Wind Temple

Nintendo Gallery Note: Now is a good time to take a pictograph of Makar, because if you wait until after you complete the Wind Temple, you will have to go back to the Boss Room to find Makar again.

A Note About Makar

Makar can't fly if you are holding him the way that Medli could, so don't jump off of ledges while carrying him because you will just fall and probably get hurt.

Makar can fly when you switch to him, but like Medli, he can only start flying if he is on solid ground. Don't let him walk off of a ledge unless you want him to fall.

Makar flies straight up unless you steer him forward or backward with the D-stick. He can go side to side in the air but can't change direction, so make sure to have him face his destination before starting to fly. To start flying, tap A and keep tapping, changing your tapping speed to adjust his altitude. Be careful not to let the leaf slow down too much or it will stop and he will fall.

Makar's special skill is planting trees in soft soil.

Get the Map

Pick Makar up and go through the door.

First, go forward and wall off of the edge and kill the wizzrobe with your sword. Walk under the wind. A stalfos will appear. Kill it. Open the warp jar with a fire arrow.

Get on top of the spring and put the iron boots on to compress the spring. Then remove the boots and press up on the D-stick to jump back to the ledge that you started on.

Switch to Makar and go down below. Walk up to the soft soil, and when A lights up, press it to plant a tree. Do the same on the other soft soil. Still as Makar, walk under and beyond the wind, then fly up to the ledge above. Step on the switch to the right to stop the wind.

Switch to Link. First go down and open the chest to get 100 rupees. Then spring back up to the ledge that you started on. Then equip the deku leaf and use the spring here to launch forward. At the peak of your jump, use the deku leaf and glide to Makar. Pick him up and exit.

Drop Makar, switch your arrows back to regular arrows, and kill the two armos. Use the deku leaf on the weather vane to open the gate. Ignore the switch here. Roll across to get past the sharp sliding object, also known as a trap. Switch to Makar and fly over the trap's path. Plant the trees and switch back to Link. Pick up Makar and exit.

Tingle Tuner Note: The question mark is in this room, down on the bottom floor. Put Makar down, climb down the vines to the right, kill the vines that try to grab you, then use a Tingle Bomb on the question mark here to receive the final Tingle Statue. Then kill the vines and climb back up.

Put Makar down if you haven't already, and switch to him. Have him fly to each ledge in front of you, and plant trees there. After planting the last tree, floormasters will grab him. This is unavoidable. Now, as Link, go through the door to the right.

With the peahats, grapple them first to get a golden feather, then kill them. Ignore Makar for now because you can't free him yet. Kill the armos knights and go through that door.

Grapple and kill peahats, and roll away from the trap, being careful not to fall off of the edge or into the hole to the right. You will see a cracked tile to the left. Stand on it and put on your iron boots to fall through. Kill the floormaster, then use the deku leaf on the weather vane.

Kill the floormaster that you just revealed, then get onto the spring near the weather vane and face the far wall. Launch up out of the hole and go forward. Get the joy pendant from the chest on the left. There is a door out of here that you can access to the right of the musical slab. Roll away from the trap. Grapple and kill the peahats. Go through the door on the right.

With the deku leaf, glide into the wind to get a boost, then go to that switch to the left. Step on it, then glide to the platform that lowered. Avoid the wizzrobe's fire, then wait for it to appear on the ledge to your left or right, then attack it with your sword, repeating these steps until you kill it.

Then, back on the platform that you lowered, face the open gate across from you and glide through on the wind to reach the chest that contains the map. Then, drop down, avoid the vines that try to grab you, and walk back to where you entered the room and climb up. Glide on the wind to the open platform, then glide some more. When you are raised up by the updraft, turn right and go through a gate. Use the wind to the right to reach the next open platform. Avoid the wizzrobe's fire, grapple and kill any nearby peahats, then glide on the wind to the far ledge. Kill the wizzrobe with your sword, then grapple and kill any remaining peahats. Go through the door.

Reach the Mini-Boss

The warp jar is to the right. Open it with a fire arrow, then jump onto the switch and put on your iron boots. Float down as far as you can go, turning off the deku leaf occasionally to conserve magic, grapple and kill any nearby peahats, then go through the unlocked door.

