Ganon's Tower

There are two figurines to get in Ganon's Tower that you couldn't get before. If you want to be sure of completing the gallery before you beat the game, don't defeat the monster that you need the figurine of. Instead, save and reset after taking the pictures, then have them turned into figurines, then go back to that monster and defeat it.

There are four bridges in this first room of the tower, each with a bokoblin guarding a door at the end. You'll have to go through each one. You get warped back to the center room after you complete each of the four rooms, so I will just list all four rooms (in clockwise order) rather than tell you to cross the bridge and kill the bokoblin each time. Also, there are skulls around the center of the room that you can use to replenish hearts and magic.

Dragon Roost Room

This room has grapple poles and lava below. Grapple down to the first lava platform, being careful not to land in the lava. As soon as you can, avoid the shooting flame and grapple to the second platform. From there, grapple the last pole, and this time climb up until you're standing on the pole. From there, glide across to the door, ignoring or killing the bubbles.

You will now have to go back in time and fight the bosses of the past. You will only have the items that you had at the time that you first fought it, with the exception of the Deluxe Picto Box.

This is the only chance to get Gohma's figurine during the First Quest. Gohma will appear to be black and white, but Carlov will still accept a picture. To get a good picture, run around the room near the wall and wait for Gohma to get a claw stuck in the ground. Turn around and aim your camera and wait for Gohma to get its claw unstuck. Take the picture when Gohma is leaning back with some of its legs showing.

To be absolutely sure that you get the figurine, save and reset before defeating Gohma.

In the Gohma battle, your Y, Z, and X have all been emptied, so you'll need to equip your grappling hook. Then just kill Gohma the way you did before. After defeating Gohma, you will warp back to the center room, where you can re-equip Y, Z, and X, and break skulls for hearts.

Forbidden Woods Room

This room has spiky vines and wind switches. Activate the wind switch and jump onto the hanging platform. Turn the other way and use the Deku Leaf to move the platform.

Turn around to see a moving platform going up and down. Wait for it to go down, then glide down to it. When the moving platform is down, activate the wind switch up ahead.

Glide to the gondola when the moving platform goes up, then turn around and use the deku leaf to move the hanging platform to the other side. Glide to the closest moving platform, then when both platforms are on the same level, jump to the other one.

When the second one goes up, glide to the door and go through. Equip your boomerang and defeat Kalle Demos as before.

Earth Temple Room

Go close to a coffin to make the lid fall off, but keep your distance to avoid the Re-Deads that might be inside. In the first coffin hallway, open each coffin and kill the monsters until you go up some stairs to a beam of light and a switch. You need to put something onto the switch to make it stay down.

Go into the next coffin hallway and open all the coffins. Draw the poes and black chuchus near the light by the switch, then shine the light on them to kill them, but leave one black chuchu to put onto the switch.

Don't try to go up those stairs yet. Instead, walk into the light. Since you need the chuchu to be solid for as long as possible, wait until the chuchu is no longer stone, then re-solidify it by aiming the light at the base of the chuchu statue to freeze it as soon as it turns back into ooze. Put it back onto the switch. Then roll through the coffin hallway and up the stairs.

Now, open all of the coffins one by one, then at the end of the hall, if the stalfos appears, kill it while avoiding the black chuchus. Then, turn as many chuchus to stone as you can. Kill all but one chuchu, then go back into the light, wait for it to de-solidify, and turn it back to stone. Quickly pick it up and put it on the switch, then quickly roll to the stairs. If the stalfos didn't show up before, it will now. You should be able to avoid it completely and run up the stairs, although the stairs might go back up before you can get there.

Up the stairs, go through the door to fight Jalhalla.

Wind Temple Room

Kill the wizzrobe with arrows, or with your sword if it appears nearby. Then use the iron boots spring, and at the peak of your jump, glide either left or right over the spikes. Then get onto the second iron boots spring behind the tower, and face the center of the far wall. Use the spring and glide stright over the trap, between the wind, over the next trap, and to the ledge with the jars. Kill the bokoblins that attack from the jars, then hookshot up to the door and go through. Equip the hookshot and kill Molgera.

Central Tower

Now that you have defeated all of the bosses, the locked door will open. Go up the stairs, getting past the miniblins. Go through the door.

Go into the door to your right and watch the camera point at the candles in order. Memorize this order, writing it down if necessary. Now leave this room.

Go through the door straight across. The camera will show the four switches in the same order as the candles. Get out your boomerang and target the switches in the order that they were shown. Doing so will bring your boat to you and will also reveal a column of darkness that you can cruise into if you want to go above ground to the Forsaken Fortress. You will need to do this if you want to complete the gallery before finishing the game.

Now go back to the room with the candles. There is a tablet near the torch with a cryptic message on it that explains how to get through the upcoming maze.

You will be fighting Phantom Ganons up ahead. When each one dies, its sword will remain and will fall with the hilt pointing in a certain direction. Don't pick up the sword! Instead, look at the door that the non-sharp end of the sword is pointing to, and go through that door.

Jump into the pit in the candle room to get to the next area of the dungeon.

You don't have to fight the Phantom Ganons to get through the maze. From where you land, you go into the door behind you, then go left, straight, left, right, straight.

If you do want to fight the Phantom Ganons, they are slightly tougher than the one that you fought in the Forsaken Fortress.

They can shoot red energy balls. When they explode, move to the side to avoid the worm-like energy.

Sometimes six Phantom Ganons will appear in a circle around you. Roll out of the circle, then after they swing their swords, roll back into the circle. The fake Phantom Ganons will disappear, so hit the remaining one with your sword.

