This page explains the steps to escape from the study.

  1. Get the chart from the drafting table. Then find a machine that has a wheel that you can turn. Enter: S, W, SE, NE, E, N, E. You will get the Helm Emblem.
  2. Look for a cabinet that contains a morse alphabet note. Open the closed compartment on the right to find a coffin that says All-Ice on it. Touch the blue monitor nearby and then spell out ICE in morse code:
    . You will get the code emblem.
  3. Tap the other tall monitor (it looks like the one that you used in the morse code puzzle) to find a puzzle with a square of numbers and letters. You need to turn the "ALL" on both sides to green. To do this, the rows and columns of numbers and letters need to add up to A or L depending on which one is next to that row or column. The numbers and letters in the blue squares never change. You turn them on and off by tapping one of them. Whenever you tap one, it toggles the blue square that you tapped, as well as the squares above, to the left, right, and below the square that you tapped. The configuration that solves the puzzle is:
    9 C
    To get them that way, tap the 5, tap the center square, then tap the D. You will get the cross emblem.
  4. Now find the computer where you can put the emblems into the table. Use each emblem to get a door puzzle on the screen. You need to do the first three to get the final emblem. Here are the solutions.
    6: 3 4 5, 3: 1 2 3 7 8
    1: 2 3 5, 7: 4 6 7 8
    7: 4 5 7, 7: 2 6 8
    The coffin is unlocked now, so go to it to get the Neptune key and the coffin emblem. Then return to the computer and do the final puzzle:
    8: 2 4 5 7 8 (leave 9 empty)
  5. You will get a key card. Use it on the exit to escape.

After Escaping

After you get out of the study, there will be a lot of story sequences that ultimately lead to the final puzzle.