The Triforce Charts and Shards

The Triforce of Courage has been shattered, and Link must reassemble it to return to the mysterious underwater place. To do so, he must first find the eight Triforce Charts that are hidden around the Great Sea.

The Triforce Charts

Below are instructions on how to find each chart.

Triforce Chart #1

Go to the Islet of Steel and use your cannon to sink all of the warships and destroy the wall cannons. Cruise into the fortress and play the Wind's Requiem on the swirl symbol on the floor to get Treasure Chart #1.

Triforce Chart #2

If you don't have 20 Joy Pendants, you can go to the submarine near Bomb Island and use the grappling hook on the bokoblin outside, then go into the submarine, exit, and use the grappling hook on the bokoblin again. Keep doing this until you have collected 20 Joy Pendants.

Give 20 Joy Pendants to Mrs. Marie to receive the Cabana Deed. Go to the Private Oasis and use the deed on the butler door.

Inside, look at the ceiling and use the grappling hook on the pole here. The flames will disappear from the fireplace, revealing a hole. Drop in.

From where you begin, go straight, then take the first right. When you reach the fork, go right and go down the ladder. Turn around to face the ladder and crawl through the hole there.

Keep going until you reach a fork in the path, then go straight the first time, straight the second time, and left the last time. You will reach a room full of jars that contain many rupees. Crawl back into the hole, then go left when you reach a fork. You will reach another ladder. Climb up.

Use the hammer on the switch on the left, then go through the door. Climb down this ladder, then turn around to face it. Turn right and go through the hole. The chest here contains 100 rupees. Go back to the room with the ladder. Go through the hole on the left.

Eventually, you will reach another ladder. Climb up. Hit the switch that you can reach, then ignore the door and jump into the hole. Kill the re-deads, then get rid of the jars to reveal a hole. Go in and follow the path until you find another ladder. Climb up, then stand on the swirl symbol and play the Wind's Requiem to get Triforce Chart #2.

To exit, hit the switch in this room and go through the door. Turn left, go through the door that you unlocked with the hammer, take the first right, then go right, then left.

Triforce Chart #3

Buy some hyoi pears and go to Bird's Peak Rock. Kill the kargarocs around the island. You can use the hookshot to go up to the ledge and kill the kargarocs with arrows, or just use a hyoi pear to lure the kargarocs over to Link, where he can easily kill them.

Once the kargarocs are dealt with, use a hyoi pear to activate all of the switches. When the gate opens, drop into the hole, then play the Wind's Requiem while standing on the swirl symbol to get Triforce Chart #3.

Triforce Chart #4

To get this chart, you must find the Ghost Ship. To do that, sail to Diamond Steppe Island. Use the hookshot to pull yourself up to the top, where there is a hole in the ground. Drop in.

Get your boomerang ready to deal with the floormasters in this area. Jump into the warp jar in front of you. This is a bit of a maze. There will be four warp jars around. One of them is a "wrong" jar that takes you to the beginning. The others warp you to different locations in this area. If you find a joy pendant, then two of the jars will be the "wrong" jars.

Keep warping until you reach a chest that contains the ghost ship chart, then leave.

The chart shows moon phases for different islands. Play the Song of Passing until the moon is the phase shown next to Diamond Steppe. Sail around looking for the ghost ship. To catch up to it, sail over to it. You'll be transported into it. Drop to the lower level and kill all of the monsters to receive Triforce Chart #4.

Triforce Chart #5

Go to Needle Rock Isle and find the warships cruising around. Sink the gold one with your cannon, then use the grappling hook at the glowing circle that it leaves behind to get Triforce Chart #5.

Triforce Chart #6

This chart requires the Power Bracelets. Warp to Outset Island. Walk up to the hill where the bridge used to be. Look for Old Man Ho Ho and follow his line of sight with your telescope to see a giant stone head. Stand on the rock closest to where the bridge was and set the wind to northwest. Glide over to the stone head and pick it up. Drop into the hole.

This is the Savage Labyrinth. On each floor, you must fight a bunch of monsters to reveal a hole to the next floor. To get Triforce Chart #6, you have to go through 30 floors of the Savage Labyrinth. None of the monsters drop healing items, but you can use the grappling hook to pull items from them, including hearts and magic jars. For extra help, bring fairies and granny's soup.

On the 30th floor, you will find Triforce Chart #6.

Triforce Chart #7

Go to Stone Watcher Island and pick up the stone head. This requires the Power Bracelets. Drop into the hole. Go through each door and kill the monsters, then kill the darknuts that appear in the first room. Your reward is Triforce Chart #7.

Triforce Chart #8

Go to Overlook Island. Use the hookshot to get onto the island. Use the hookshot on the trees to reach a hole. Defeat all of the monsters in the rooms to get this chart.

Deciphering the Charts

Unfortunately, you can't make use of the Triforce Charts right away. First, you must take them to Tingle and pay 398 to have him decipher each one. The total cost to decipher all eight charts is 3184 rupees.

If you haven't released Tingle from the Windfall Island jail, do that now. The jail is near the grave that Tott dances next to all the time.

If you don't have the wallet upgrades, one is on Northern Fairy Island, and one is in the Outset Forest Cave where you saved Tetra. Bomb the large rock there to find a fairy who will upgrade your wallet.

If you have completed the Forsaken Fortress the second time, Tingle's IN-credible Chart will appear in the postbox eventually. You have to pay 201 rupees to make the postbox give you the letter.

If you have done all that, you can take your Triforce Charts to Tingle on Tingle Island and have him decipher them.

Finding the Triforce Shards

The Triforce Shards can be found in the following locations:

  • Greatfish Isle
  • Gale Isle
  • Stone Watcher Island
  • Outset Island
  • Cliff Plateau Isles
  • Southern Triangle Island
  • Seven-Star Isles
  • Two-Eye Reef

Once you have Tingle decipher all of the charts, go to the above locations and use the charts to find the Triforce shards.