Around the World for Upgrades and More

Nintendo Gallery Note: If you took pictures at the Forsaken Fortress and haven't made them into figurines, go do that now. If you haven't saved since the beginning of the Forsaken Fortress, you can return to your last save point if any of your pictographs are not accepted.

You have just gone through the Forsaken Fortress, defeated Helmaroc King, and ended up in the mysterious underwater place a second time. Now that you know the Ballad of Gales, this is a good time to go around the world to obtain upgrades and items.

Mother & Child Isles

Warp to the top left warp spot on the map. You'll land inside of the closed island and, after a cutscene, will get some special arrows. (If you have played Skyward Sword, the person in the cutscene may look familiar.) To switch to the special arrows, press R while using your bow. If you want this place marked on your sea chart, by the way, you'll have to sail to it from the outside. The quickest way to reach it from the outside is to warp to Tingle Island and sail northwest to this place. Also, there is a merchant on this island on the outside, so keep trading with him until he stops offering new items.

Fairy Islands

Now you can visit the fairy islands. The instructions for finding the first two are in the Placing the Pearls section.

You can reach Northern Fairy Island by warping to Windfall and sailing one square to the northwest. Be careful of warships in this area. You might have a treasure chart for this place. The treasure contains rupees, but you should wait until you go into the fairy island, because you receive a wallet upgrade there.

Next, warp to the Tower of the Gods, set the wind east, and sail two squares east to reach Thorned Fairy Island. Be careful of the warship here. Hammer the posts here, and go inside to get an upgrade to carry more arrows.

Finally, warp to Greatfish Isle, set the wind northwest and go to the square directly northwest, which is Western Fairy Island. Hammer the post and go in to get an upgrade to carry even more arrows.

Hunt the Big Octos

Now that you can carry up to 99 bombs, you can go hunting around the Great Sea for Big Octos, who hide under swarms of flocking seagulls. it's time to go hunting around the Great Sea for big octos (which you find by sailing under a bunch of flocking seagulls). You could have fought them when you got the boomerang, but they are easier to defeat with the cannon.

If you run low on bombs while fighting the Big Octos, just warp to location where Beedle has a shop ship and buy bombs from him. He gives you the best price for bombs.

Nintendo Gallery Note: After you defeat all of the Big Octos, you won't get another chance to get a pictograph. When taking the picture, just fit as much of the Big Octo as you can into the frame after it has finished rising out of the water.

To find the Big Octos in the locations listed below, use your telescope while in that square to look a little above sea level. You will see some of the water at the bottom of the viewfinder. Zoom in a little, and circle around until you see seagulls flocking. You might have to adjust your zoom and angle, but you'll find them eventually. Once you find them, set the wind direction that way, get your bombs and picto boxs ready, and sail under the birds.

You will get caught in a whirlpool and a Big Octo will pop out of the water. Shoot out all of its eyes with your cannon, or if you run out of bombs, your boomerang. If you take too long, the Big Octo will draw you in and spit you out, but don't panic. You have a fair amount of time to defeat the Big Octo before it can catch you and spit you out. Take your time to aim properly. If you do get spit out, you will just appear in a random spot in this same square. Just use your telescope to find the birds again, and sail over to them.

When you kill a Big Octo, in most cases a glowing circle of treasure will appear. To pull up those treasure, cruise over to the glowing circle until the humming noise gets loud, then use the grappling hook to pull up the treasure.

List of Big Octo Locations

  1. Location: one square south of S. Fairy Island (Two Eye Reef)
    Number of Eyes: 4
    Treasure: magic meter upgrade
  2. Location: one square northwest of Outset (Diamond Steppe Island)
    Notes: You can't go into Diamond Steppe Island yet.
    Number of Eyes: 8
    Treasure: 100 rupees
  3. Location: one square northeast of Southern Fairy Island (Private Oasis)
    Number of Eyes: 8
    Treasure: 100 rupees
  4. Location: one square northeast of Tower of Gods (Fire Mountain)
    Number of Eyes: 8
    Treasure: 100 rupees
  5. Location: one square north of Dragon Roost (Seven Star Isles)
    Notes: If you encounter kargarocs here, grapple them for their golden feathers, then either kill them with the boomerang or just sail away.
    Number of Eyes: 12
    Treasure: piece of heart
  6. Location: Tingle Island, one square southwest of Windfall
    Notes: Watch out for gyorgs (sharks).
    Number of Eyes: 12
    Treasure: piece of heart

Fight Orca

Go to Outset Island. You can get a piece of heart if you fight Orca and hit him 500 times.

