Earth Temple

Nintendo Gallery Note: Now is a good time to take a pictograph of Medli, because if you wait until after you complete the Earth Temple, you will have to go back to the Boss Room to find Medli again.

Get the Map

Press A when next to Medli to pick her up. Then jump across to the other ledge. Medli will help you by flapping her wings. Pick Medli up and go through the door. Be sure to carry her through doors or you will leave her behind. You can set her down with R or throw her by pressing A.

Press R to put Medli down, then go kill the Moblins. Then pick Medli up and climb the stairs to the left. She will talk to you. Jump with Medli over to the next platform. Put Medli down, stand on the switch, then play the Command Melody. When you're Medli, you can tap A to fly for a short time. The meter at the top left tells you how much longer you can fly. Be aware that Medli does NOT jump if she runs off of ledges. She will just fall, and she can't fly after she falls. She has to be standing on solid ground to be able to fly.

As Medli, fly over to the next platform and step on the switch to open the bars, then have her hop off of the platform. Take her to the next room.

Put her down, kill the red and green chuchus with your sword, then stand in the light and wait for the black chuchus to come to you. When they reach the light, they turn to stone, and you can either smash them with your hammer, or pick them up and throw them to break them. With a fire arrow, burn the lid off of the warp jar, which is to the left. Then shoot the banners on the walls with a fire arrow to reveal a joy pendant and five rupees. Use the boomerang to get them.

Switch to Medli and walk into the light. Press A to shine the light from your harp, and press B to put the harp away. Face the weird outline of a chest to the left, then illuminate it with the harp for a few seconds to make it turn real. Face the other wall now, and shine light on the two statues by the wall to get some items. Switch to Link, get the map from the chest and pick up the items, then pick up Medli and go to the next room.

Get the Compass

There are no enemies in this room, so carry Medli into the light to the right, put her down, and switch to her. Shine the harp light into the fog below to create a path to a hammer switch. When Medli is aiming the harp properly, press R to switch back to Link, and Medli will still be shining the harp light. Follow the path that she cut through the fog. If the fog touches you, you can't use weapons or items for a while, so do your best to avoid it. Hammer the post. Pick Medli up and take her through the door that just opened.

Drop Medli. Kill the bubbles that come out of the coffins. Then, go toward the back of the room and look left for a ladder. Go up, and pull the block until the light appears. Switch to Medli to use the light to make that chest turn real, but before you open it, walk Medli to the corner of the room next to the door that you came through. It's the only door without bars. As Link, open the chest to get a key. Floormasters appear. The floormaster near the chest will only grab Medli, not you, so keep her away from it. If the floormaster does get her, return to the room where Medli shined the light into the fog. She will be up in a cage above the door. You can just switch to her and have her fly out. Kill the Link-grabbing floormaster by the door, then pick up Medli and go through the door.

Carrying Medli, head straight and go through the locked door.

Put Medli down and kill any chuchus that appear. To kill the black ones, you need to burn down the banner on the left wall that has some light shining through. Stand in the light, wait for the chuchus to turn to stone, then put one on each of the two switches. Hurry up those stairs before the stone chuchus start moving again, ignore the chuchus that appear behind you, and push the block over the edge onto the ledge below. Kill the chuchus and switch to Medli. Fly up to the door above. As Link, climb up to the ledge. Pick Medli up and go through the door.

Drop Medli and kill the floormaster. Push the nearest block all the way to the left until it falls into place. As Medli, stand in the light and face the little yellow symbols on the walls. Shine the harp light on a symbol until that piece of wall crumbles. Do this for all the wall symbols. There are two on each side for a total of four. Then shine the light on the big statue on top of the block until it crumbles. As Link, push the two blocks as far as they will go. Climb up and get the compass from the chest. As your boat explains, now that you have the compass you can always see Medli's location on the dungeon map. Press up on the D-pad, not the D-stick, to look at the dungeon map. Look for her on the map if you ever get separated. She appears as a purple circle.

Get a Key

Switch to Medli, fly up to Link, and switch back to Link. Break the jar and put a fairy into a bottle if you wish, then pick Medli up and go through the door.

Drop Medli. Go up and kill the moblins while avoiding the poes. To get rid of the poes, first knock the lantern out of its hand using any of your weapons, then let them possess you. For a while your controls will be backwards, but eventually the poe will leave and die. Once the monsters are gone, ignore the stairs and switch to Medli. Fly up to the light on the right. Crumble the statues straight across, then walk off of the ledge. As Link, open the chest to get a joy pendant, then pick up Medli and go up those stairs. Enter the door to the left.