Avoid the spikes. Step onto one of the cracked tiles and use your iron boots to go down. Kill the floormasters. There is a tile near the far wall with a symbol on it. Push the spring block onto it, then push the regular block next to it. Climb up and spring up. Open the chest to get a small key, which stops the spikes.

Before leaving, use your iron boots to break through the rest of the cracked tiles, killing any monsters that appear. After you have gotten rid of all of the cracked tiles and monsters, open the chest to get treasure chart #35, then exit the room.

Nintendo Gallery Note: It can be a challenge to get a good picture of the next enemy for the figurine gallery, so if you want a second chance if you mess up, save the game now and don't save until you get the figurine.

Go across and go through the locked door.


Nintendo Gallery Note: This mini-boss is one of the most difficult enemies to get a picture of. Kill as many of the summoned monsters as you can, avoid any flames that the wizzrobe throws, and wait for the wizzrobe to disappear. Go out of range of any summoned monsters and take out the picto box. Wait until you hear the sound of the wizzrobe reappearing, then run around the room until you see where it is, making sure to look up at the platforms if it isn't on the lower level. Zoom in quickly, make sure there are no other monsters in the frame, and take the picture. I recommend taking three pictures of this Wizzrobe, then get rid of one of them after the battle so you have room for the dungeon boss's picture as well. If the Wizzrobe is facing the camera in the picture and you get most of its body in the picture, and if there are no other monsters in the picture, you should be fine. Remember not to save until you get this Wizzrobe's figurine if you want to be sure to have a second chance if you mess up.

To defeat the Wizzrobe, first kill the summoned monsters. When most of them are gone, try to shoot the wizzrobe or hit him with your sword if he is close enough. Once you have killed the wizzrobe, go around and kill any summoned monsters that remain.

You will receive the Hookshot. Use the hookshot on the target on the wall across from the door, and pound the switch there to open the door. Exit.

Get the Compass

Use the targets to climb up this room. Go as high up as you can go. You will have to turn around at one point to reach the platform directly above the last platform that you were on. When you can't go any farther, look across the room to see a chest. Use the deku leaf to glide over to it. Open it to receive the compass.

Rescue Makar

Spring yourself up to the platform above, then keep hookshotting until you spring up. Go to the other end of the platform and hookshot the target on the inner wall above you. Now you have reached the place where a big stone face is blocking Makar. Stand to one side of the face, put the iron boots on, then hookshot the target on the stone's forehead.

Get a Key

Open the chest near Makar to get a Joy Pendant, then pick up Makar. While carrying him, drop down to the ledge that is below the right side of the edge. Leave Makar here and go to the end of the platform. Use the target on the wall to get up. Switch to Makar and fly to Link. Switch to Link and take Makar with you through the door.

Put Makar down and kill the wizzrobe. Use the hookshot on the trees to get up to the top. As Makar, fly to Link. As Link, take Makar through the door with you.

Drop Makar and use a deku leaf on the blue bubble, then kill it. Lure the nearest bubble to you by boomeranging it, then kill it. Switch to Makar, fly to the next ledge, and plant the tree. As Link, hookshot the tree and kill any blue bubbles that you can lure to you. Do the same thing with the rest of the ledges, but be warned that the ledge at the very top has a floormaster on the left side. When Makar is flying there, have him land on the far right side and plant the tree. As Link, hookshot your way up and kill the floormaster. Then get Makar and go through the door.

Put Makar down on one of the switches and stand on the other. Then take Makar and exit through the door you came in.

Get both Link and Makar down the ledges to the other door here, then take Makar and go through.

Again, go down the ledges. With Makar, take the door straight ahead.

Put Makar down, roll past the trap, and close the gate if it's open by stepping on whichever switch is up. Walk straight toward the gate, then turn around and look behind you to see some targets. Hookshot up, then activate the weather vane switch with the deku leaf. Go across and pull down those stone faces with the iron boots and hookshot to receive items. Stand on the cracked tile with the iron boots, fight the armos, get Makar and exit through the door with the trees by it.

