Monster Figurine Walkthrough

The following walkthrough will guide you through getting the figurines of the monsters after you have completed the Earth Temple and the Wind Temple. For instructions on how to get the other figurines, see the Nintendo Gallery Figurine Checklist.

Getting Pictures of the Monsters

Since the monsters are the hardest to get, I made a walkthrough of an optimized path to take through the caves and dungeons to get most of the monster figurines. Make sure to have three free slots in your picto box before you begin. This walkthrough assumes that you have completed the Earth Temple and Wind Temple.

Earth Temple


From the first room of the dungeon, glide across to the door and go through. There will be moblins in this room.


After getting the moblin picture, go to the next room to find chuchus.


Go into the next room, where there are no monsters, then go through the door on the right. A bubble will come out of the coffin. Zoom in as much as possible and take a picture of the bubble facing the camera.

Forest Haven

Go to the Forest Haven and have the last three figurines made, then return to the Earth Temple.

Earth Temple, part 2

Floor Master

From the entrance of the Earth Temple, go a few rooms into the dungeon to reach the room with the giant face. Go through the door on the left. Ignore the chuchus and climb up to the other door. Go through. Let the floormaster grab you, hit it or stun it with your boomerang, and step out of its reach and get a picture of the arm and hole (the sculptor won't accept just a picture of the hole).


In this same room, climb up onto the farthest block and go through the door there. Lure the moblins into the starting staircase and kill them so they don't obstruct the poes. Then, from the stairway, turn right and go through the hole in the wall. Take a picture of a poe from that direction.


From here, go up the stairs and go through the door to the left. Get in the pit, and lure a redead out of its coffin. Stand back so that it doesn't freeze you.

Forest Haven, part 2

Leave the dungeon, get the figurines made. You're done with the Earth Temple, so warp to Windfall and sail one square north to the Wind Temple.

Wind Temple


Go through the door at the entrance, and in the next room drop down to the floor to make the wizzrobe appear.


From where you fought the wizzrobe, walk forward until the Stalfos comes up out of the ground. Back up and take a picture.


Go into the warp jar just beyond where you fought the stalfos. There will be peahats flying around in the center of this room.

Forest Haven, part 3

Leave the dungeon, get the figurines made. Then come back to the Wind Temple.

Wind Temple, part 2


To get a picture of an Armos, use the spring on the platform of the first room to get across to the second room. Don't get too close the Armos in here. The sculptor will accept a picture of an inactive armos.

Armos Knight

Return to the first room. Use the warp jar in the first room, then wait for the wind to stop, and glide carefully to the recessed area that is across and to the right of you. Try to land on the edge so the Armos Knights don't come to life. The sculptor will accept a picture of an inactive armos knight.

Forest Haven, part 4

Now you're done with the Wind Temple. Exit the dungeon and warp to the Forest Haven and get the two figurines made. After that, go to Dragon Roost Cavern.

Dragon Roost Cavern


In the first room, go through the hole that was behind the block, and stay far away to get a picture of a bokoblin. Go to the next room.


In the second room of the dungeon, keese are flying over the bridge. They fly quickly, but they fly around in circles, so just be patient to get a picture of the keese facing the camera. You should be fine if the keese takes up at least one quarter of the picture.


Return to the first room and jump into the warp jar, then jump into the warp jar again to reach the dark green room. Take a picture of one of the magtails across the lava. Then jump back into the warp jar to get to the first room.

Forest Haven, part 5

Get those figurines made, then warp to Outset Island.

Outset Forest Cave

On Outset, turn it to night time. Walk up the hill toward the cave where you saved Tetra.


As you go up the hill, as soon as you hear miniblin noises, take out your picto box and look around for the miniblins. Take a picture of a miniblin's head and torso, but make sure that there aren't any other miniblins in the foreground.

Stand on the rock that is closest to the place where the bridge was, and change the wind and glide to the cave where you saved Tetra.


Make a running jump down from the first ledge to jump over a Mothula. Run away and turn around to take the picture of the Mothula when it pauses.


Look for the log in this pit. There are morths inside. Take a close up (but not too close up) picture of a morth with the eye facing you.

Forest Haven, part 6

Return to Forest Haven and get the figurines made.

The Last Six

You will have to warp around to get the last six monsters. First, warp to Tingle Island.


After warping to Tingle Islane, just wait in your boat for a gyorg to start circling you. Take a picture of its fin sticking out of the water.


Now warp to the Tower of the Gods. Sail southwest to Southern Triangle Island but don't get too close to it yet.

As you approach Southern Triangle Island, there should be seahats everywhere near the island. Stay far away to take its picture, but make sure that you are close enough to see it in color.


Warp to Dragon Roost Island. When facing the beach that you start on, turn right and go around the island that way. There is a kargaroc flying around the tall rock spires. Get close to the bird, but not close enough that it attacks you. Make sure to zoom in so the bird fills the frame.

Forest Haven, part 7

Now go to the Forest Haven and get those figurines made. At the Forest Haven, there are enemies to take pictures of.

Boko Baba

There are some Boko Babas on the ledges leading up to the inside part of the Forest Haven.


Walking toward the Forest Haven entrance, go to the ledge where you first have to grapple, and get on the far left side of the ledge. There will be an octorok in the water ahead of you.

From the Forest Haven, sail north to Bomb Island.


There are rats all over the submarine that is slightly southwest of Bomb Island. Avoid the rats until you kill all of the bokoblins, then start boomeranging rats until only one is left. Follow the rat with your picto box. Sometimes it stops and looks left and right. If it does that and it faces you, take the picture. If you see it coming straight at you, move out of the way so it doesn't steal your rupees.