Put Medli down and jump into the pit. To get out of this pit, you must kill all of the monsters in this room. There are three monsters, each in its own coffin. Take them one at a time. If you get close to a coffin, the lid falls off, so don't let it fall on you. Stay far back from the redead, then slowly walk close until it freezes you. I don't know of a way to avoid this. If you're far enough away, you'll unfreeze in time to kill it. If not, it will grab you and drain your life. If that happens, just tap buttons and wiggle the D-stick until it lets go, then quickly kill it with your sword. The other coffins have 10 rupees and a key. After getting those things, climb up the ladder that fell. Take Medli out of the room with you.

Go into the locked door to the left. You will automatically drop Medli.


Get your bombs, boomerang, and skull hammer ready, and walk forward to start the fight with a stalfos. Stand back and throw a bomb at it, making sure that the bomb explodes on it. When it falls apart, stun its head with the boomerang, then smash its head with the hammer. After you kill the first one, there will be two more. Try to lure them away from each other and fight them one at a time.

Get the Mirror Shield

When they're all gone, go up the stairs and get the Mirror Shield from the chest. Stand in the light that appears and use your shield by holding a weapon at the same time. Use the shield to shine the light onto the symbol above the door. Exit.

Get Keys and Treasure Chart

Leave Medli where she is and go kill the monsters in here. You can kill the poes by making them drop their lanterns and possessing you like before, or you can climb the ladder and shine the light on them to make them turn solid, making them vulnerable to your sword. When the monsters are gone, switch to Medli and fly up to the light. Shine it to the middle of the room in a place where Link can stand in it. Keep shining and press R to switch back to Link. Stand in the light and shine it on the symbol on the wall below Medli. You might also be able to crumble the symbol on the right wall of the passage, but you can wait for an easier opportunity in just a moment.

As Medli, go to the end of the new passage and crumble the statue. If you didn't crumble the second piece of wall, have Medli keep shining where the statue was, and switch back to Link. With him, shine the light on the wall symbol to find some rupees. Pick up Medli and go through the door.

Carrying Medli, fly down, being careful not to land in the fog. Go through the left door.

Put her down and kill the bubbles and the nearest floormaster. Pick up Medli and keep her away from the floormaster that wants to catch her by waiting for it to go to the left side of the room. Go to that switch to the right. Put Medli on the switch and leave without her through the door that you just opened.

In this room, shine the light onto the symbols to reveal a chest containing a joy pendant. Leave.

Medli is standing near the other door, far away from the floormaster that wants to catch her. Pick her up and go back to the fog room.

As Medli, stand in one of the lights and shine it into the eye of the face until that side of the face turns bright. Keep her shining in that spot and press R to switch to Link. If the face stops shining, switch back to Medli and try again. As Link, get into the other light, get out your shield, and shine it into the other eye until both sides are shining. Take Medli down the stairs and through the door.

Put Medli down and go downstairs. Don't fall off the edge because it's a long way down. These bubbles will affect you with fog, so use your Deku Leaf to blow the fog away, then kill them. The bridge isn't the safest place to do this, so stand on each of the ledges and lure the nearest bubble to you.

Tingle Tuner Note: In this room, turn on your Tingle Tuner. The question mark here is down the passage to the left and around the corner, so before getting there, use a Tingle Bomb on it. Then carry Medli to the middle of the bridge, jump with her and fly to the wooden chain platform, then drop her there, being careful not to drop her off the edge. Use the deku leaf to glide to the other platform and to the ledge with the chest. Kill the red bubble and get the Tingle statue. Glide back to Medli and pick her up. The safest way to get back to the other ledges is to carry Medli and fly right, onto the ledges next to the bridge, then switch to her and have her fly up to the ledge above.

Go get Medli. Put her down next to the big music-note slab, play the Earth God's Lyric, and take Medli through the door.

Drop Medli. You can stun the redeads by shining light on them. Kill them, then shine light on each mirror to crumble the statues. Crumble the statue straight ahead, then pick up Medli and go through the door that you revealed to the right.

Put Medli down and go down. There is fog everywhere, as well as floormasters. First, go all the way left, then go straight until you see a floormaster, then go all the way to the right, then take a left, then take a right to reach the chest, which contains a key. After the fog is gone, kill all the floormasters to make a chest appear. It contains treasure chart #20. Pick up Medli and leave.

Get the Big Key

Drop Medli and go through the door straight across, leaving Medli behind.

Go to the edge of the ledge until the floormaster's arm comes up. Shoot it with arrows until it is dead. Run across the fog, avoiding the floormaster at the end, and get up on the ledge. Pull the mirror until it stops. Burn the banners with a fire arrow to get a joy pendant. Hammer the post to shine the light, then, standing on the edge of the ledge, kill the floormaster near you with arrows. Cross the fog and exit.

