Forbidden Forest

Get the Map

First, go around the room killing the green chuchus. Then go up the ramp to the right and get the map. Next, get the nut on the left side of the room and throw it at the plant on the door to kill it. Don't walk too close to the plant or you will make it close up. Go through the door.

Get the Compass

There is a knight's crest in a chest on the ground floor of this room. When you glide in this room, don't get too close to the spiky vines or they will hit you. Fall down and then glide when you are close to the ground, and kill the monsters around you. Go up to the chest to kill the chuchus around it. When you kill the boko baba and get the stick, use the torch to light it, then light the plant on top of the chest to gain access to it.

If you see any piles of leaves around, you can use your deku leaf to blow them away, which sometimes reveals an item.

Now make your way back up, replenishing your magic using the baba buds while being careful of the spiky vines. This time, go to the side of the room opposite from where you entered. You must use the baba bud on top of the little tree stump house when you get the chance.

There is a bomb flower surrounded by chuchus to your right on this upper platform. Lure them away so you don't hit the bomb with your sword, then kill the chuchus, and set the bomb down in front of the door plant to kill it. Go through.

Use your leaf on the weather vane to your left to bring the hanging platform to you. Jump on, then blow a gust of wind behind you so the platform moves the other way. Go through the door.

Grapple the peahats, then blow a gust of wind to knock them down, then kill them with your sword. Kill the boko babas. Use the baba buds to get up higher, then use the weather vane to bring the platform over. Get on, blow a gust behind you, and at the other side, cut through the planks to get the nut. Place it on the far edge of the hanging platform, then stand at the edge nearest the ledge, and blow a gust of wind toward where the planks were. Be careful not to blow the nut off of the platform. When you reach the other side, use the nut to kill the door plant and go through.

There are spiky vines that will shoot up around the center of the floor, so don't get too close. Use the leaf to blow the nut out from behind those spiky vines. Pick it up, kill the door plant with it, and go through.

Head right, grapple, and wait for those moving platforms until you're on the ledge with the locked door. Collect the rupees in the hanging tree stump if you wish, then get the nut from the ledge, jump onto the hanging stump, go around the edge, and use the nut on the door at the next ledge.

There is a pit part of the way down this room. Jump down into it. When the morths (spiky balls) jump onto you, use your spin attack to kill them. Sometimes the spin attack will only make them fall off, so you may have to try repeatedly. If they are cornered, just hit them with your sword. Open the chest to get 10 Rupees and go to the next room.

Go very slowly in this next room, because those spiky vines come out of the floor everywhere here. First make your way left, bomb the planks to get the compass. Then get another bomb flower and throw it past those vines to bomb the other set of planks. It might take a few tries. When that is done, head to the right of the door until you reach the chest that was behind the planks. Get the key and use the baba buds to glide back to the door. Go through.

Morths and chuchus will attack in this room. Kill them and return to the room with the hanging stump. Go around the edge of the stump to reach that locked door, and go through.

Grapple a golden feather from the peahat and get rid of it by blowing it down, then use the weather vane to your right. Use the hanging platform across and go through the door.

Kill the monsters here, then go up to the second floor where there are two doors. Go through the non-blocked one.

Flying Mothula

Nintendo Gallery Note: You don't need to bother getting a pictograph of this creature because it's just a mothula with wings. It will be easier to wait and take a pictograph of a regular wingless mothula because you will get the same figurine for it.

Try to stay pretty far away from the flying mothula because it likes to charge at you. You can make it fall by using the Deku Leaf on it. Use the spin attack to get rid of any morths stuck to you. Hit the mothula with your sword until it is dead.

Receive the Boomerang

Open the chest to get the boomerang. You will use it a lot, and I recommend assigning it to the Z button to leave your thumb free to swing your sword. The boomerang is effective on almost all enemies. You can target five things at once by putting the red cursor over each thing that you want to target. The bommerang will hit each target in the order that you targeted it. Keep in mind that you can only target multiple things if you aren't locked onto anything.

Get the Big Key

The door is blocked, but you can open it by using the boomerang on the two white switches above the door. Target both at the same time. Then go through the door.

Grapple the peahats to get their golden feathers, then use the boomerang on them to remove their wings. Kill them with your sword. Turn right from the door. There is a pole there. Grapple and hold R to climb up the rope. Grapple the next pole, and this time, hold R to stop swinging, then drop to the platform below. Then take the moving platforms up to the chest to get a joy pendant.

Now go back to the level where the blocked door is, and use the boomerang on both door plants at once to kill them, then go through the door.

Use the boomerang on all of the vines here, then use the Deku Leaf to glide to the other side. The chest contains a joy pendant. Go through the door.

Use your boomerang to cut down all five blue vines at once. The flower will fall through the floor below and down to a lower level. Fall and glide all the way down until you're standing on that flower. Go through the door.

Kill the monsters in here, using your boomerang to kill the morths. Go right at the fork. The blue vines will keep growing no matter how often you cut them down, so just get away from them and go through the door.

