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Pieces of Heart

The following is a list of all the pieces of heart in Wind Waker. They are listed in order of when you can find them in the game, approximately.

  1. Forsaken Fortress - After escaping from jail and getting the map, drop to the floor, clear away the barrels, step on the switch and get the piece of heart from the chest.
  2. Windfall Island - Win Salvatore's battleship game.
  3. Windfall Island - Talk to Mrs. Marie, then talk to the Killer Bees and play hide-and-seek with them.
  4. Windfall Island - Win the auctions at night until the heart piece goes up for auction.
  5. Pawprint Isle - Crawl into the dome to get this piece of heart.
  6. Dragon Roost Island - Sort 25 letters at the mail sorting mini-game to get a piece of heart.
  7. Windfall Island - After getting the Deluxe Picto Box, take a picture of Linda and show it to Anton. You eventually will receive a piece of heart.
  8. Any Postbox - After you complete the Forbidden Forest, the Rito Chieftain will send you a piece of heart in the mail.
  9. Greatfish Isle - On Greatfish Isle, climb the spiral island, set the wind to northwest, then glide between two sections of the island. On the right side of the cliff wall, there is a chest that contains this piece of heart.
  10. Rock Spire Isle Shop Ship - Get one of the wallet upgrades and Beedle will open the Rock Spire Shop Ship. Buy the heart piece there.
  11. Dragon Roost Island - Give 20 golden feathers to the guard on the second floor and you will eventually get a letter in the mail containing this piece of heart. You can get golden feathers by using the grappling hook on peahats.
  12. Star Island - Bomb the rock on this island, then kill the monsters down below to get this piece of heart.
  13. Crescent Moon Island - One of the treasure charts in Dragon Roost Cavern will lead to this piece of heart.
  14. Seven-Star Isles - Defeat the Big Octo in this square to get this piece of heart.
  15. Spectacle Island - Win the cannon game using 10 or fewer shots.
  16. Windfall Island - After you complete the merchant trades, you will get this piece of heart.
  17. Windfall Island - After your second trip to the Forsaken Fortress, go to Maggie's house near the courtyard on Windfall. Mail the letter for Maggie, then give her the reply to get a heart piece.
  18. Windfall Island - Give 20 skull necklaces to Maggie's father.
  19. Windfall Island - Activate the ferris wheel by setting the wind to north and climbing the ladder behind the ferris wheel to step on the switch, then talk to the guy outside of Salvatore's place to get this piece of heart.
  20. Windfall Island - Activate the ferris wheel as described above, then get into the ferris wheel and use a fire arrow to shoot the spinning thing at the top of the ferris wheel's building to make an invisible chest turn real. Glide down to it.
  21. Windfall Island - You can buy decorations from Zunari that are from the merchant quest. Use these trading goods to decorate all 14 spots for them around Windfall. There is a list of them on the world tour page. After placing the decorations, talk to Sam on the bench to get this piece of heart.
  22. Pawprint Isle - A treasure chart from the Tower of the Gods will lead you to this piece of heart.
  23. Flight Control Platform - Get the magic meter upgrade then play the mini-game and reach the finish line.
  24. Rock Spire Isle - Defeat the gold warship and pull up the piece of heart.
  25. Tingle Island - Defeat the Big Octo in this square.
  26. Three-Eye Reef - Use the treasure chart won in the Windfall auction.
  27. Six-Eye Reef - Go to the submarine southwest of the island and kill all of the enemies to get the heart piece.
  28. Thorned Fairy Island - Use a treasure chart from the Wind Temple here.
  29. Needle Rock Isle - Kill the Kargarocs then hit the switch using a hyoi pear to get access to the heart piece.
  30. Stone Watcher Island - Find the platforms in this square, kill the warships and cannons, then climb up to get this piece of heart.
  31. Bomb Island - Bomb the boulder on the top and go inside. Use the magtails to get the piece of heart.
  32. Bomb Island - Use a treasure chart from the Earth Temple here.
  33. Diamond Steppe Island - Use the chart that you won in Salvatore's game on Windfall.
  34. Southern Fairy Island - The chart that you can buy from Beedle's Rock Spire shop after getting a wallet upgrade leads to a piece of heart in this map square.
  35. Various - Water the wilting trees
  36. Forest Haven - The chart from the Tower of the Gods leads to this piece of heart.
  37. Outset Island - Hit Orca 500 times.
  38. Headstone Island - Use a hyoi pear to hit a switch on Headstone Island to get this piece of heart.
  39. Angular Isles - Push the blocks to climb up and get the piece of heart. Read the world tour page for a guide.
  40. Angular Isles - The chart from the Forbidden Forest leads to this piece of heart.
  41. Five-Star Isle - Find the submarine in this square and kill all the enemies inside to find this piece of heart.
  42. Five-Star Isle - The chart that Minenco gives you after you take her picture leads to this piece of heart.
  43. Outset Island - Pick up the giant pig and put it on the black spot across the bridge to get this piece of heart.
  44. Outset Island - Go through every floor of the Savage Labyrinth to get this piece of heart.

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