Merchant Quest

Get a Town Flower

When you get the delivery bag from the postman at Dragon Roost Island, you can start the merchant trading quest. If you have the Delivery Bag, Zunari will give you a Town Flower.

Trade with the Merchants

There are three merchants who will trade things with you. One is on Mother & Child Isles, one is on Greatfish Isle, and one is on Bomb Island. The item that you receive in the trade depends on which merchant you give your item to. The list below shows the quickest way to complete the trading sequence.

Merchant Location
to Visit
Item To Give Item Received
1 Mother & Child Town Flower Sea Flower
2 Greatfish Sea Flower Exotic Flower
3 Mother & Child Exotic Flower Pin Wheel
4 Bomb Island Pin Wheel Sickle Moon Flag
5 Mother & Child Sickle Moon Flag Big Catch Flag
6 Bomb Island Big Catch Flag Fountain Idol
7 Greatfish Fountain Idol Skull Tower Idol
8 Mother & Child Skull Tower Idol Big Sale Flag
9 Bomb Island Big Sale Flag Hero's Flag
10 Greatfish Hero's Flag Postman Idol
11 Mother & Child Postman Idol Shop Guru Idol
12 Greatfish Shop Guru Idol Piece of Heart