The chest you reach by jumping across the flower contains 10 rupees. Cut the flower down and jump down to it. Use your shield to kill the octorok, then bomb the planks. Go through.

Tingle Tuner Note: Use your Tingle Tuner to find a question mark to the right of the door that you just came through. Use a Tingle Bomb on it to get a Tingle Statue.

Kill the monsters in here. The last boko baba turns into a bud. Jump into it. Use the Deku Leaf on the wind switch, get onto the hanging platform, and go to the other side. Pick up the bomb flower, get onto the far edge of the hanging platform, and throw the bomb into the hole of the tree below. When you've succeeded, jump down through that hole, open the chest to get treasure chart #15, and crawl out through the crawlspace to get out of here. Exit through the same door that you came in through.

Use the boomerang to cut down that flower again, then get onto it and kill the octorok. Now turn the other way and use your deku leaf repeatedly to move the flower through the water. When you get close to the bend, kill the octoroks. When you reach the ledge, climb up, kill the chuchus while avoiding those blue vines, and go through the door.

Get to the top of that stump, then activate all five switches at once with the boomerang. Start by targetting one of the switches next to the tree, then turn away from the tree to target the rest. Otherwise the boomerang will hit the tree. Open the chest down below to get the Big Key, then kill the moblins. Get up onto the stump again and grapple over to the door above.

Open a Chest that you Couldn't Reach Before

Drop down the ledge, kill the chuchus and morths, then head through the door in front of you.

Use the weather vane to create a cyclone over the flower, then use the baba bud to jump and glide into the cyclone with the Deku Leaf and land on the upper level. Kill the door plants with the boomerang and go through.

Beat the mothulas here, get the joy pendant from the chest, and go through the door that you didn't enter the room through.

In this room, the pinecone near the warp jar has a fairy in it if you want to bottle it or replenish your health. Some of the other pinecones have enemies inside, and some have rupees. Get a stick from the jar, use a torch to light it, and burn the lid off the warp jar. It's not yet time to fight the boss because there is a chest that you can access now that you couldn't get before. Jump into the warp jar.

Go to the second dungeon room and use baba buds to get to the chest at the top. Use the boomerang to kill the plant. The chest contains treasure chart #1. Work your way back down while avoiding the spiky vines, then use the warp jar in the first room.

Nintendo Gallery Note: Save now in case you mess up the next enemy's pictograph.

Go into the boss room.

Kalle Demos

To start the battle, walk up to Makar, who is standing in the middle of the plant.

Nintendo Gallery Note: You don't have to get a pictograph of this enemy now, but the next chance you get will be at a later point in the game when you will want to have many empty slots in your picto box, so it might be best to get the picture now. To get a figurine made of Kalle Demos, you just need a picture of the big blue bulby part. You don't need to fit the whole thing in the picture. Just make sure that most of it is in there. Try to take the picture at the very beginning of the fight, before Kalle Demos starts attacking. Remember not to save until you have had the Kalle Demos figurine made, in case you messed up the picture.

First, you have to cut down all of the blue vines with your boomerang while avoiding the bigger vines that the flower uses to attack you. Run around the room until the attacking vines have popped up somewhere far behind you where they can't hit you when they flail around. Then use the boomerang on the blue vines as quickly as you can. The vines grow back, so you have to be quick. Just don't be hasty. When you have cut all of the vines, the flower falls, exposing the monster's head. Run up to it and hit it with your sword repeatedly. The flower will close, so run away if you want to conserve your hearts.

Forest Haven

After defeating Kalle Demos, you receive Farore's Pearl.

Nintendo Gallery Note: There will be other opportunities to get a picture of Makar, the violin-playing korok, but after the scene is over, he will be to your right, giving you an easy opportunity to get his picture.

Nintendo Gallery Note #2: You may also want to get a picture of the Deku Tree. First stand on the lilypad and speak to the Deku Tree, then stand on the middle of the lilypad and take a picture of as much of his face as you can fit in the frame.

Exit the Forest Haven. A quick way out is to jump into the running water to your left and let it carry you down to a small pool with two waterfalls in it. You can't drown in this pool. Swim to shore, then make a right at the boko baba.

Check to see if the postbox is wiggling, then approach your boat and he will talk to you.

Get your figurines made before you leave.

Great Sea

Now you're ready to go to the new place marked on your sea chart. Set the wind to NW if it isn't already, and set sail. Be sure to have your boomerang equipped, because you may be attacked while at sea, and the monsters there are vulnerable to the boomerang.

You don't have to avoid the swarming seagulls anymore, although it's best to wait until you have a better weapon. The swarming seagulls mean that a big octo is there, which you can defeat with the boomerang, but it's challenging.

On the way to the destination marked on your map, you can get new islands marked on your sea chart if you wish. It's not a straight line, but the islands I passed on the way there were Private Oasis (don't get the treasure marked here yet unless your wallet is empty) and Southern Triangle Island.

The music begins to change as you get close to your destination...