Tower of the Gods

Get into the Tower

Move your boat by either holding R to cruise or raising your sail and moving with the D-stick.

Get the Map

Go to the right. When the water is low, there is a little cage thing with a door in it. Go through.

Boomerang the chuchu to de-electrify it, then kill it with your sword. Stand on one of the crates on the right side of the room, and when the water is up, throw a bomb on the ledge below the middle-right slab to get the map. Either kill the chuchus or run, and leave.

Get the Compass

Now head straight to the upper right of the big water room. When the water is up, get on the round platform and jump up onto the ledge. Pick up a statue and place it on the glowing spot, then go through the door that you opened.

Kill the chuchu, then go below and pick up a small crate. Put it onto the glowing spot. Climb the ladder. Wait for the water to go down, then cross the bridge, get the statue. Carry it back across the bridge, and exit.

Turn left and put the statue into the little square spot. Get into your boat and head through the passage that opened at the middle-right of the big water room. At the ledge, put the statues in place, and go through.

Don't rush into this room. If you do, you'll probably do a roll attack when you land, breaking one of the crates below, which will make things more difficult. Pull some crates around until you have four of them lined up, evenly spaced, to allow you to jump across to the torches. Get the crate that is slightly to the left of the first two, pull it in line with the first two, then pull it back a couple of steps. The crates should now be aligned properly. When the water goes up, get onto starting ledge. The next time the water goes up, light a stick with a torch, and jump across. If you don't make it, you will need to realign the crates. Light the torches to get a key. Exit, killing the chuchus on the way or ignoring them.

Head to the far left of big water room and bomb those cracked slabs. When the water goes up, get out of your boat and climb that ledge to reach the newly opened area. Stay on the ledge until the water goes down, then jump down and kill the chuchu. Go up the stairs to the right. Kill this chuchu, then wait until the water has been up for a while, light a stick, and when the water goes down, go downstairs and light the two torches. Open the chest to get a joy pendant and go through the door up the stairs.

Kill the bubble. The boomerang doesn't work on it. Then open the chest to get the compass. The other chest in here is blocked for now, so leave.

Learn the Command Melody

Go through the door downstairs.

Kill all of the chuchus to make stairs appear. Go up, get the statue and carry it with you, exiting the room when the water goes down.

Go upstairs and put the statue in place. Your boat is over the ledge. Get into it when the water goes up. Go to the upper middle part of the room where the door just opened. Go through.

Before walking into this room, kill the rats with your boomerang. Once they are gone, get one of the statues. To avoid getting hit by the beamos, hug the wall and get to the other side. Put the statue in place, then do the same with the other statue. Step onto the third glowing spot to make the platforms start moving.

Tingle Tuner Note: Go up as high as the platforms will take you, and when you're level with the stationary platform up there, call Tingle by pressing A on the GBA to get his cursor up on that level. If the cursor is in the right place, use a Tingle Bomb on the question mark on the stationary platform to get another Tingle Statue.

Take the platforms to the door and go through.

Go through the door to the right.

Kill the chuchu and get onto the moving platform. When the other chuchus appear on the other side, just wait on the moving platform until they fall off the edge. Now go through the door.

Go up the stairs and get across to the other side of the room. Stand near the statue so that the R icon in the top right corner of the screen says Call. Press R and the statue will follow you. Let the statue follow behind you, being careful not to let it fall off of the edge, and make your way along the walkway under the platform. Then when you get to the ledge near the door, pick up the statue and jump with it to the door. Go through.

Take the statue to the other side on the moving platform and go through the door.

After the scene, face the symbols on the slab, then use the Wind Waker, pressing left on the D-stick for 4/4 time, to learn the Command Melody.

Put a Statue in Place

Now go through the door to the left that just opened.

Kill the bubble, then swing at an angle to avoid the other bubble and get to the opposite side of the room. Get rid of the other bubble and go through the door.

Swing across, call the statue, and grab it and put it down to stop it from following you. Step onto the glowing spot, then play the Command Melody. As the statue, walk across the bridge to the ledge with the door. Press R or Start to return to Link, then swing over to the door, pick up statue, and go through.

Put the statue onto the glowing spot to your left. Listen to your boat with A, then grapple and hold R to change directions so you're facing right, then swing over that way.

Nintendo Gallery Note: There are some tricky figurine pictographs coming up, so you might want to save the game now so you can come back and get a second chance if you mess up.

Go through the door.


Nintendo Gallery Note: You can take a picture of this enemy now. It's the Darknut without shield. You will have another chance later, but it will be a time when you will want all three picto slots free. Your best chance is to take the picture at the very start of the battle after it starts moving, while the darknut is far away from you and moving slowly. Make sure it fills the frame pretty well, and make sure that you take its picture before removing any of its armor, because it can move faster after that and will be harder to pictograph.