During the battle, you have three hearts, which are not the same as regular hearts. Once you lose them all, the fight ends.

The key is to space out your attacks on Orca, because if you attack too quickly, you will do a "hiyaa!" attack, which Orca will counter, forcing you to use your shield right away.

The thrust attack is the fastest. Lock onto Orca, walk toward him, then press B. This allows you to hit him a bunch of times in a short amount of time.

You can parry, which I think counts as two hits, but it's slower than thrusting.

If Orca blocks your attack, use your shield right away, because it means that Orca is about to attack you.

Also, try to keep Orca away from the walls, because your sword will bounce off of them. Try to keep Orca moving in a circle around the center of the room. The edge of the rug in the middle is a good guide. Just move a little before you use your sword each time.

After you hit him exactly 500 times, let him defeat you and he will give you a piece of heart. If, in a future battle, you hit him 1000 times, Orca will refer to you as "master" and will give you 200 rupees. Thereafter, you will receive 200 rupees every time you hit him 1000 times.

Get Rupees at Dragon Roost Island

Warp to Dragon Roost Island, walk up the ramps up the beach, and look up at the cliff. You will see a line of bomb flowers and a big boulder. Shoot a bomb flower with a regular arrow to make them explode, then get the chest that falls (200 rupees).

Now go through the little cave passageway that led you to the place where you learned the Wind's Requiem, and turn right while on the beach. Bomb the big boulder there, and jump in.

Go through the door in front of you. If you look up around the room, you see four doors with unlit torches above them. Going through any of those doors brings you to a room, which turns out to be the same room that you just left, with monsters in it. Kill the monsters to light the torch above the door you came in through. Once you've lit a torch, just go through a door with an unlit torch over it, and kill the monsters in there to light it. Once they're all lit, the bars will go away and you will get 50 rupees.

There is also a little cave hidden around the side of the island. You have to be up on the wooden walkways just outside of the village, and set the wind direction to one of the bigger islands to the left. On this island, there is a stone marker pointing you in the direction of the next island. Keep following the arrows to reach the cave. Inside, there is a chest with 200 rupees (I think.) At the back of the cave, there is a block that you can push out of the wall. It lands in an indentation in the ground below, giving you easier access.

Rock Spire Island

Rock Spire Island is one square north of Greatfish Isle. The shop ship at Rock Spire Island has some expensive items, but you might have enough rupees now. You can buy a new empty bottle and some other items.

Bomb Island Submarine

If you haven't gone to the submarine in the center of the Bomb Island, which is north of the Forest Haven, go there now. Kill the bokoblins inside to get an empty bottle.

Outside, use your grappling hook on the bokoblin on the raft to get a joy pendant. You can go into the submarine and back out again to reset the bokoblin, allowing you to get infinite joy pendants. You will need to give Miss Marie 20 joy pendants to be able to beat the game, and you can give her 30 more to receive a special item.

More Things to do on Windfall

Warp to Windfall Island. If you haven't done the things in the Detour to Windfall section, do them now.

Nintendo Gallery Note: You can buy Legendary Pictographs from Lenzo now, but you can wait until later, because you can't actually get all of the Legendary Pictographs yet.

Give Miss Marie 20 joy pendants if you haven't already, to get the cabana deed, which you need in order to beat the game. Then give her another 30 to get the Hero's Charm, which is a mask that you can equip on the Quest Status screen. It lets you see the life meters of your enemies.

Get Another Empty Bottle

Set the time to night. Go to the building with the big red door to find Mila, the girl dressed in rags. Talk to her, then walk up the stairs until she starts running. Now you will have to be careful. Follow her but keep your distance to prevent her from seeing you. If she runs away, go into a building and go back out, then talk to Mila near the red door again. Just stay as far away as you can without losing sight of her.

