World Tour

After you complete the Wind Temple, you might want to go to every square in the Great Sea and collect everything that is out there. This page explains some of the harder tasks that you will face. Be sure to take the time to get all of the treasure charts, empty bottles, pieces of heart, upgrades, and so on.

Horseshoe Island

To reach Horseshoe Island, warp to Outset Island and sail one square west.

You can play golf here. Climb up onto the island, but don't go too far, because spiky vines will shoot up from the ground and block your path. There is a flag beyond the vines that marks a hole in the ground. You must throw a nut inside. Pick up the nut, face the flag, then press L to face forward and adjust your position to line up with the flag. Throw the nut when you are aligned. If the deku nut doesn't go far enough, blow a gust of air at it with the deku leaf. After you complete each hole, the vines go away, allowing you to continue.

After completing all of the holes, a chest appears that contains treasure chart #28. After getting this chart, go back onto the island and drop into the hole. Kill the mothulas with the boomerang or whatever weapon you prefer to receive treasure chart #8.

Decorate Windfall

You can buy trading goods from Zunari, such as the Town Flower and Big Catch Flag and so on. There are 37 places around Windfall Island where you can place these trading goods to decorate the town. Decorating all 37 spots will get you a piece of heart. Here is a list of all of the spots around Windfall where you can put a decoration.

  • There are 2 in front of Zunari's shop
  • There are 3 near Sam, who sits on the bench overlooking the sea near Zunari's shop
  • There are 2 in Lenzo's shop
  • There are 4 in Salvatore's shop
  • There are 4 in Miss Marie's school
  • There are 6 on top of the wall that you can reach by going through the arch to the left of Miss Marie's school
  • There are 5 in Maggie's house. They are all close to Maggie.
  • There are 6 in auction house. Two are on the stage, reachable by jumping down from Maggie's house.
  • There are 2 inside the potion shop
  • There is 1 outside potion shop to left
  • There are 2 on the wooden platform near Kamo, who is the guy on the stairs who wears purple and black.

After putting any combination of trading goods into each one (even if they are all Town Flowers,) talk to Sam a couple times for a piece of heart.

Angular Isles

On the first level of the bigger island, pull the lower block halfway. Climb up, then go around the corner and push the block off the ledge, fall to it, pull it the rest of the way over, and climb up. With the two stacked blocks, pull the bottom one halfway out, climb up both blocks, and get onto the top level for a piece of heart.

Hookshot onto the smaller island and drop in. Pull the bottom block around to the other side. Climb up and pull the block halfway. Drop to the bottom level and pull the bottom block out another step. Climb up and pull the second block another step so the blocks fall. Climb up, and pull the block only halfway. Climb up and pull THIS block halfway, then climb up and shine the light onto the semi-invisible chest, then glide over to it to receive 200 rupees.

You can play the picture puzzle for 50 rupees per win if you want. Here is a general strategy to try:

  1. Look carefully at the solution picture (shown to the left of the fireplace). Take special note of squares that just show the background, and none of the character. Make sure you know where these background-only squares go. Here's is a notation for how the puzzle is laid out:

    a b c d
    e f g h
    i j k l
    m n o p
  2. The puzzle itself will have 15 of the 16 squares shown. The one that's missing is always the square in the upper right corner. In other words, to solve the puzzle, you need to arrange the squares like this:

    a b c
    e f g h
    i j k l
    m n o p
  3. The basic strategy is to go from top row to bottom row, sliding squares into their proper places row by row. However, since the upper right square is the one that's missing, try to arrange it like this:

    a b c h
    ? ? ? l
    ? ? ? p
      m n o

    That way, everything is in a line so that when you shift the squares, it ends up like this:

    a b c
    ? ? ? h
    ? ? ? l
    m n o p

    The tricky part is getting the remaining 6 squares in place. Good luck!

Flight Control Platform

To have the best chance of success at the Flight Control Platform, upgrade your magic meter. To do that, defeat the Big Octo near Southern Fairy Island.

To succeed, you have to use the moving cyclones to stay afloat. The hard part is timing everything properly so that the cyclones won't be far away when you try to reach them.