Remember not to pick up the sword. Go through the door that the non-sharp end of the sword is pointing to.

When you get through the maze, you reach a Phantom Ganon that you have no choice to fight. After killing it, you receive the Light Arrows. Equip your bow and switch to the light arrows right away.

Now go through the door that just opened and you'll be back in the upper level. Walk forward and another Phantom Ganon will attack. This time, it can't be killed the way that you did it before. Shoot it with a light arrow, then take the Phantom Ganon's sword and use it on the brick wall to open the way.

Go up the stairs and you will encounter monsters.

There are two Mighty Darknuts. This is your last chance to get a picture of one before the end of the game.

Beyond the door that unlocks after beating the monsters is the point of no return. Replenish hearts and magic by gathering the things dropped by the monsters and also breaking the nearby jars. Be sure to kill all of the monsters, because if your health is really low, you might want to go back to the room that used to have the brick wall, which has jars with hearts and magic jars in them. The monsters will stay dead if you kill all of them.

Once your hearts and magic are as full as you can manage to get them with whatever's been left behind, equip your light arrows and boomerang, and the picto box if you are trying to complete the gallery before the end of the game, and go through the door. Watch the scene.

If you have been working on completing the gallery during the First Quest, Puppet Ganon is the last one. Take a picture of it facing you. Just get a picture of its face. Then, don't defeat Puppet Ganon, but save and reset after taking the picture or pictures, and use the column of darkness to go to the Forsaken Fortress, from which you can warp to the Forest Haven and have the Puppet Ganon figurine made. Go look at it, then leave and go back inside. Talk to Manny. Your prize for completing the gallery is in the Ocean Room, and you become the Gallery Manager.

To return to Puppet Ganon from the Forest Haven, go to the Forsaken Fortress and cruise into the circle of darkness. Go into the central room and go through the place where the brick wall was. Go up the stairs, fighting the monsters, then go through the door.

Puppet Ganon - Marionette Form

Keep running to avoid getting punched. Use the boomerang to cut the blue threads. Some of them need to be hit twice. The red thread can't be broken.

When all blue threads are cut, run around to the back of the puppet where there is a blue orb on its tail. Shoot it with a light arrow. He'll go up then come back down with blue threads re-attached, so repeat the process until he turns into his second form.

Puppet Ganon - Spider Form

Use the C-Stick to zoom back, then look at the water to watch the spider's reflection. After spinning around, the spider will drop down to the floor. Before this happens, run or roll to where the blue orb is going to fall. When it lands, shoot it with a light arrow. Use the boomerang to get rid of the keese that appear.

Puppet Ganon - Snake Form

This final form is similar to Moldorm from past Zelda games. It moves extremely quickly. The object is to shoot the orb with the light arrows three times. This is very difficult because of how quickly the snake moves. Stay as far away from it as you can. Don't bother L-Targeting. Just point your bow at the snake's head, because the orb will go on the same path as the head. So if you can point the bow at the snake's head, wait until just before the orb passes by and shoot a light arrow. You can stun it by hitting its head with your sword, a light arrow, or a bomb, but this doesn't really give you enough time to run over to its tail.

After Puppet Ganon

After all this, watch the scene. Then get onto the raised platform in the center and jump onto the rope. Hold R and climb up until you are standing above the rope.

Use the grappling hook on the pole, then hold R and climb up until you are standing on the rope. Walk to the center and break the jars to refill hearts and magic.

Look for another grapple pole. Use R to climb up until you are standing at the top. There are more jars here, as well as morths, that you can use to refill hearts and magic.

If you still don't have full health and magic, hit the warp jar with a fire arrow to open it, then hop in to go back to the bottom. This resets all of the jars and morths so you can get more refills.

Then, from the very top level, get close to the little ledge with the door on it. Hookshot the target to go up. Go through the door.


Watch the scene. In the first phase of this battle, Ganondorf is suceptible to parry attacks, so keep backing away from him out of the range of his swords, then when A lights up and the controller vibrates, press A. Then while he's stunned, attack with your sword until he blocks, then back away again.

Zelda will hit Ganondorf with light arrows, stunning him. Hit him while he's stunned. Eventually, Ganondorf hits Zelda out of the way, and you'll need to just parry attack him as before until Zelda wakes up and starts shooting light arrows again.

After a while, Ganondorf learns to jump out of the way of the light arrows. While avoiding getting hit, wait for Zelda to shout that she can bounce the arrows off your shield. Then lock on to Ganondorf, make sure your sword is out and hold R to raise your shield, and continue to back away, but listen for Zelda to shout, then after a few seconds of backing away, stop moving so the light arrow hits your shield then hits Ganondorf. Then, quickly put your shield down by letting go of R, avoid getting hit, then do a parry attack when you can to put an end to Ganondorf. Congratulations!!

Don't turn off the Gamecube during the ending. After the ending, you get to save a special new game that has some differences from a regular new game.

Differences in the Second Quest

  • You will start the second quest with the Deluxe Picto Box, making it easier for you to complete the gallery (although it is possible to get all of the figurines on the first playthrough). All of the figurines that you collected in the first quest will already be in the Gallery at the beginning of the second quest.
  • Instead of the regular Hero's Clothes, granny gives you special Hero's Clothes that "only the honest can see", which means that Link is wearing his blue crawfish shirt and orange pants for the entire game.
  • Aryll will be wearing the pink skull dress that she received on the pirate ship instead of the blue dress with pink flowers that she normally wears.
  • Also, in the special new game, all of the Hylian is translated to English, so you can understand what Valoo, the Deku Tree, and Jabun, etc, are saying.