As Medli, fly up to the locked door. As Link, push the block against the wall to reach Medli. Get her and go through the door.

Put Medli down and walk all around the room to reveal monsters. Stand in the light to make the poes come to you. They'll turn solid, so kill them with your sword. When the monsters are gone, switch to Medli. Stand in the light near where it's hitting the bricks of the far wall (don't stand near the mesh), then face the side-by-side statues at an angle and crumble them with the light. Keep shining at the place where the left statue was. As Link, first get the items that you revealed, then stand in Medli's light and shine the light onto the statue to the right. Get Medli and go through the door.

Drop Medli and boomerang the keese. Go slowly through the room to avoid the falling coffin lids. First, take the straight path, kill the redeads, and take the 20 rupees from the chest at the end. Then go back and take the other path, kill the stalfos, and make the other coffin lids fall. Get Medli and bring her to the music-note slab, play the Earth God's Lyric, and take Medli with you through the door.

Take Medli down the stairs and set her down when you reach the big open area. Turn right and use a bomb to open the warp jar. Climb the vines that are down the stairs, climbing right and down to reach the rest of the stairs. Once there, switch to Medli. Have her go to the base of the stairs near the vines, then tap A once or twice to fly forward while staying next to the wall. She should land on the platform below. As Link, take Medli down the stairs and through the door.

Put Medli down and switch to her. Fly across to the platform in front of you, and step on the switch. As Link, go down the ladder to the right. Slide the mirror into place. Switch to Medli, fly to the platform below with the light shining over it, and use the harp light to crumble the statue, which is probably behind her from where she lands. Make the semi-invisible chest turn real.

There is a small platform to the left with a harp on it in the passage. Shine light onto it and switch to Link. Get the 50 rupees from the chest, then get onto the platform where Medli is shining the light, and reflect the light to crumble the pieces of wall with the symbols on them. Slide the now-revealed mirror into place. You will see another mirror. Slide it into place, then go to the left side of the room, all the way near the entry ledge, and slide the mirror into place.

Then switch to Medli, fly onto the platform that you just lit, and crumble the statue, make that semi-invisible chest turn real, crumble the wall to the right of the former statue, then turn and face the little platform with the harp on it, and shine the light on it. As Link, get the joy pendant from the chest, then use Medli's light to crumble the wall symbols behind her. Slide the remaining mirrors into place. Now switch to Medli and land on one of the platforms near the mask thing in the back of the room. Shine the light into its eye. Switch to Link while still shining the light into the mask's eye, get up onto the other platform, and have him shine the light into the other eye. Take Medli through the door.

Nintendo Gallery Note: Put Medli down and stay still. This is the best opportunity to get a picture of a darknut with a shield. If you go too far into the room, blue bubbles will come to life and make it difficult for you to take the picture. Wait by the door for the darknut to start moving, then take the picture when it's close enough to fill the frame.

Put Medli down if you haven't already. Kill the two blue bubbles in this room before fighting the darknut. When all the monsters are gone, get the Big Key, then take Medli and head back to the last room.

Reach the Boss Door

Go to the right where there was a piece of wall with a single symbol on it. If Medli didn't crumble it, it is too late now. Take Medli through the door.

Drop Medli. There is a stalfos in each coffin. Shine the light on only one of the coffins, defeat the stalfos, then go back, pull the block out of the wall and climb it, and open another one. When they are all gone, open the chest to get treasure chart #12. Take Medli through the door.

As Medli, fly up to where you entered this room. As Link, climb up using the ladder to the left and join her there. Get Medli and exit.

Go up to the end of the stairs, put Medli down, climb the vines to the stairs above, then switch to Medli and fly to Link. As Link, pick up Medli, walk up the stairs to the ledge across from the boss door, and with her, jump and glide to the boss door. Use the jars to replenish health and items, and go inside. Medli stays behind.


Nintendo Gallery Note: It's best to take a picture of Jalhalla now, although you will get a second chance before beating the game. Since Jalhalla moves slowly, it's easy to get his picture. Just get his head and as much of his body into the frame as you can.

If Jalhalla breathes in a bunch of air, roll away from him. If he blows air out, roll toward the center of the room. If he blows purple flames, roll to the side. Stay away from him if he turns blue, because if he lands on you, he will possess you temporarily.

It's not necessary to knock the lantern out of his hand. Just get into one of the beams of light, but keep in mind that the lights appear and disappear at random sometimes. Shine the light on Jalhalla. When he is solid, pick him up and throw him at a spiky column, not at the regular wall. He will break up into small poes. Kill as many as you can with your sword.

Jalhalla will reappear after a while. Just repeat the above process until you have defeated him.