Captain's Quarters

This page explains the steps to escape from the steam engine room.

Seek a Way Out

  1. Get the music box from next to the bed
  2. Get the piece of paper with the numbers and letters on it from the desk drawer below the video displays
  3. Tap the keyboard in front of the video displays
  4. Tap one of the screens that spell "zero" to trigger a story segment
  5. Go into the communications room
  6. Get the screwdrivers from the desk
  7. Combine the screwdrivers with the music box
  8. Get the ink from the drawer
  9. Combine the ink with the cylinder from the music box
  10. Get the piece of paper from the desk drawer next to the locked drawer
  11. Combine the paper with the inky cylinder
  12. Tap the communication equipment on the desk with the locked drawer, then tap the telegraph on the right side
  13. Tap the telegraph button to make a dot. Hold down the telegraph button to make a dash. Replicate the pattern from the piece of paper
  14. Open the drawer that has the wire on it (it was locked earlier).
  15. Get the book for a brief story segment
  16. Get the key from the drawer
  17. Go to the door that the video camera is pointing at
  18. Use the key on the door lock
  19. The code for the door lock is . Hints for figuring it out: