This page explains the steps to escape from the library.

Seek a Way Out

  1. Check all of the bookshelves until you have found three pop-up books. Be sure to examine each book to make it open
  2. Look for a bookshelf that has a set of scrambled letters on the spines. Rearrange them to say OPEN BULB. Get the bulb that appears
  3. Look for a bookshelf that has some holes in it and tap it to find another bulb
  4. Go downstairs and look for a locked door. Examine it more closely to see some numbered books behind the glass. Use those numbers, 632415, to unlock the lock. Get the bulb from inside.
  5. Once you have the three pop up books (just search the bookshelves until you find them) go to the circular thing on the bottom floor and use the books and bulbs there. It will say Sheldrake-5. Tap the words for a story segment.
  6. Go to the shelf on the bottom floor that has the Sheldrake books. Tap the one that says Sheldrake-5.
  7. Go upstairs to where there is a keyboard and screen. The Roman numerals are like the ZERO code from the captain's quarters. The numerals spell out DEAD. So enter that into the computer.
  8. Go through the door that unlocked

After Escaping

After you escape from the library, you automatically go to the study.