With Makar, go through the door to the right.

Switch to Makar and float down to the bottom floor. Find the soft soil and plant the trees to start the fan. Switch to Link and use the wind to glide to the top floor. Go straight across and open the chest to get a joy pendant. Use the wind to glide to the left to reach the south door. You can leave Makar where he is for now. Get your arrows ready and go through.

Kill all the armos to get a chest that contains a key. Exit.

Get the Big Key

When the wind is not blowing, glide down and to the right to reach two armos knights. Kill them, and grapple and kill any nearby peahats. Now switch to Makar, wait for the wind to stop, and fly straight across to Link. As Link, get Makar and go through the door.

Grapple and kill the peahats, roll past the trap, then drop down the hole on the left. Kill the floormaster, activate the weather vane switch with the deku leaf, then kill the other floormaster. Launch from the spring near the wind switch. Go across and roll past this trap, then grapple and kill the peaheats. Switch to Makar, fly over the traps one at a time, and land in front of the musical slab. Switch back to Link and play Wind God's Aria. Leave Makar here and go through.

Nintendo Gallery Note: If you already have a figurine of a darknut with a shield, there is no need to take a picture of the darknut in black armor.

You now have to fight three darknuts. Start by removing the chest plate from only one of the darknuts. Let it run after you to lure it away from the other two, then kill it. Lure another one away the same way, and repeat until you have killed all three.

You will receive the Big Key. Exit the room.

Reach the Boss Room

Activate the wind switch with the deku leaf, then go across. Get Makar and go through.

Have Link jump off of the edge but keep close to the wall behind him, and glide down to the bottom floor, staying away from the updraft. Then have Makar float down, also staying close to the wall. When the fan stops, jump down below and go through the locked door.

Drop Makar and kill the monsters here. Hookshot your way up. Don't pull down any stone heads yet. Go to the top platform and step on the switch with the iron boots. Then hookshot your way down, pulling down all the stone heads in the room. Two of them, including the stone head at the top platform, have bokoblins in them. Kill the bokoblins. You can pull them close to you with the hookshot to make it easier. Once they are dead, a chest appears that contains treasure chart #5. Take Makar with you through the door that just opened.

Drop Makar and kill the monsters here. Switch to Makar and fly over the wind to the soft soil, avoiding the floormaster. Plant the tree. As Link, hookshot across. Kill the floormaster, grapple and kill the peahats, then get Makar and go through the door.

Drop Makar. Put on your iron boots. There are two traps in the front of the room, and you can block both with just one metal block if both traps are on the same side. To do this, push a block toward the middle of the room, then slowly push it forward into the path of the trap. Take it one step at a time to avoid accidentally unblocking the trap and getting hit. After you block the first one, if the second trap is on the same side, move the block one step forward to block the second trap.

With both traps blocked, push the block toward the traps to get them stuck on the wall. Now take a different block, move it to the middle, and push it straight across the room until it falls.

Go back and get the last block. Slide the last block over the fallen one, and push it forward until it's blocking the trap. Then push it forward another step so you can go around the side of the block and push it toward the trap to pin it to the wall.

When that is done, go back and pick up Makar. The wind won't push him out of your hands. Walk through the door in the far wall. Play the song at the musical slab, and break the jars inside to replenish health, magic, and items. Burn the lid off of the warp jar with a fire arrow.

Go into the boss room.


To start the fight, fall off of the edge and walk up to the stone circle in the middle.

Nintendo Gallery Note: At the beginning of the battle, walk slowly up to the dark spot in the sand to make Molgera's head come up, but don't get too close or you will be eaten. Run away and take a picture of Molgera's head and tongue sticking out of the sand.

Whenever you see a dark spot in the sand, make sure that you are not in the middle of it. If the spot is at a distance from you, slowly walk up to it to make Molgera come out, but don't get too close or you will be eaten. Hookshot Molgera's tongue and hit the tongue with your sword until Molgera goes back down into the sand. When he does this, he will shoot smaller worms at you. Hookshot a worm to bring it close to you, then hit its head twice with your sword to kill it. When Molgera flies around the room, run away to keep it from landing on you.