playing card: On the bar under the glasses
  • Playing card: On the bar near the bottles
  • Playing card: On the baccarat table
  • Playing card: On the fireplace mantle
  • Casino coins: Falls out of the chimney when you turn on the two lamps on the fireplace mantle
  • Venus Key: In slot machine #2 drawer after you get 777
  • Playing card: In slot machine #2 drawer after you get 777
  • Playing card: From the baccarat table after you put the correct three cards down

Story Segments

There is only one story segment in the casino, and you get it by examining the card spots on the baccarat table. Seven explains how to play baccarat. There is a Banker and a Player, and the goal is to have the best hand. To find out the value of a hand, you add up the numbers on the cards that you have, and then the number in the ones place is the value of your hand. So if your total is 19, your number is 9. If your total is 40, your number is 0. And so on. To win the game of baccarat on the table in this casino, you have to get a higher number than whatever the banker has, which in this case is 8. So you have to get a 9 in order to win.

How to Escape

  1. Get the playing cards from the card table with chairs, the bar under the glasses, the bar near the bottles, the baccarat table, and the fireplace mantle.
  2. Turn on the two lights on the fireplace mantle to see the Club, Diamond, and Heart on the mirror
  3. Get the casino coins that fall onto the firewood after you turn the two lamps on
  4. Tap the coin slot of slot machine #2
  5. Tap the Spin Roulette button on the bottom left
  6. Press the club, diamond, and heart buttons, in that order, to get a 777. You don't need to time it correctly or anything. Pressing those buttons in that order will always give you a 777, no matter what the roulette is showing at the time.
  7. Get the playing card and Venus Key from the slot machine drawer
  8. Go to the baccarat table and tap on the three spaces for cards. Seven will explain about baccarat. (See above.) The number that your cards add up to will have to have 9 in the ones place.
  9. Tap on the three card spots to select them. Then tap a card that you want to put onto the table. The only combination that will work (as far as I know) is 2, 3, 4. These numbers add up to 9. (2 + 3 = 5, 5 + 4 = 9).
  10. Get the 8 card that was behind the glass.
  11. Go over to the door that is in the corner by the slot machines.
  12. Tap the thing on the wall that says LOCK.
  13. Tap the empty card slot and put the 8 card in there.
  14. When the thing on the right slides up, put the remaining three cards in there.
  15. Tap the door to exit the room.

After Escaping

After you leave the room, you unlock the Venus Gate and head down to C Deck. Junpei goes and sees that D Deck is still submerged and the water doesn't seem to be rising. On C Deck, they find two locked elevators with a key card next to them that has the Mercury Symbol ☿ on it. They see a long hallway with many doors, then go back the way that they came to reach a smaller hallway that leads to a set of French doors.

Beyond the doors is a large hospital room. Inside is a door marked 3, a blank door, a door marked 7, and a door marked 8. They're locked, unsurprisingly. Seven notices that the REDs next to the doors are blank, unlike the previous set of REDs, which said VACANT when nobody was inside. Snake examines the REDs with his hands and discovers that the internal hardware has been removed. June and the others come in at that point.

At this point, you can choose one of the following doors to go through: