Second Class Cabin

After you escape from the Third Class Cabin, you can choose to go through door number 4.

Go through Door 4

If Junpei chooses to go through door 4 with June, Santa, and Lotus, the four of you find the DEAD at the end of the hallway. Near the DEAD is a set of double doors, and the lock has the Mars symbol ♂ on it. There are two unlocked doors nearby, each of which goes into a second class cabin.

Locations of items in the room

  • Map of B Deck: On the wall in the bedroom with June. (story trigger)
  • Box of matches: On the table in the room with June. (story trigger)
  • Dresser key: In the dresser in the bedroom with June
  • Candle: On the table in the room with Santa and Lotus
  • Shower curtain: On the bed in the dark room after bringing the lit candle.
  • Display case key: Combine the candle and the matches, then go into the dark bedroom and get the shower curtain from the bed. Then get the candlestick that you put down earlier.
  • Tile 1: The bathroom tile in the room with June. The tile is fifth from the left and third from the top.
  • Tile 2: In the display case. (story trigger)
  • Tile 3: In the drawer of the dresser in the dark bedroom
  • Mars Key: Behind the black and white picture that you put the tiles onto. (story trigger)

How to Escape

  1. Get the matches from the table in the room with June.
  2. Go into the bedroom of the room with June and get the map from above the bed.
  3. Turn around and open the dresser to get the dresser key.
  4. Go to the other bedroom.
  5. Get the candle from the table and combine it with the matches.
  6. Go into the dark bedroom with the candle
  7. Unlock the dresser with the dresser key
  8. Open the dresser drawer and get the tile
  9. Get the shower curtain from the bed in the dark bedroom.
  10. Get the candlestick key
  11. Use the candlestick key on the display case.
  12. Get the tile out of the display case
  13. Take the clover bookmark from Santa.
  14. Step into the shower of the bathroom where there's no shower curtain.
  15. Put the shower curtain on the hooks and step out of the shower.
  16. Close the shower curtain and look through the hole
  17. Go to the other bathroom and get the tile from the wall (fifth from left, third from top)
  18. Use the tiles in the picture that has only one tile. Slide the lower-right tile to the upper left and rotate it twice, then rotate the upper-right tile once.
  19. Get the Mars Key from behind the picture.
  20. Use the Mars Key on the double doors in the hall.

After Escaping

After you escape from the second-class cabin, you will automatically be sent to the kitchen.