Chart Room

This page explains the steps to escape from the steam engine room.

  1. Get the map from the drawers near the door
  2. Hold the map and examine the map on the wall
  3. Get the pocket watch from the drawer
  4. Go to the wheelhouse and examine the engine order telegraph
  5. Step back and then tap on the ship's steering wheel (the one near the engine order telegraph)
  6. Tap the arrows to make the ship go in these directions: S, W, SW, NW, E, N. The wheel will spin until you tap stop. When you tap stop, the wheel will continue to spin until it reaches the next compass direction (meaning you don't have to time it perfectly in order to get it to stop at the direction that you want).
  7. Take the handle and use it on the engine order telegraph. Make the telegraph go at these speeds in this order: FULL, HALF, SLOW, FULL, HALF, DEAD SLOW, STOP
  8. Use the pocket watch on the wall display that has the fuzzy white marks on it. Ace will adjust the watch
  9. Use the watch on the watch-shaped lock in the door.

After Escaping

After escaping from this room, you automatically go to the captain's quarters.