When fighting Darknuts, always use parry attack. This slices off their armor bit by bit, gradually making them vulnerable to direct hits. Unfortunately, removing the armor also lets them move faster, but you can still parry. If you get its helmet off, you can use the boomerang to stun it, or you can use a jumping attack to hit its head. You have to hit its back to open the chest plate off. So just lock on and keep parrying.

After defeating it, you receive the Bow and Arrows.

Put the Other Statues in Place

Shoot the eye on the wall with an arrow to start the moving platform. Kill the bubbles with some arrows, then go to the far right or left of the ledge and swing over to the statue. Pick it up and ride the moving platform to the door. You can ignore the armos that bounce toward you and leave the room, but if you want to fight them, get behind them and hit the purple crystal on their backs. You can temporarily stop them by hitting them with an arrow. Before it dies, it charges toward you, so stay back. Leave the room if you didn't already.

After the statue moves to its spot, go through the south door, which is to the right.

Exit the beamos room, killing the rats with the boomerang if you wish. Get into your boat, cruise to the left of the room where you bombed the slabs, climb the ledge, kill the chuchus again when the water goes down, and go through the upstairs door. Kill the bubble, then hit the eye with an arrow, and get the chest that was revealed to get treasure chart #6.

Get back to the room where you learned the Command Melody. Go through the east door.

Kill the chuchu, and shoot the wizzrobe until it's dead. Get onto the moving platform and turn right. You'll see an eye. Shoot it, and get onto the moving platform that appears. Get off at the upper ledge, get your bombs and arrows ready, and go through the door.

To beat the armos knights in here, first shoot it with an arrow to open its mouth, then throw a bomb into its mouth. Stay away as it charges you, and repeat on the other one. Get the joy pendant from the chest and leave.

Be careful when jumping onto the moving platform. If the platform is too far below you when you jump, you'll fall to your doom. From there, head left to the room where you learned the Command Melody, and head through the door to the right.

Boomerang the keese, then get onto the chain platform on the left, then turn left and throw a bomb at the cracked slab so that it explodes mid-air. Go through this door.

Stand on the swirly symbol on the floor (not the Triforce symbol), and play Wind's Requiem. Kill the armos knights and open the chest, which contains treasure chart #30. Exit.

Swim to the door straight ahead of you and go through.

Stand on the edge of the ledge and shoot the bubbles. One is above and one is below. Then aim your bow at the upper right and hit the eye there. Now aim at the lower left and shoot that eye. Take the platforms to the upper left to get a key. Keep going up until you can see above the door, and shoot that eye. Get the joy pendant from chest that appears and either take the platforms or glide back to the door. Exit.

Swim over to the ladder and climb up. Get a statue and put it onto one of the chain platforms. Then put another statue onto that same platform. Climb up, jump onto the raised platform, and go through the locked door.

Get on top of the blocks, then use the deku leaf to jump and glide over those beams. Call the statue, use the Command Melody, and walk the statue through the beams and onto the glowing spot. Return to Link, pick up the statue, and carry it out of the room with you.

Press R right away to put the statue down and get out from behind it. Shoot the wizzrobe. Now, without the statue, put three of the armos statues onto one of the chain platforms. Jump over to where you left the Command Melody statue, pick it up, and jump across and through the door.

After statue goes to its spot, walk into the sparkly light in the middle of the room to go up.

Get the Big Key

Hug the rim near the elevator to avoid getting hit, and put those statues onto two glowing spots. Walk onto the other one and get the Big Key. Now kill those armos by stunning them with an arrow and hitting the purple crystal on their backs Exit.

You may want to grapple the kargaroc first to get a golden feather, then kill it with the boomerang. Get close enough to those blue beamos to start its beam, then target and shoot it with an arrow to kill it. Roll past the red beamos, and grapple and boomerang the kargaroc. There is a fairy in the jar by the door. get your arrows and bombs ready, or the picto box if you want all of the figurines, and enter the boss room.


Nintendo Gallery Note: This is your only chance to get a pictograph of Gohdan. You can actually wait until after you have defeated it, then take a picture of his head on the wall. Or you can quickly take a picture as soon as the battle starts. To get his figurine, you just need a picture of as much of the head as will fit in the frame.

First, you must disable the hands. Don't be hasty or you'll waste arrows. Shoot a hand with an arrow, wait for the yellow eye spot to come back, and shoot it again to disable it. Repeat on the other hand. Then, close Gohdan's eyes by shooting each one twice, waiting a moment after each arrow to avoid wasting arrows. When Gohdan falls and opens its mouth, throw a bomb into it. Don't worry if you run out of arrows because Gohdan will drop arrows out of its nose if you run out. After three bombs, Gohdan is defeated.

Ring the Bell

Climb the ladder and grapple the bell to ring it.