She stops by the potion shop, then she goes under the arch toward the pier, stops a while, then goes up the hill to her right, stops, goes up the wooden ramp and through the arch there, stops in the courtyard (the best place for you to hide while she's standing there is to stay near the edge of the wooden ramp, and turn so you can see through the arch for when she starts running again), then she goes down the path next to the staircase, stops at the base of the hill, and then she runs into Zunari's shop and fiddles with the safe. Run up to her while she has the rupee thought bubble above her head, and talk to her. Choose the top option every time, and you get an empty bottle.

Guide to Auctions

At night, go into the red door where Mila was. This is the auction house. After reading the instructions below, talk to Zunari to start the auction. You can win two treasure charts. One of the treasure charts will start at a really low bid. It's not a very good treasure chart, so you can skip it if you wish. You can win treasure chart #18 and treasure chart #38, and a piece of heart. Don't bid for joy pendants, because you can easily get infinite free ones from the bokoblin outside of the submarine near Bomb Island.

To quit an auction, press B, exit, then go back in and try again.

Here's how the auction works: your goal is to place the final bid so that you beat everybody. During the auction you have a "bid meter". It's at the bottom of the screen. When the bid meter is full, you place your bid. Tap A repeatedly to get the meter to go up. NOTE: the meter goes up slowly on its own. The trick is, at the start of the auction, tap the A button quickly until your meter is about half full. Then be patient and wait for Zunari to say that there are only five seconds left, and place your bid. Make your bid at least 20 rupees higher than the last bid, and everyone will see stars, unable to bid, guaranteeing your victory.

Get two Pieces of Heart

At night, climb up the ladder behind the ferris wheel building, set the wind to north, and step on the switch to start the ferris wheel. Then, go into the battleship game room, then go up the stairs and out the door. Around the corner, get into a ferris wheel car, get out your fire arrows by pressing R while holding the bow, and aim it towards the building. You'll see a thing spinning on top of the building when you reach the highest point. Shoot a fire arrow into the thing when you're about at the highest point, and if you do it correctly, you will light the lighthouse and reveal a chest on a little piece of land. Talk to the guy standing outside by the ferris wheel entrance to get a piece of heart.

Go stand near the bomb shop, set the wind to south, and glide down to the piece of land with the chest that you just revealed. Another piece of heart!

Get the Magic Armor

If you have received the Pinwheel from the trades with merchants, you can talk to Zunari during the day to get the Magic Armor. If you don't have the pinwheel, talk to Zunari to get the Town Flower if you haven't already, then give the Town Flower to the merchant on Bomb Island to get the Sea Flower, give the Sea Flower to the merchant on Greatfish Island to get the Exotic Flower, and give the Exotic Flower to the merchant on the outside of Mother & Child Isles to receive the Pinwheel. Then come back to Windfall and talk to Zunari during the day to get the Magic Armor.

Play Matchmaker with Linda and Anton

Go to the courtyard where the killer bees are walking around, then talk to Linda, the woman in the orange dress, until she asks you to take a picture of her. Agree to it, then stand back and take a picture. Make sure to get her whole body from head to toe in the picture.

Next, find Anton. He is the guy who looked at Linda for the third task that you did to become Lenzo's assistant. He wears a green shirt with a blue and white striped shirt under it, and wears a brown hat. Show Anton the picture of Linda. Talk to Anton a couple of times until he mentions the coffee shop.

Next, play the Song of Passing twice to get to the next day. Go into the coffee shop above Zunari's place. Talk to Linda and you get another piece of heart.

Receive a Piece of Heart and Treasure Chart

Go up the staircase in the courtyard and go into the door at the end of the hall. Let the guy yell at you, then go over to the window and talk to Maggie. She wants you to send a letter to her boyfriend. A moblin. Yuck. Anyway, mail the letter. Play the Song of Passing twice and go back to Maggie's house. Watch the scene. Then go to the coffee shop and talk to the mailman. Take the letter to Maggie and you receive a piece of heart. If you have 20 skull necklaces, give them to Maggie's father to receive treasure chart #2.

Now you can continue on to Fire Mountain, which is one square south of Dragon Roost Island.