Ice Ring

Nintendo Gallery Note: Be sure to get your Earth Temple figurines made before continuing and saving.

Melt the Ice

Warp to the Forest Haven if you're not already there, and sail to the square west of it, which is Ice Ring Isle.

Get this place marked on your sea chart, being careful to avoid the warship. You will want to be on the eastern side of the island and as close as possible to it. To stop the ice, shoot a fire arrow at the stone dragon's head that is blowing icy wind. This starts a five minute countdown.

Go Inside

Cruise up to the island, get off of your boat and step onto the icy shore. Press right on the D-pad (not the D-stick) to see the island map. The ice is slippery. Crawl on narrow ledges if you want to avoid slipping.

There is a frozen chest on the eastern side of the island. Melt it with a fire arrow to get Treasure Chart #36. Then run around to the western side of the island. Climb up the ledges. Follow the path, steering with the D-stick when you slide. Ignore the 5 rupees for now, crawl at the narrow parts, and at the end there will be chunks of ice in the water. Stand back and make a running start to jump onto the ice chunks, being patient to let the middle one come close to you. Go across to the stone head. If you fall into the water, just swim to where that 5 rupee piece was and climb onto the low chunk of ice. At the stone, go up the stairs and drop into the hole.

Get the Iron Boots

Take the path to the right, boomerang the keese, and follow the path. You'll slide, so steer to avoid going off of the side. Open the chest at the end to receive the Iron Boots, stopping the timer. Set the boots to one of your buttons, and press that button to wear the boots. Wearing the boots, walk along the ledge that hugs the wall, and when you get to the wind, walk straight into it and drop down the hole.

There are frozen enemies here. Thaw them out one at a time and kill them.

Nintendo Gallery Note: There is a darknut with a shield here, giving you another opportunity to get its figurine if you didn't before.

After you kill all of the monsters, you get a chest that contains 100 rupees.

After that, walk into the sparkly light.

Avoiding the warship's fire, jump to the outer ring of the island. Find your boat and get inside. You can see him as a red arrow on the island map.

Learn a New Technique on Outset Island

If you have 10 knight's crests, warp to Outset Island and show them to Orca. He will teach you a new technique and be moved to tears. If you didn't take the giant pig for a walk yet, read Fire Mountain for instructions.

Rock Spire Shop Ship

If you didn't buy the bottle and other things from the shop ship at Rock Spire Island, do so now. Rock Spire Island is one square north of Greatfish Isle. You can catch a fairy in your new bottle at Southern Fairy Island.

Gale Isle

Warp to Windfall Island and sail north to Gale Isle, getting it marked on your sea chart. Be careful of the warship and go to the shore. Put on your iron boots and walk into the wind. Hit the rock with the skull hammer and go inside. In front of the slab, use your Wind Waker to learn the Wind God's Aria. You will get a clue to finding the next sage.