Into the Next Dungeon

After reaching the Forest Haven, you can optionally begin the Nintendo Gallery sidequest in Windfall before returning to the Forest Haven.

Get Pictographs Made

Back in the Forest Haven, return to the Nintendo Gallery to have figurines made from any pictographs you took. It takes a day for each figurine, but all you have to do is play the Song of Passing twice and it will be ready for you. In order to see the figurine, you have to talk to the guy behind the counter first. But you can give the sculptor another pictograph without having to look at the new figurine.

Afterward, make sure that you have at least one free slot in your picto box.

Use the Treasure Chart

You might now have a treasure chart for the Forest Haven (#31). If so, you should go get it now, because it is a piece of heart. The trick to using treasure charts is to get near the area marked on the treasure chart until you can see your location on the blue map. If you are not viewing the treasure chart, sometimes you will see a bright arrow pointing to the sea when you're facing the area the treasure is buried. That arrow disappears before you get very close, so the arrow is no help in getting the treasure. Instead, just maneuver your boat and keep checking your treasure chart until you're located almost on top of the X. Try to be to one side of the X, then use the grappling hook.

Get Figurines of the Koroks

It's best to get figurines of the Koroks now, because later in the game they will each be on a different island. There are 8 Koroks to get pictographs of now.

There are three Koroks hanging around inside the Forest Haven on the ground floor near the Deku Tree. One of them floats around a little, so take the pictograph when it lands. Get the figurines of the first three, then come back.

There is another Korok on the first branch of the tree that you reach when you take the baba buds up. Take its picture, then continue going up. When you get to the branch where the deku leaf was, float down to the platform with the grass in the shape of an arrow. There is a Korok here, so take its picture. Then go outside, and there is a Korok here on the platform, so take its picture too. Get the figurines made, then return to the ledge outside.

There is a small island with a cyclone circling it that you need to float down to in order to find another Korok. Unfortunately, once you reach this island, if you fall into the water you lose a quarter heart and are returned to this island. You need to jump into the cyclone to float to a ledge coming out of the Forest Haven. The Nintendo Gallery island is too far to reach. Go back into the Forest Haven and get the figurine made.

Go to the Forbidden Forest

Back inside the Forest Haven, go back up to that branch where you got the deku leaf. Face the direction of that ledge that has the grass in the shape of an arrow on it, jump off the branch, and glide down to it. Cut the grass there to replenish your magic, and go out.

Cut any grass out here if you still need magic. Now face that little island with the mini-cyclone circling it, and change the wind direction to SW. Before jumping, try to wait until that cyclone is between you and the island to avoid getting caught in it while gliding down. Jump off of the ledge and glide down to the little island.

Once there, cut grass to replenish magic again, then face the Forbidden Forest and change the wind direction to NW. Before jumping, wait for the cyclone to be to your right. When you see it there, jump toward the left of it and glide. If you do it correctly, you'll get caught in the updraft. If not, you will lose a quarter heart and end up back on the middle island. Be patient, then jump into the cyclone. As you approach the Forbidden Forest there will be some peahats. If they get too near, tap the deku leaf button again to puff the leaf and get rid of the monsters.

Land at the Forbidden Forest entrance, and cut grass to replenish magic. If the peahats approach, first grapple them for golden feathers, then use your deku leaf on them while standing on the ground to blow a gust of wind and make them fall. If they fall onto your platform, you can kill them with your sword. Then go into the Forbidden Forest.