Finding Jabun

Use the Tingle Tuner to find Knuckle

As soon as you land on Outset, start your Tingle Tuner. Then have Link walk around the island a little bit until Knuckle appears on your Tingle Tuner. He'll ask you to complete some tasks. You'll fail his test if you go indoors before finishing.

Here are the tasks that Knuckle asks you to do:

  1. Walk into the water well against the cliff wall near your house.
  2. Walk over to the pier with the lookout tower on it, and look left for a ladder that goes into the water. Climb down it.
  3. Go up to the top of the hill where the suspension bridge used to be, fighting off the miniblins on the way, and find the biggest rock up on the hill there. It's the one farthest away from the former suspension bridge. Stand in the middle of it.
  4. Walk (don't run) off of the edge of the cliff where the bridge used to be.

Knuckle will give you the Knuckle Hand-me-down Tuner, which replaces one of the things that the Tingle Tuner can do, and lets you buy all-purpose bait anywhere.

Nintendo Gallery Note: After getting the Knuckle Hand-me-down Tuner, Knuckle will go home to Tingle Island, where you can take his picture. This is why you need the GBA and Link Cable to complete the gallery. Make sure to get Knuckle's figurine before you get the rest of the figurines made, because otherwise, you will not be able to get his figurine anymore.

Heal Granny with a Fairy

If you have a fairy in a bottle, go back to your house. Inside, get close to Granny and use the fairy. She'll give you two servings of her Elixir Soup in the bottle that you just emptied. When you use the soup, it will fill all of your hearts, replenish all of your magic, and make you twice as powerful in battle until an enemy hits you. If you run out of the soup, have an empty bottle and talk to Granny to get more. However, you can't get multiple bottles of soup at a time.

Get a Bigger Wallet

Now, head up to the top of the hill where the suspension bridge used to be. Stand on the rock that is closest to former bridge, and set the wind direction to W. Jump and glide to the other side, which is where you went when you saved Tetra. Go into the cave.

Go through the forest until you see a giant rock to your right. Bomb it, then hop into the hole there. Walk straight until the fairy talks to you, and you will get a bigger wallet that lets you hold 1000 rupees.

If you didn't have any fairies in your bottles, get one from the fountain now and go back down and use it on grandma as described earlier.

Find Jabun

Next, get into your boat and set your bombs to one of your buttons. Sail around the back of the island, staying near the wall. Soon you will get caught in a whirlpool. As you go around, destroy the top, middle, and bottom (in that order) of the big stone slab on the wall. Be careful not to use up all of your bombs. When you have broken the entire slab, you'll automatically go in.

After the scene, you receive Nayru's Pearl. Ganon's curse has been broken and the open sea music is no longer creepy.